I just wish it was faster yeah plug it in Music, hey, hey what’s up mkbhd here and this lenovo legion. Dual 2 is already the fastest most powerful phone i’ve ever used, but there’s so much more to a phone than just pure speed. And you know you know those people who, like every couple weeks, sort of make their way around headlines and youtube comments. Saying phones are getting boring again and everything looks the same and there’s no innovation anymore, this one’s for you. So this is one of the weirdest phones i’ve ever seen, and it tries a bunch of new things and they’re, not necessarily always fantastic ideas, but sometimes you got to try a bunch of weird stuff to land on a great idea. So i’m. Just here to point the camera at the thing and show you what they’ve tried so, as you can probably tell from the name and the general aesthetic it’s a gaming phone, and they are not shy about it. So you know how some of the gaming phones lately started off pretty aggressive, but then have slowly started to get a little softer at least aesthetically. Not this one, not this one. This one barely really even looks like a phone at all. It honestly looks more just kind of like a mobile game, console that happens to make phone calls and send texts take pictures. So the whole thing is laid out horizontally like this, because you know any real games on your phone are going to be the horizontal ones, and so all the components inside are laid out horizontally.

Now, when i tell you this phone has a 5500 milliamp hour battery, you might be wondering: where could you fit that in a phone this shape, but that battery is split between the left side and the right side of the phone, literally so 2 750 milliamp hours On the right and 27.50 on the left and actually think this is a great idea, it has multiple benefits. First of all, the sides of the phone, where your fingers usually are actually stay cooler to the touch because of all the hot components that require cooling. All being lined up in the middle, the weight distribution is also now perfectly even and that lets them focus all the cooling on just that smaller portion, just the middle of the phone and that’s exactly what they do. So you can see they gave it a whole turbine fan that happens to actually light up. If you want it to you know. Gamery stuff is next to the rgb logo, on the back and there’s a vent on each side to exhaust the hot air from the cpu, gpu, motherboard, ram, etc. There also doesn’t have to be a separate camera bump because the cameras are in the middle too i’m telling you nothing about. This phone is conventional, so you might remember pretty recently the whole dual battery turbo charging thing in some other phones like vook charging and all that oneplus did it, and that would be literally because they’d have a split battery inside the phone.

So phones with this tech could charge at 50 watts, for example, because both batteries would charge in parallel at 25, watts each this phone kind of takes it to a hilarious extreme. There are two usbc ports on the phone and it comes with this 90 watt charging. Brick with two usbc ports on the brick and if you plug in the two included usb cables from the box into both of those usbc ports and plug in both of the usb ports on the phone one on the bottom, one on the side you can charge This thing at 90 watts, which is crazy fast, you can get 50 charge from dead in 13 minutes or literally go zero to a hundred and half an hour, which is very impressive for a battery. This big but it’s also kind of hilarious, seeing your phone plugged in twice and it might be a little bit of a hassle to carry this heavy brick and two charging cables everywhere. You go but the satisfaction of plugging in both ports on the phone and seeing the animation light up and the battery percentage, just starting to jump up, yeah i’d say that’s worth it plus. This is a phone with a lot of other well thought out battery options. So they offer bypass charging, so you can just power it from a cable instead of just the battery to avoid heat like we saw with the rog phone five also there’s, all kinds of charging limiters to preserve long term battery health.

It’S, a nice trend to see the stuff more baked in you can, of course, also always just plug in with one port, like any other lame phone with only one charging port but, of course, you’re only going to get 45 watts. That way, you know, but hey being able to plug in from the side is way more comfortable if you’re gaming, so that’s, why the gaming phones do that, love it. But man, this phone has the works as far as hardware goes, as you’d expect dual front facing speakers in this sort of aggressive triangular shape that gets very loud. A huge 6.92 inch, 144 hertz 1080p oled display up front with a ridiculous 720 hertz touch sampling rate and 1300 nits peak brightness there’s, a ton of touch sensitive remappable buttons on the sides and the back of this thing. So for gaming it’s got everything you need and to drive all this you’ve got the snapdragon triple eight up to half a terabyte of fast storage and up to 18 gigs of ram. So this is the most maxed out phone on paper again and it definitely translates to responsiveness, there’s, no question about that. It’S, the snappiest phone i’ve ever laid hands on even when you’re, not gaming, just flipping around the ui, multitasking etc. But you know what that’s that’s, maybe the least important thing about a phone like this right, it’s a gaming phone. We want to know how it games. Okay, now let’s be real for a second.

