That up didn’t i lenovo legion, dual 2 successes last year’s, excellent legion, dual smartphone, packed to the gills with gaming features, premium specs and another highly suggestive pop up, selfie cam, so let’s whip the legion dual 2 out of the box. Take you on a full on tour of the hardware, the software and all of those gaming features i’m, going to give it a full on testing, with some hardcore gench and impact action as well, and for more than it’s greatest set. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So, as with most gaming smartphones, the legion dual 2 comes in an absolute whopper of a box and a very black box. It is as well this bad boy can be pre ordered from today, and it will be available. Mid may from 799 euros for the 12 gig of ram version with 256 gigs of storage as the actual phone itself. I do like the way that it dramatically rises out of the box as you open it up, although i seem to recall the original legion joel had some sort of crazy sound effects to go with it, and this kind of opens up. Oh, and there is the mantra right there, stylish outside savage inside just like me, then wow. You also get one stylish pokey pin device, one type c, usb to 3.5 mil headphone jack adapter, a proper hardcore, protective shell with a massive gap in the middle for the rgb lights, the camera lenses and the fan vents you’ve also got two usb cables to support The dual charging on this smartphone, which i’ll bang on about in a bit and a very funky looking uh and very unique power adapter, which has support for those two usb cables alrighty, then that is the box now let’s check out the good stuff all right.

So here is the lenovo legion phone jewel 2 in all of its splendor and first off, oh, my god, it’s. I want a heavy ass brick of a smartphone. This whopper is 259 grams, so just as hefty, if not heavier than most other gaming smartphones out there. It’S actually constructed from three separate pieces of glass here on the back with a metal chassis wrapped all around it, certainly quite clearly a gaming smartphone from the second, you pick it up. As you can see there, the central section is raised up from the rest of the smartphone, but it does feel nicely balanced when you clutch it like so for your mobile gaming. This here is the ultimate black model, but you can also grab the lenovo legion phone. Dual 2 in titanium white, if you fancy something a bit brighter and i’ve, actually just accidentally turned the legion dual 2 on and, as you can see there, the rgb lights are already flashing away on that arse end there’s, of course, an obligatory part of any game And smartphone these days you do get a gorilla glass, 5 display as well to help protect it from any scratches and scuffs, but there’s, no ip water resistance or anything as you would expect, because there are several quite gaping obvious ports and vents, and things like that. Scattered about, if you open the sim tray on the lenovo legion, dual footage, so you’ve got space in here for oh geez it’s, not just too much whiskey before starting the bloody video uh you’ll, see you’ve got space in here for two sim cards at once.

In one and sim two, but no micro, sd memory card support, although thankfully the legion dual phone 2 does come with either 256 or 512 gigs of storage so touch what that should prove absolutely fine. Even if you go for the base 256 gig model for carrying around butt loads of games at the same time, and as you can see, you’ve got legion. Os version 12.5 slathered on top of android 11. i’m, just gon na get the phone all set up. Now, all right so we’re all set up good to go here on the lenovo dual phone legion phone: dual font. I always stumble over the bloody name it’s, so clunky and, as i mentioned before, android 11, with a good bit of that legion ui slapped on top doesn’t, really change it up too much to be honest, it’s, mostly a stock android experience, as you can see, you’ve Got your apps tray and everything you do have a snazzy gamer background though, and you do have some stylistic changes thrown in there to the icons and the rest. You pull down the notifications bar as you can see. The general look and vibe of that is quite different from standard android you’ve got a small number of different uh themed, wallpapers, static and dynamic that you can choose between otherwise, of course, set your own, but as with most gamer smartphones, you do have a specific gaming Hub, where you can access all of your games under the major gaming features as well, suddenly there’s, no cool little switch to flick, unlike the likes of the rogue for all it is, is a quick tap of this app down.

Here you get a funky animation bit of vibration. Action and you’re in this will automatically be stocked up with any android games that you download. As you can see, i’ve just got a couple on the go for now. You can also access the legion assistant by tapping this little icon up here. That just gives you access to a whole bunch of settings and features. So, if you’re playing a really demanding title, you’ve got the performance boost option as well as the network boost which you can use for any online titles like call of duty or pubg, and some other handy bits like disabling, that adaptive brightness you’re not caught out mid Game and the legion realm also gives you first access to an app store online, where you can download fresh titles. You’Ve got the network section, which is basically like a kind of a social hub where you can hook up with other gamers and chat about your favorite. Titles swap tips all that good stuff. Otherwise, you can see not a huge number of english users right now. Uh hello, uh lost my train of thought and you’ve also got a news section as well. If you just want some, you know some gaming headlines but i’d. Imagine that most people who would get a gaming smartphone have their own dedicated game and use sources that they use and just before we dive into the game and test the battery tests. All that good stuff i’ve got to say as well.

