This will cost you just 300 pounds so it’s. Definitely in that affordable budget section, but it’s the top of the line coming from the c and the g series, this is the x series and it’s the x 20.. So is it any good and should you buy it? Well, i mean kind of two minds about it. On the one hand, this is one of the cheapest 5g phones. You can buy, as i say, about 300 pounds, it’s dual sim, although the second sim card slot uh doubles as a micro sd, but usually to get 5g, you have to pay for 500 pounds, but because this is built on the new snapdragon 480 chip, which is A very low power processor, but it is also a brand new one for 2021 and it does support 5g. So one of the real selling points of this – if you have to have 5g for some reason, but you can’t, spend more than 300 pounds on your phone bit of a sort of weird combination. But this is definitely worth considering and it’s, not just 5g we’re. Also, getting a big 6.67 inch screen, this lovely pure android 11 software experience, which for me, is one of the biggest selling point of these nokia phones, and they do also promise three years of updates, which is good to see. I think it looks great. I, like the round camera module and the matte texture to the back plastic body.

Although the bezels around the front are a little bit chunky and also we have this quite big central selfie camera in the middle of the screen. So looking around the phone we’ve got this uh fingerprint reader built into the power button. On the right hand, side we’ve also got a dedicated google assistant button on the left, which no one really asks for, but it’s there on the bottom you’ve got a single speaker. Grille, this doesn’t have stereo speakers, unfortunately usb c port, three and a half mil headphone jack, which is good to see good battery life, decent cameras, particularly the main lens and all in, as i say, for 300 pounds, it’s pretty affordable, but there’s. A problem and it’s kind of highlighted by these phones, there is so much competition in this price range now, which is great for us consumers, but it also means when it comes to value for money and features and specs. I have to compare this to its. Similarly priced rivals and in a lot of ways, this does fall behind yes, it’s 5g, but it’s also only an lcd screen and not amoled it’s, also only 60 hertz, not 90 or 120, and while the snapdragon 480 is a new chip, it is very low power. In fact, i gave the new realme 8 pro a bit of a hard time in a recent video uh, because it still has the snapdragon 720 g the same one from last year, which again is very low power, and this is actually about the same.

And actually, even a little bit slower when it comes to graphics performance which isn’t the end of the world, you can still play a bit of call of duty mobile on here, even with medium settings, so it is definitely still usable and i think what saves the Day is the software, as i say, we’re getting this pure android drop, the phone it’s, fine, the the real me dared to leap off my desk. What was i talking about the uh, the software? Yes android, 11, but based on the android one platform. So this is basically stock. Vanilla, android, you’re gon na get a similar experience to say if you’re using a pixel 5, and it makes such a difference because you haven’t got any heavy blow, wear tons of pre installed, apps or any ugly ui on top. That slows things down and makes it all feel a bit cheap, which is a criticism i still do have with some of these alternatives, particularly from xiaomi or realme they’re, getting better, but a real selling point for me is this software it’s just slick yes, it’s only 60, hertz and it’s got a slow processor, but the software helps keep it feeling pretty slick to use. But i am the tech chap. I am a bit of a nerd and a bit of a stickler for specs, even if it doesn’t make a maybe a nine day, difference to you guys, but to have a 60 hertz lcd screen on a 2021 phone that costs 300 pounds is unacceptable as a Strong word but it’s disappointing, especially given the competition which i either have amoled 60 or amoled, 90 or 120.

. So in many ways this does feel like a 20 20 phone, and it kind of reminds me of this. My name is chap the tech chap. So that was me doing a rubbish james bond impression with the nokia 8.3 last year. I think it was in september and it’s kind of funny, because that phone was supposed to be james, bond’s phone in no time to die, which has been delayed and delayed and delayed and actually i’ve read reports that they’ve had to cgi out that phone and put In a new one, maybe an upcoming new flagship or whatever, it is because by the time it comes out eventually that 8.3 will be old tech with last year’s model. So, in some respects that kind of feels, like a metaphor, for this just a bit out of date, other areas for improvement include the fact that this still has just a single speaker: there’s no stereo speakers, which means when you’re playing games or watching youtube videos back It’S, quite one sided not only that, but the camera is it’s actually quite good, but only the main lens it’s, a 64 megapixel camera uh. They collaborated with zeiss and while the ultra wide and the digital zoom leaves quite a lot to be desired. But the main camera does quite a good job. Photos are sharp, the colors are natural. Looking in portrait mode, you can see uh, the clouds are a little bit overexposed and i look a bit dark.

So similar color in portrait is a bit off for the price. I’M quite happy with the camera around the front. We have a 32 megapixel selfie camera which i’m not particularly impressed by, if i’m, honest uh, the colors are a little bit off. The detail is lacking it’s. Definitely not my favorite selfie camera. I guess one benefit of sticking with a 60hz screen and also a fairly efficient if low power processor is that the battery goes a long way. We’Ve got a 4470 milliamp hour cell in here and in my one hour, youtube test. The x20 used just eight percent of its battery and i find that i get about a day and a half of use from this uh by 11 pm. I still have about 35 of my battery left, which is pretty impressive, so good battery life, quite nice design. I do like the look of it: decent main camera, headphone, jack micro, sd, 5g support and it doesn’t cost an awful lot of money at 300 pounds. So yes, it’s a good phone. But for me i think i’d rather spend my money on something like the poco f3, which is, as i say, about the same price and better in almost every way, including a much faster uh, snapdragon, 870 chip, or even something like the oneplus nord, which you can Get for about 340 350 pounds now it’s come down in price, which has also very slick, oxygen, os software and is a bit discounted for when it first came out.

So this is a really good option or if you just want to spend a little bit less money around 270 ish, then the redmi note 10 pro again a better option, so there’s nothing wrong with the x20 it’s. Just the competition is offering better value for money. So unfortunately, the x20 probably wouldn’t be at the top of my recommended list. But what do you reckon would you be tempted to buy this or, if not, what phone would you be looking to upgrade to next? Let me know in the comments below and if you do want to see more from me if you enjoyed the video which, hopefully you did then a thumbs up and a subscribe, would be amazing. Thank you.