When it comes to mobile gaming. I would consider myself a bit of a casual, i think, that’s a fair, a fair description like i’ve reviewed gaming phones before, but i don’t play the most intensive games, it’s kind of like reviewing a supercar without taking it to the track. Like you get a better idea of what it’s like to live with sure, but it leaves out a pretty big reason why you’d get a car like that. So i could tell you from my extremely casual gaming, use that this phone absolutely crushes everything as you’d expect. It’S actually overkill, usually i don’t get any functional advantage from a 720hz touch, refresh rate when i’m playing among us, like it’s, really more than enough, but even when you’re playing a heavier game like asphalt 9, you can start to feel the combined advantages of everything. This phone does start to come to life, the high refresh rate and the screen look incredible and super sharp and immersive. Of course, the super high touch sample rate is great for making quick cuts and moves in the car, but also the customizable triggers on the shoulder of the phone come in handy because now you’re touching the same spot on the screen over and over again for nitro And drifting, so you can just map those to the shoulder triggers so that’s really nice to never have to block the screen with my fingers and there’s way more than i’d ever need.

This phone has four ultrasonic shoulder keys with a hertz touch sample refresh each and two more rear. Capacitive touch points plus you’ve got two more force touch spots on either side of the display, so obviously the games i played don’t need all that. But if you do you’ve got all these extra keys as an option. Now, if you’re playing a game like asphalt 9 after a while pretty much any phone is going to start to get pretty warm. Now, the outside of this phone, actually legit stayed a little bit cooler on the outsides, where my fingers are versus the middle, which got warmer and spun up the fan and kept performance high. That is an actual real measurable benefit that i felt not just a gimmick and then something you also quickly notice and i’ll just have to describe it to you, because it’s kind of hard to show it on video. This phone has two haptic motors, one linear haptic motor on each side of the phone, and they combine to make a really strong, thumpy punchy vibration. Motor, it is, is really impressive: i’m gon na i’m, gon na say it’s the most strong and impressive vibration. I felt in any phone i don’t think any other phone has two uh and so it’s awesome one gaming, any sort of like light interaction, footsteps scraping by something every gunfire really feels strong on this phone. I keep calling it a phone, but on this mobile gaming console, but also when you do just use it like a phone like typing on the keyboard, an alarm clock like everything you’d expect to to vibrate.

It is very strong, but hey, like i said, i’m, just a casual, so i handed this phone to andrew resident gaming enthusiasts here at the studio, but also a long time. Pub g player handed him. This phone with pub g mobile on it and not exaggerating his first game. He methodically sort of learns the mechanics through the first few minutes, he’s getting some kills picking up, ammo and supplies. The circle starts, shrinking other people start dying and he starts getting a few. More kills the fans start spinning up as the phone starts to hum along and keep those frames up and sure enough seven kills later he wins the game. His first game chicken dinner made it look easy now i’m, not saying this phone is the reason why he won, but that is pretty impressive now, when you’re in a game – and you just want to toggle a setting or something like that, real quick, you can just Swipe down from the top, and then you have a bunch of quickly accessible settings mostly to do with gaming. Your volume brightness signal strength and your ping is sitting there and then your cpu and gpu clock speed just for kicks, but also with a rampage button to literally max out the clock speeds to keep those frames up at all costs and there’s. Also the bypass charge. Toggle, if you want to turn that on and you’re plugged in and there’s also something here, you can see called stream mode all right, you ready for this.

This is one last gimmick. I promise this is a last crazy thing. The selfie camera is uh is inside the power button, of course, so that’s a 44 megapixel motorized live stream, ready, selfie, camera that’s, literally oriented horizontally all the time, because its primary purpose is to be your webcam. If you want to stream your games directly to twitch or youtube that’s right, the phone is not only ready to max out your games but it’s ready to broadcast your games with that extremely average quality selfie. Camera i’d expect nothing less, also it’s really loud to open and close anyway uh. This is amazing, there’s, honestly, no other phone i’ve ever used that’s quite like this and it’s so weird to keep saying that it’s a phone just because it feels like the phone functionality in this is such an afterthought. It happens to do other things like do you even care about the camera quality in a phone like this, there happens to be a 64 megapixel primary camera on the back, that’s literally blocked when you open up the camera app, because the way you normally hold a Phone puts your fingers right over it, but it happens to pair that with 123 degree ultra wide and collectively they both take reasonable, acceptable photos and good light. This thing happens to also send text messages and make phone calls if you really want it to. It can also use the internet and browse through other apps, and it can be an amazing alarm clock with those huge haptics and gigantic speakers, but all of that feels like it just happens, to be true at this point.

This is just it’s, the ultimate all in on the gaming phone again it’s it’s not trying to hide it or be shy about it and do things like wireless charging or water resistance. It kind of doesn’t matter at this level it’s just a mobile gaming handheld with cellular. So even if it’s not for me, i’m glad they made it i’m glad this exists, and i would i would happily recommend it to other people. I know who are much more into mobile gaming, but speaking of that that’s the question i want to ask you that’s that’s what i want to leave you with for this video.