The design of the legion dual phone 2, whatever the hell it’s called, might be well suited to holding it like so and actually using it as a gaming machine. But when you’re holding it like so as an actual smartphone. That central bump is slightly awkward it’s, not terrible by any means and you’d probably get used to it over time. But certainly you do feel that central reservation bit sort of jutting into your palm it’s, not particularly comfortable. So when you get your game on you’re going to want a nice spacious view of the action and the legion dual 2 certainly provides that with its godzilla sized 6.92 inch amoled screen. It is only a full hd plus resolution, but the images are still nice and crisp despite the gargantuan size, if not quite as strong as some rivals like the rogue phone five with its quad hd plus display you do get full hdr 10 plus support. However, with a dynamic engine that can enhance the contrast in any android game, to give you clearer visibility in those darker areas. Note, however, that at the time i shot this, the legion dual 2 did not offer any support for netflix or disney plus. So i could not download those apps via the app store and even when i sideloaded them, they refused to even let me sign in and stream anything at all. You got a full view finish here, thanks to that cheeky little pop up camera, which i may have possibly mentioned once or twice before, you’ve also got a 144 hertz refresh rate support as well, so nice, smooth visuals and the top brightness maxes out at 1300 nits.

So, certainly, even on a bright sunshiny day, you can get your gaming on the go outside like pretty much every gaming smartphone out there. The lenovo legion dual 2 also offers a pair of front facing stereo speakers which offer nice clear, crisp loud output, although, unfortunately, there is no dedicated headphone jack. If you want to plug in a pair of earphones headphones, a headset whatever, so you will have to use a dongle for that either. That were a good bit of bluetooth action, of course, and i found that the bluetooth support on here was impeccable. Nice crisp clear, audio streaming, even at a decent range, and naturally you got full dolby atmos support as well. To give you that lovely surround sound effect now, you would of course expect performance to be rather good on a gaming, smartphone and sure enough, thanks to the snapdragon 88 chipsets, backed by the 12 or 16 gigs of ddr5 ram the legion phone dual 2, absolutely pissed Its way to the likes of call of duty, pubg and other games, of course, even fairly budget smartphones, can handle those no problems. So what i got on the go was a bit of gentian impact on maximum detail settings at 60 frames per second. That is the kind of challenge that i always throw at these dick swinging. Gaming phones and i was definitely pleased on the whole, with the results. Even if they weren’t quite as strong as that rog phone 5.

, i used the game bench. Android benchmarking, software to monitor the performance over a long gentian impact session. I had the dual fan: cool and active and bumped up to the maximum level, and i found that the median frame rate was about 59 frames per. Second, you do get smooth performance almost all of the time, although i did occasionally see a dip to around 40 45 frames per second during really intense combat. That was fairly rare. That was just with the default settings and everything as well. When i jumped into a rampage mode using that a pull down in game menu, the frame rate never dropped below 50 frames per second and it’s took much more closely to that 60 frames per second maximum level and for fans of online blasters like call of duty Mobile pubg well, the good news is the connectivity is again arts here on the legion phone jewel 2. you’ve got a good bit of 5g support thanks to the snapdragon 80’s here and it’s built in x60. Modem you’ve also got a good bit of wi. Fi 6 support exactly what you’d expect from a premium gaming smartphone in 2021. Of course, any smartphone that’s going to take on the challenge of an overclocked gen chin impact at 60 frames per second is going to need a dedicated coolant system to avoid basically bursting into flames, and thankfully the legion 4 dual 2 apparently boasts a cooling system. That’S 30, more effective than the previous effort, like other gaming smartphones.

