This little carrying case has a mic has a stand, and it has a lot that you would need if you want to start a youtube channel on a budget, but also just wanted to up your game to something where you’re, not propping your phone up on ledges And random things, and i think it really helps someone to become a little bit more versatile. This sells for right around 50, so it’s not like super cheap, but we’re gon na see, if the quality of it ups my game from the audio you’re hearing now from the stabilization years, feeling now to what it can be with this setup. So let’s begin excuse the mess you guys, but nonetheless we’ve got um over here we have the stand itself kind of plasticky, but has your quarter inch jack, so you’d be able to put a normal camera on here or this smartphone stand? Then you have the stand right here, which does fit almost any kind of phone, even very large phones by unscrewing and then you’re able to make it as long as as tall as you want it and then you’re able to tighten it down as well. My one complaint here is that when you’re putting it back in the case, you kind of need to have it all the way screwed back down, so for a big phone like mine, it is uh. It takes a little while nonetheless, it also uh does not allow you to do it in your camera into portrait mode, unfortunately uh, but this would be something more for youtube and things that are shot more on a landscape style like this video shot in then you Have the mic: this is the real question on whether or not this is worth it.

This feels like good, solid metal. It has a good shock absorber here. You have an audio jack here at the back and then what comes here is what’s really nice. So you do have your cable here, which is going to go from your uh from your mic, all the way to your smartphone, and then i have my adapter that came with my google pixel phone and hopefully that’ll make the audio really solid. Then inside here you also have the manual and a windscreen in here as well, and a windscreen is going to help more for windy situations. We’Ll take this outside, even though it’s kind of a rainy day, uh it’ll, be a pretty fun. So let’s put all this stuff together. I finally found a place in my vehicle that actually props this thing up, so i can set this guy up, so we have the tripod. We have our phone attachment here, where we just screw it right on. It also has a little wheel on here, so i don’t necessarily have to spin it so that’s kind of nice, and then we have the mic. The mic goes right on top here and we’re gon na face it actually backwards, so it’ll be facing towards my face. Well, you can do it either way, so uh you can choose which way you want to do it depending on how you’re going to be recording. You want to be pointing at you, so if you’re filming something else, but you want to hear your voice, you could point it backwards.

Uh but yeah we’ll see what the audio quality is like there and then you just unscrew this to make it taller and then we’re going to put the phone on it. So i think we might actually just do this whole thing live i’m, trying to see how how wide am i going to have to do this? My phone is a pixel 3 xl i’ve had it for a few years now, it’s actually worked out really well. For me really good for photo and for video it’s it’s, okay, it’s, okay, i am looking at possibly switching over to iphone just because of the video capability on iphone okay. So we have that now we don’t have the audio yet. So let me turn this thing off and we’ll get the audio going you guys, so i have the external mic on, and that means you should be hearing the audio that’s coming straight from this mic here. I think that this works really well and i think for a lot of people who want to do like vlogging or talking headset segments and things. I think something like this could be really useful, it’s. Also nice um there’s that button that’s on there, which means you can adjust kind of how this uh tripod works, um, how it’s set up and then you’re able to drop this guy right onto a dash or something? And then, by pushing the button, i can adjust one second gangs push that down and adjust it to where it needs to be, and then you’re all set.

So at that point um, unfortunately, it doesn’t like clamp on to anything uh it’s not like if you were driving this thing, wouldn’t bump and move away uh. But if you’re looking to set this thing up on a table, if you’re wanting to basically be able to set this up anywhere, i think this is really cool um. I could really see people who are kind of not super techy but say hey. I can plug an audio jack in. I can unscrew and put something onto my camera, um and because it’s on their phone, so many times, they’re more familiar with the software, with different editing things on that. So this is simply the audio test in here. It is raining outside um. We might run around and walk around with this, but what’s nice is that this thing is really solid. It’S not like it’s gon na fall apart uh by walking around with it and stuff like that and i’m, actually really pretty excited about. The potential ability to be able to vlog with it or something to that effect i think it’s, really nice and yeah. I think it’s pretty stable too, so you guys is it worth the 50? I think the carrying case is pretty nice. I wish that they had a bigger cut out, so i could just slide my uh. My smartphone stand in there, so i don’t have to spend the 30 seconds to unscrew it every time uh but other than that.

I think it’s pretty solid, so it’s. Just that question there of, is it worth 50 to you so guys? Thank you so much for watching. If you want to see closer up pictures of this, i think i’ll make a video kind of looking at some of the closer aspects of it. But i’ll see you all in the next one.