The nokia x20 is one of the most premium of hmd’s offerings, with an emphasis on reliability as well as durability, and when it hits the uk it’ll cost you 299 quid or 349 euros. The hmd global has very kindly sent me a nokia x20 ahead of the official launch, so i’ll spend some time with the get to grip, so they have a bit of a play around so let’s take a full in depth, tour of the hardware and the software And for more on the latest and greatest tech, please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers. So while i can’t start this video with the usual unboxing, because i don’t actually have a boxed retail version, what i can do is i can tell you that the nokia x20 won’t come with the charger or headphones bundled in the box. You should be able to use your old charging cable and adapt to no worries. It is just your standard type c, uh charging port here on the nokia x20. If you do need a charger, though you can grab one direct from hmd and apparently all profits will go to the charity, clear rivers and while you do get a charger bundled with the nokia x20, you do at least get a 100 combustible protective case. It’S, a bit of a step up from usual, transparent condom case and, of course, very good for the environment again and maybe make you feel a bit less guilty.

The next time you get stuck into a big fat juicy steak. An hmd global is very kindly extending the warranty for the nokia x20 as well here in european regions and potentially some external regions as well. So, instead of just the bog standard two years, you’re gon na get three years on this bad boy. So hopefully, again, that’ll encourage you not to just chuck it after two years and get an upgrade so the design of the nokia x20 won’t exactly surprise or shock any nokia fans out there. It is a 6.67 inch behemoth, um, so reasonably chunky bezels surrounding that display. If you’ve got enough space down below for a bit, nokia brandon flip the nokia x20 around and it’s your typical polycarbonate back in here, but it does have a nice sort of textured finish to it. It just helps with the grip and, of course, prevents greasy nasty prints from decorating that surface got some more nokia brand in there on the rsn. Just in case, you forgot what kind of handset you were holding and then you’ve got the lovely circular camera chassis there, with, of course, the zeiss brandon in the center, because once again, hmd is paired up with zeiss to craft those optics, and this charm and pinky Coppery color here on the nokia x20 sample that i’ve got is the midnight sky version, but you can also grab it in nordic blue. If you want something a bit more moody i’m, not gon na lie as well: 220 grams.

The nokia x20 has a serious heft to it. This thing weighs as much as some proper full on flagship smartphones uh, but you know not too shocking, considering it is a 6.7 incher and if you were to price out the old sim tray you’ll see there you’ve got a dual sim arrangements. You’Ve got space for two sim cards at once, otherwise, alternatively, that second sim slot can be used to house a micro sd memory card up to 512 gigs in size, so let’s move briefly onto the software and nokia fans. Won’T be surprised to learn that it is of course good stock android experience on here as usual, and it is of course the latest freshest android, 11. and hmd global has always been really good when it comes to guaranteeing security and os updates, and the nokia x20 Is no different, you’ve got three guaranteed years of os upgrades and those security updates as well so that’s you all the way covered up to android 14.. Now this isn’t, actually the final version software that you will find on your retail unit. If you decide to purchase the nokia x20, but it’ll, give you an idea of what to expect it is a very stock experience with very little in the way of extra features or flair. Added on that said, one bonus feature that you do get thrown on the nokia x20 that you don’t, get in standard android is face, recognition which you can use to unlock the phone with your face.

Obviously, of course, these days face and lock is far from ideal. Considering we’re fierce messed up, half the time when we venture outdoors, but thankfully the edge mounted fingerprint sensor seems really really good here on the nokia x20 nice and responsive, not the swiftest around to unlock. Admittedly, but you know, you’re not exactly hanging around certainly seems nice and accurate. I haven’t had to do a double tap of my finger at any point. That’S all good and it’s also worth pointing out that here, just beneath the sim tray on the left edge of the nokia x20, you will find a dedicated google assistant buttons, give that little push and up it pops and no. I most definitely do not want to do push ups big box to that and, as usual, not entirely sure why we need that physical button when you can access the assistant with a quick swipe up from the corner. Otherwise, of course, you’ve also got the the little microphone button down here on the the google search bar, which you you can’t get rid of, and if you want to yeah, you can disable like google assistant button with a quick tap like so just because you know You’Re constantly knocking that button and activating it by mistake, but you can’t reassign it to another app of your choosing and as for storage, you get 128 gigs of space as standard in the nokia x20 and of course that is expandable.

As i said up to a further half a terabyte via microsd, now the display is a 6.67 inch, ips, whopper and yeah. You can get a bunch of smartphones around this sort of price point with all edge screens. If you prefer that sharper contrast and the punchier more vivid colors, but this is absolutely fine for your netflix session, your disney plus your youtube, of course, naturally it’s a full hd plus resolution 2400×1080. So, even though it’s a spacious panel, everything looks reasonably crisp when you’re watching a nice bit of hd content so that you don’t get much in the way of screen customization. If you dive into the features uh, you know there’s no way of messing around with the color output or anything like that. There’S no way of changing the refresh rate either because it’s a 60 hertz panel, you don’t, have a 90 hertz or a 120 hertz refresh option and there’s, no always on display feature because it’s an ips, not an oled. As for the audio well it’s a single model speaker down below you, don’t get a sexy, stereo speaker setup like you, do on the likes of the pocket: x3 pro the redmi note, 10, pro etc, but let’s boost up that volume see what we got uh. You definitely meant ball there right didn’t, you 100 certainly bald, not bold. Most assuredly not bald, definitely bald, see on the top volume, certainly punchy, certainly very loud volume, that’s for sure.

