My friends is all about to change. Thanks to the spooge tastical xiaomi me 11 ultra, which looks like the most batch mental super premium, smartphone i’ve ever freaking seen this thing is absolutely gushing with insane features, including not just one but two amoled displays you’ve also got some next gen camera tech in there. As well so anyway, that’s enough of me banging on let’s, get the xiaomi mi 11 ultra whipped one out of this box. Let’S, take a full on tour of the hardware and the software test out that camera tech, the gaming chops all that good stuff and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers not gon na lie guys. I am rather moist at the prospect to finally get my mitts on this absolute beast. Oh and lush it’s, the white one as well, just what i was hoping for so where you get bundled in the box, is one fairly chunky charge, although it’s not too bad. Considering it is a 67 watt effort, you’ve got yourself some type c usb action you’ve got a rubber johnny case to protect the m11 ultra, though that shouldn’t actually be necessary, and i also love the size of the camera cut out on this thing. It is freaking enormous and you’ve got your instruction manual. Shenanigans. Of course, i’ll tell you what even the instruction manual smells premium. Oh – and you also do unfortunately get a usb type c to 3.

5, mil headphone adapter, bundled in there, because there is no headphone jack on the milf and ultra so that’s the box. Now the phone okay, so first up the xiaomi me 11 ultra, is immediately giving me flashbacks to the me 10 t pro, which i got my mitts on at the end of 2020, mostly because it’s such an absolute heifer, no kidding. This thing is 234 grams. One of the heaviest smartphones around so at least i don’t have to bother going to the gym when the gyms finally reopen. All i need to do is lift this thing. A couple hundred times a day and i’ll have biceps like dolph lundgren like i was ever gon na, go to the gym, but you know what that weight does definitely help to lend a premium vibe to the xiaomi mi 11 ultra. There is no denying that this thing is an expensive smartphone through and through you’ve got gorilla glass victus up front to keep the display in pristine condition. That’S not only highly scratch resistant, but it’s also drop proof up to a couple of meters as well, and as if that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got a pre installed screen protector on this thing, but it’s the rsn that i really admire. You’Ve got a ceramic finish on here, which is super super resilient, so again should prove nice and tough, hopefully no scratches or scuffs. Even if you leave the condom case off, i do like the look of the me11 ultra, but it is somewhat spoiled by these ugly little markings down here.

I wish they just weren’t on there at all and then there’s the smaller, rather not so small matter of the camera chassis, which also houses that secondary display, which let’s face it is less than subtle. I mean it’s almost like you’ve got another smaller phone kind of bolted onto the back of this. One sandwiched in between ceramic and glass is a metal bit of engine as well, with some nice pleasing curvature around those corners and with all the ceramic and gorilla glass and prophylactic case action. Of course, the xiaomi mi 11 ultra is better protected than the queen, but on top of that it’s also ip68 water and dust resistant, so you can rock it in the jacuzzi the swimming pool, wherever you fancy should not matter so that’s the design but let’s actually Get the xiaomi meal oven ultra all powered up and check out the rest of the hardware and the software just going to stick. My sim inside of the mi 11 ultra and i’m, actually coming to it from the me 11 light so i’m guessing i’m, going to notice quite a big difference. As for that sim tray well, it is actually a dual sim tray, so you can stick in two sim cards at once, but suddenly there’s no space in here for micro, sd memory cards to boost the storage. All right so xiaomi me, 11 ultra is all set up and ready for action actually getting quite nice and toasty on that back end, because i’ve been running geekbench on it, downloading shed loads of massive apps.

All that good stuff, uh yeah. It feels quite pleasing against the palm on this rather chilly spring day. Now, on the software side of things no surprises here whatsoever, like all xiaomi smartphones, i’ve reviewed recently it’s, the latest freshest android 11, with xiaomi zone miui 12 launches slathered on top still got a nice fairly stock, android experience. But then you do get bonus bits like the excellent control center chucked in there as well, and this will give you an idea of just how many features are packed onto the me 11 ultra just so so many bloody toggles. Now i have already banged on about me: ui 12 ceaselessly. It seems in 2021 because there have been so many xiaomi smartphones i’ve actually done a separate miui 12 video. If you want to look at some of the best features on there, but i do quite like miui, 12. i’ve got to say i’m glad that it’s got more of a stock android vibe now you’ve got likes the g board coming on there as your default keyboard. These days, which is great to see too thankfully it’s not flooded with ads country to a popular opinion and yeah, it could be a little bit janky here and there, but i do like it most of the truly irritating aspects of me. Ui from previous generations have been basically ironed out. You do, unfortunately, still get a lot of cropware pre installed on here, which is one of my only bug bears so, for instance, tick, tock, wps office.

