At that at 350, this is one of the best mid range phones that is going to make you question the need for a 900 or a thousand dollar phone in this modern time in this video we’re going to talk about all the good things about this device And also the bad things about this device let’s get to the video now to the design and the build one of my favorite features of this device is the looks. My version has got a white spark which i think kind of looks really clean and does an amazing job at hiding fingerprints, mind you. This is glass with a kind of door feel, so all the fingerprints are kind of minimal on this device. Also, this comes in the black and silver. If you ever wanted, the camera design also looks clean. If you ask me, the three cameras have been arranging a much more cleaner design and looks really nice for the design. I feel this is absolutely beautiful. The fact that they were able to use glass back for this when even the much more expensive s21 comes in the plastic bag makes you realize how amazing this is, and if manufacturers want to produce a much more premium device, they absolutely can. The fact that this comes in a glass doesn’t mean it comes with wireless charging, though i can’t be greedy. I want everything in this budget’s device, so this one in particular, doesn’t come with wireless charging on the bottom part of this phone.

You can find a usbc port for charging a dual sim card: tray, no micro, sd support here. Sadly, no headphone jack too. We also get a speaker grille, which really isn’t the greatest sounding, but the fact that this comes with the stereo speaker, setup that’s, basically sound from the top and bottom is really appreciated, gets loud. Maybe, on the tiny bit end no bass, but the stereo speaker is always appreciated. On the right side, you can find the power button, which also doubles as a fingerprint sensor, a very fast one, an accurate one, if i have to mention check it out right. On top of the power button, is the volume walker now to the display? The front of this phone is where you might probably realize this is a budget device? There are some bezels, no subwoofer, but not a bad thing. If you ask me, this is a super amoled 120 heads 6.6 inch display capable of outputting 1080p resolution and getting pretty bright as a thousand three hundred nits and guess what also comes with a corning gorilla glass, 5 protection wow. That is just stella. The colors are vivid and punchy good viewing angles. Amoled never disappoints just check these two devices and right away. You can tell the amoled on the k40, produces better colors, richer blacks compared to the ips on the camon 16., also check out the selfie camera up top. This is really small. I almost forgot it was even there.

Definitely one of the good aspects of this display doesn’t get in the way at all. The display in general is one of the solid features of the k40. If you ask me at this price, you can’t complain, it gets really bright, produces stunning colors and not forgetting the 120 heads technology here, making all animations run smoothly and so pleasing to the eyes. You can definitely see the 120 hertz is way smoother than the 90 hertz. On the camon 16.. Now let’s talk about another great feature of this device performance. This device comes with a snapdragon 870 5g. This is a seven nanometer chipset. It comes with android 11 and miui 12 installed. This is the fully spec version that comes with 12 gigabytes ram and two five, six gigabytes of storage. And if you look at the chart, you can see the 870 slightly behind the snapdragon 8 found on the s21 series, which is kind of awesome. This absolutely has no performance related issues. Awesome performance, gameplay, smooth, graphics, are good. Awesome touch response too. The phone flies through almost everything. The 120 heads makes everything really smooth, especially gaming. There hasn’t been a time where this felt slow. In any case scenario, any problems i have had was due to the miui, probably because this was actually the chinese version and not the global version. Getting a third party launcher on here, wasn’t really an easy thing to do, but i was successful in installing the launcher.

Launcher but i still don’t get access to using gestures, even though it allows it on the native launcher and the poco launcher as well, because i’m used to using navigation and don’t really like using the buttons on the bottom of the screen. So that’s my fault, better. Get the global version and don’t get the chinese version if you decide to purchase this device? Okay! So at this point, if you’re enjoying the video kindly consider hitting the subscribe button and joining the team, so you get notified and next time upload a video okay. So now, for the cameras, the cameras might be one of the soft spots of this device, as they didn’t quite impress me. That being said, these are no means terrible cameras for the main sensor. We have a 48 megapixel, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel macro. Lens pictures tend to be more on the warmer side, a little bit too warm for my liking, but fairly sharp, not too processed or oversharpened. Like most huawei devices, i’ve tried in the past still has good dynamic range. Colors seem to switch sometimes when you change the lenses on this device, especially when you switch to the wide angle lens, which kind of makes the pictures look like. They are taken in two different locations: portraits weren’t, really impressive. Take a look at this picture. The phone can’t even separate the subject from the background so well works, sometimes, but not all the time for videos.

This seems to be one of my favorite features, probably because of how stable the footage is. This is about to shoot 4k at 30, fps and 1080 at 30 and 60 with gyro eis, which i think looks really cool, but for the quality this is gon na leave more to be designed, the quality is just okay. This is a sample video on the 20 megapixel. F. 2.5 wide angle, camera lens. So what do you think about this? This is what you spent when you decide to take a video on it from what i’m saying it, doesn’t look bad, it seems. Okay, let me know what you think about the skin tones and also how i sound from the microphone inside the comment. Section let’s get interactive, let’s go for the batteries on here. This comes with 4 520 milliamp hour battery i’m, normally getting about 45 hours of screen on time, but i must mention some days on heavy usage. I was able to drain this device in less than three hours. That was probably because of my own usage. Luckily, this comes with a 33 watts, fast charger in the box, so you can fully charge this in about an hour or so now to my favorite part, where i talk about my likes and the slides of this device, one will be the display super amoled display At 1080p is really good. It makes viewing watching content on the go. A really nice experience.

Two will be the side mounted fingerprint sensor. This is one of the fastest i’ve tried and three obviously will be the performance on this device playing games going into and out of apps switching between applications day to day case use scenario is smooth. The 120 heads together with amazing performance, give this a really premium feel, and i really like it 4 will actually be the design of this device. I like the fact that they use the glass at the back. It gives this premium feel, even though this is a budget device. So now let’s talk about my dislikes. One would probably be the fact that i got a chinese version and a miui also comes with a lot of bloatware, so it didn’t really make it the easiest. Using user experience out there two would probably be the cameras i wasn’t so impressed about the cameras, but all in all it seems okay, if you want flagship level performance, you go for flagship devices, but this is just okay. So this brings us to the end of today’s review. If you have any questions at all, leave it in the comment section as i’m, always hanging out with you. Thank you for spending time with me.