This involves multiple cooling methods, including a massive internal vapor chamber. You’Ve got copper pillars in there and four graphite layers and when things do get proper, sweaty you’ve got twin turbo fans which can blast that hot air out of the smartphone via copper, wind tunnels right out that back end right down the middle away from your fingers And surprisingly, these only reach a top noise level of 27 decibels, even when they go on full pelts, they’re, certainly surprisingly, quiet compared with the wind turbine that was the red magic 6. lenovo has sensibly concentrated all of the main components that the snapdragon 868 in this Central reservation away from your hands, while you are gaming and i’ve, certainly noticed that central reservation to get really rather toasty when i’ve been doing gentian impact for between half an hour and an hour and uh. If your fingers do stray in that direction, then certainly you’ll be like oh that’s a bit warm and i did also notice after an hour or so that the screen itself started to get quite warm as well, although, thankfully not to an uncomfortable level. The internal temperature of the phone hovered around the 43 44 degree mark with the fans on max until i fired up that rampage mode, at which point it climbed immediately to 49 degrees and then hovered there indefinitely as well. I certainly didn’t notice any throttling at all on that top level as well, so that’s definitely a good sign.

The battery does drain rather worryingly fast at times, however, so for instance, playing gentian with those dual fans on turbo mode. You will get less than two and a half hours of playtime from a full charge of the 5 500 milliamp battery. However, less demanding games definitely stretch out that battery life quite considerably it’s, like a call of duty mobile. I didn’t bother turning on the fans because the phone could quite comfortably handle that even on the higher detail, settings and maxed out frame rate – and i found that then you’d get between five to six hours of life from a single charge and once again, like the Original legion, dual phone you’ve got a dual battery: design here’s got two usb ports, one down below and then one on the edge here as well. So you can plug in two usb cables, get it double charging so that 5 500 milliamp battery will be filled in just 30 minutes. Alternatively, when you’re gaming, you can just keep the phone plugged in and that edge port to keep the legion powered up and use the bypass mode to avoid charging the battery at the same time. So the phone does not get super hot and throttle. You’Ve also got what lenovo terms and octa trigger setup here. So you’ve got technically two shoulder buttons: either: side l1 l2 and r1, r2 plus you’ve got an m1 and m2 trigger on the back end and then also the l3 and r3 pressure points on the screen.

However, i did find that the l1 and l2 and r1 and r2 trigger buttons are really close together and there’s, no real, easy way of discerning witches, which certainly i tried using them both for around half an hour. Someone gentian impact, and i just friggin – gave up and i’m also personally not a fan of center pressure points on the display as well to act as further controls, because i find in high pressure games like call of duty mobile pubg stuff. Like that i get startled. I accidentally press a bit too hard on the screen and then activate them. However, i found just using the single trigger buttons, then that m1 and m2 effect round back as well worked perfectly for likes a gentian impact call of duty. It meant your thumbs on trying to do 12 things at once, and also here. You’Ve got screen responsiveness of 720 hertz, so every pokemon on that display is instantly replicated in game. You’Ve also got some dual haptics tech here as well. You’Ve got a couple of different haptic motors one either side of the smartphone, which is supposed to give a really nice deep rumble effect for supported games. Unfortunately, like gentile and call of duty mobile not currently supported, and then, of course, there’s that obligatory rgb r slicing. As well, which can be fully customized from within the settings here on the legion phone jewel 2. – and you can use this to dazzle any passer bys while you’re busy game – and you can also use it as a glorified notifications light as well as for your online Chats and the rest we’ve got four microphones dotted around the legion fun duel 2.

So i can clearly pick up your voice as your mock and your mates, while you’re spraying bullets into their still twitching corpse and suddenly had no trouble picking up my voice. In my personal tests, and then yes, there is that endlessly entered in and 44 megapixel pop up selfie camera, which uses samsung’s gh1 plus sensor, complete with auto focus tech as well. So your online opponents get a good old look at your gun and face and via that little pull down in game menu. You’Ve got one tap fast: access to live stream and via youtube or twitch as well, nice and simple, oh and it wasn’t even brought up in our briefing that we had. But you do, of course get a rear camera here on the legion dual 2 as well. It’S, a 64 megapixel primary snapper and a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter and they’re there. If you want to use them, meh sorry there’s, my full gaming test and review of the legion phone jewel 2, and certainly it is up there with most of the premium gaming smartphones on my personal favorite, still the azus rog 5, which offers incredible performance. And, of course, you’ve got that fantastic accessory support as well, but for 799 euros it’s. Quite a nice little price and they’ve got a very distinctive design and everything as well so be great to hear your own personal thoughts on the lenovo legion phone jewel 2 down below.

Please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and i will be uh comparing the best gaming smartphones of 2021 really soon as well. So stay tuned for that love yourselves, a bloody lovely rest of the weekend.