You got facebook and linkedin all this stuff, which i definitely did not install myself. You’Ve also got dublin down on some apps like a me browser as well as google chrome. I just stay well clear with that, and i just use chrome, thankfully pretty much all that crap can be just deleted straight off. You do get plenty of storage in the meal of an ultra as you’d kind of hope, as well. 256 gigs, although not expandable via microsd, and that is ufs 3.1 as well. So certainly when i was downloading all of my own apps, i certainly thought it was nice and nippy, especially as you’ve got full wi fi 6e support on this bad boy too, and unlike a lot of other xiaomi smartphones in 2021, unfortunately, there’s no edge mounted fingerprint Sensor, it is an in display effort, but touchwood seems like a good one. So far, very very nippy, as you can see there, and certainly haven’t had to do a double tap just yet, and this is back to a blue bike – a bit face recognition as well, which, as you can see, there is just as incredibly nippy you’ve even got A bit of risk to wake support, so you can just lift the phone again boom straight in now, let’s check out that 6.81 inch amoled display slapped here on the front end of the me 11 ultra pretty much covering that entire front end the skinniest of bezels Top and bottom and it basically slubs gently around the edges on the left and right side and when it comes to the visuals pumped out by this thing, i’ve just got one word for you: sploosh, the quad hd plus resolution 3200 by 1440 means supremely fine detail.

Whenever you’re enjoying some really nice high def content, you’ve got across the board. Hdr support on the m11 ultra that’s hdr 10 plus, as well as dolby vision, so full hdr stream is supporting the likes of netflix and those images are just so natural. Looking you’ve got lifelike colors, really sharp strong contrast. This panel actually has a gncd a just noticeable color difference rating of 0.38, which is really really strong up there with the likes of the oneplus 9 pro, and you can boost those colors if you want by jumping into the display settings. But i really like the natural looking output with the original viewing angles are certainly nice and wide and if you do decide to go for a full view, experience there’s only a tiny little sphincter, selfie camera notch sort of wedged away in the corner. So it’s not too troublesome, and that will be any issues with the brightness here on the m11 ultra either on that top setting it reaches. I bleedingly strong brightness levels and apparently tops off at 1, 700 nits uh out in the sunlight in those sort of peak conditions. Now, if you dive back into those display settings as well, you’ll see that you’ve got all the usual stuff. The reading modes and all that kind of good stuff and you’ve also got the option to change up the refresh rate, it’s actually set to 60 hertz by default. But you can boost that up to 120 hertz and it is adaptive as well.

It can drop all the way down to 30 hertz when you know there’s no real motion just to preserve battery life and all the way up to 120 when you’re using supported apps. But, of course we cannot forget the fact that you’ve got a second display as well slapped here on the rsn just alongside those camera lenses. This is a positively dinky 1.1 inch display, though it is still amoled tech, it’s, 126 by 294 pixels, so reasonably crisp. Considering it’s so dinky now, if you want to set this up, what you’ll have to do is dive into the settings, then it’s, not in the display section it’s actually in the special features you’ll find rear display in there, and the main role of this secondary panel Is as an always on display, you can change up the general styling of it, so you can have the clock either horizontal or vertical. You can change up the color scheme and you could also say whether or not you want the battery and the notifications to pop through on there, too. The notification support is very basic, though, as you can see: it’s just a dinky little dots that will pop up whenever you’ve got something waiting for you that’s about it. But besides that, you’ve also got the option of just adding your own signature there. So you can have your own random little motto or, alternatively, you can stick your very own picture on there, so you can stick on a picture of a loved one or just some more random geeky, anime shenanigans and that rear display will also come in handy when We take a squint to the camera tech later on.

As for the speakers, well, as you’d expect for the super premium device, like the me 11 ultra it’s, a stereo speaker setup, and that uh audio has actually been fine tuned by omon kodo. So it should be nice and posh let’s just boost up the volume and see what we got so more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers and wow yeah, very impressive audio. Indeed, on that top volume, it’ll absolutely knock your socks off and the clarity still stays pretty strong as well, so that’s, definitely more than respectable, for you know, kicking back with some video if you want slightly no headphone jack action here on the xiaomi mi 11 ultra. So you will have to either use the annoying dongly thing which they do at least bundle in the box. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on the bluetooth, 5.2 support right now, performance and, if you’re expecting the xiaomi mi 11 ultra to be anything but taught in this department, then you are seriously incorrect because of course, you’ve got the latest freshest snapdragon 80 chipset out there. One of the most powerful mobile platforms that you’ll ever find, backed by 12 gigs of ddr5 ram and if you’re, cheating gaming well, basically you’ll be able to play any title out. There no worries did i say plenitude. I mean blaze through absolutely anything you throw at this bloody smartphone. No problem you’ve got that adreno 660 gpu on here and, frankly, even getchin impact on the ultra high detail settings this thing just laughs at it.