So you’ll have no problem. Listening to something uh, you know better youtube action in a noisy environment, but the cloudy you know does take a bit of a hit once you get up there to sound, quite tinny a little bit distorted. But thankfully, unlike xiaomi’s fresh new me 11 light, you do actually get a headphone jack here on the nokia x20. Hurrah hurrah and a good bit of bluetooth. 5.0 action as well i’ve had no trouble whatsoever connect to the nokia x20 to speakers headphones and a nice clear, crisp, consistent, sound, so let’s shift our way onto the performance and the nokia x20 rocks the fresh new snapdragon, 480 5g chipsets you’ve got that 5g future And which, on the occasional handsets at this sort of budget price, point do deliver the base version of the nokia x20 comes with six gigs of memory, but that can be bumped up to eight gigs of ram for 20. Quid more. This sample is the six gig model and i found it run games like call of duty mobile, absolutely fine, pissed through it on the higher detail. Settings on that super smooth, super high frame rate, not a single drop. It in frame rate that i noticed, even after playing a good few games and the smartphone didn’t start to heat up or anything troublesome like that either and certainly no complaints when it comes to the touch response rate of the screen. Every pork and jab of my arthritic fingers was instantly replicated in game, so it’s not a fairly good chance against all these bloody kids on their school easter holidays and stuffed inside of the nokia x20 you’ll find a 4 470 milliamp battery, not one of the biggest Capacity cells out there certainly for budget smartphones, but you know what, because of that stock version of android and the energy efficient platform and everything i found that i’d easily go a full day.

Even pretty intensive use lots of screen on time no worries whatsoever if you’re, fairly liberal, with your users. Just you know better messaging bit of web browsers and stuff like that. You’Ll get two full days of use out of that on a single charge and again it’s. Not the final retail software anything here on my sample of the nokia x20, but things are definitely looking very rosy indeed. The nokia x20 isn’t the fastest ram when it comes to recharging, though it’s on the 18 watt charging, whereas a lot of rivals offer 33 watt fast charging at this sort of price. So let’s finish up with a squint of that quad lens rear camera setup, headed up by a 64 megapixel primary shooter. Now, as with most modern smartphones, the nokia x20 uses four in one pixel bending to capture images. So you will end up with 16 megapixel resolution. Shots when you hit that shutter button, but you can actually jump into this little settings menu and bump it all the way up to that maximum 64 meg res. If conditions are ideal for taking photos, you can also at any point tap down here and switch to that five megapixel ultra wide angle lens, as you can see, there offers quite a pulled back view of the action, although those super vibrant colors on mr chocolate monkey Here don’t seem to be shining through, particularly and if you’re into your portrait, shots you’ve got a two megapixel depth sensor here on the nokia x20, as well with all of the usual various zeiss branded filters and other filters as well, and some of these are well Worth tinkering about with, i just changed the background effect from a straightforward, bokeh style, blur to all kinds of different efforts.

You got plenty other bonus modes on here as well, including a good old night mode for your low light shots. You dive on into more you’ve got a pro mode. You can take it with some manual controls. You can shoot in a raw format and at that 64 megapixel max res as well, and, of course, there’s. The obligatory macro mode, using the final lens here on the nokia x20, the 2 megapixel macro shooter and when it comes to video, my sample of the nokia x20 will only shoot full hd either 30 or 60 fps. But, as i say, this isn’t the final software. So hopefully, you’ll be able to shoot 4k with the final model. You’Ve got a few different features you can play around with you’ve got ozo audio. So, to give you a nice sort of surround sound, feel when you’re viewing back your horn, movies and you’ve also got this special dedicated cinema mode as well. Now this is quite similar to the cinema pro mode on sony’s higher end experience smartphones, as you can see it shoots in 21 by nine stretched aspect ratio to give you a cinematic, vibe and i’ll even capture your footage at 24 frames per second, as well, like Cinema pro you’ve got a variety of filters you can play around with just to change up the mood, the general vibe of the video and, if you’ve got full on manual controls that you can play around with as well again.

If you want to change up the iso levels, the white balance, all that good stuff, just like with the pro photo mode and you’ve, got the usual split screen video mode as well, which is with two different cameras at once. But you can actually choose which two cameras you use. So, for instance, you can change that main camera to the ultra wide angle, cam or even that macro lens as well, which is quite interesting. Otherwise, you can also change up the selfie cams you’re shooting with the primary and the ultrawide angle. At the same time and speaking of that selfie camera it’s a 32 megapixel effect which, as you can see that shoots in the usual portrait mode. So do you have night mods smart for this as well? You do, apparently, so i can shoot a uh several different aperture shots and then meld them together for a good result. Hopefully, in low light or like me, you can shoot a selfie and then instantly delete it and never talk of it ever again. Start right. There, in a nutshell, is a run through the new nokia x20, which will be hitting the uk soon. As i say, for 299 quid and yeah it’s, not quite sexily specter, some of its rivals from the likes of xiaomi and real me. You don’t get a 120 hertz display, for instance, no oled tech on there, but if what you want is a stock android experience with really strong, dedicated support for your android and your security updates and upgrades, then you know what it’ll do the job on that front.

For sure now, if you’re, mostly on by the channel tomorrow, my textbook weekly episode will have a big section dedicated to all the new nokia smartphones uh, including the x20 and the x10, which costs a little bit less and just pairs down the specs a little bit. Let’S definitely check that out. Please do poke, subscribe and dig the notification that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a fan, bloody tastic rest of the week.