Absolutely no problem. You see tiny little jutters when things get really intense, but that’s the same as every other super premium. Smartphone out there you’ve got a 480h touch response right here as well. The action is beautifully, buttery, smooth every little pork and jab instantly replicated on screen and the fact that you’ve got those curved edges as well. Thankfully, did not impede my progress when it comes to shammy. You’Ve got three fears, cool and tech on here, so you can expect the usual vapor chamber, graphite, layer, shenanigans and certainly it did start to get quite toasty again when i uh booted up genji impacts and blasted to it for a good sort of 30 40 minutes. But nothing too troublesome, so they didn’t seem to throttle the performance or anything and as well as that, wi fi 6e support you’ve also got full 5g built into here, as well. Courtesy of the snapdragon x60 modem from qualcomm and that’s dual 5g standby support as well. For both of those sim slots and despite the fact that you’ve got two amoled displays and a whole buttload of premium tech to power on the xiaomi mi 11 ultra. Hopefully, a single battery charge will keep you going all day because it is a 5 000 milliamp cell. Certainly, the drain seems to be pretty good. Despite the fact i’ve been downloading, a shed load of apps playing a good bit against an impact seems like a fairly stable drop and, on top of that, you’ve also got 67 watt wired and 67 watt wireless charging.

On this thing, plus a bit of 10 watt reverse wireless charging, if you need it now last, but by no means least let’s check out the camera tech slapped here. On the back end of the me 11 ultra. This is a triple n setup, spearheaded by 50 megapixel primary lens uh with optical image. Stabilization built in does seem like quite a slow, shutter speed right now, i’m, not sure if it’s just warming up a bit or what it is but that’s slightly troublesome good. Looking results though, nice natural looking tones are nice and bright as well, considering the ambient conditions and even though there’s been a pixel bit in action going on, as you can see there plenty of fine detail when you pinch all the way in as well. Okay, it seems to have warmed up now, as it were not really sure what the uh issue there was. You’Ve got all the usual uh schneidgens on here, including a bit of ai mode action, which can change up the camera mode that you’re in to suit whatever you’re trying to shoot at picture. But this can also artificially boost some colors at times as well. So i tend to leave it knocked off. You’Ve got both time of flight, and laser auto focus here on the mi 11 ultra certainly should be well up to the task of rowdy hyperactive children. At any point, you can swap to that 48 megapixel ultra wide angle.

Shooter, which just gives you a pulled back view to get lots of good scenery in there big group shot whatever you need and uh, thankfully, very little distortion around the edges there as well, and that ultra wide angle lens is also used for your macro shots, which You can access by tapping in here. I still don’t really see the point, but i know that some people like doing them and then, as for the third lens that’s, a 48 megapixel effect as well – and this is a telephoto shooter with built in optical image stabilization. So you can see even though i’m zoomed in there’s very little motion as my hand, sort of shakes about the place, and this telephoto lens offers a five times: optical zoom 10 times hybrid zoom and up to 120 times maximum digital zoom. And of course, as you scale up towards that 120 times level, you will see some degradation in image. Quality things get quite gritty and quite crappy looking, but still the option is there. If you want it, you got all the usual bonus camera modes. On top of this as well, including, of course, good old portrait mode, to add that bokeh style blur to the background, you got pro manual controls as well for changing up the shutter speed, the iso levels, the uh lens wide. So you can yet choose between the ultra wide angle, the primary lens or that telephoto you can choose to shoot with the pixel bin or that ultimate 50 megapixel mode, if you like and you’ve, also got the ability to shoot in a raw format.

If you want a bit of that action, on top of all of that, goodness you’ve got your own dedicated 50 megapixel shooting mode you’ve got the new night mode, which is apparently all new and improved. For me, 11 ultra so i’ll be testing that out for the in depth, review and plenty of other bonus shenanigans on top. And lastly, when it comes to shooting a video where you can shoot up to 8k resolution. Footage with any of these three lenses, which is pretty impressive stuff. Otherwise, you can drop that down to 4k resolution and shoot it either 30 or 60 frames per second or good old bog standard, full hd, so far so very premium indeed, but then let’s not forget the killer feature here on the male 11 ultra that rear display, Which you can activate like so now, this gives you a little sneak preview of the shot that you’re about to take and then, when you’ve got it all lined up nicely just hit the volume down button. As you can see, you get a little countdown and away you go and yeah that uh that really helped me to shoot a super glamorous snap. Otherwise, you do have that 20 megapixel selfie cam, if you just want to rely on the good old fashioned method of taking a selfie instead and i’m, sure that produced a uh uh, how much uh jesus and that right there in a nutshell, is xiaomi’s.