I thought why not explore other avenues as well, so here i am today reviewing this smartwatch and no. This is not the apple watch, just in case you thought and also guys. Let me know in the comments, if you people notice this uh in some of the videos that dropped recently, so this one is the timex fit i’ve been using it for about two weeks now, i’ve used this one day in and day out, and i have a Lot to tell you guys about this one so stick around until the very end to know all the good and bad about the timex fit and whether you should buy this one or not hello, everyone. My name is aman, rashid you’re, watching mr phone and before we start please go ahead and subscribe to the mr phone youtube channel if you haven’t yet and do hit that bell icon so that you’re notified whenever a brand new video drops with that said, let’s get Started first of all, the timex fit comes in this blue square box. The watch is shown up front. Three of the key features are mentioned right here. I’Ll get to all this in a bit so inside all you get is the smart watch and a proprietary charger. Note that you’ll need to use your own charging brick. In my case, it usually took about two hours to fully charge from zero to 100, using the charging brick that came with my apple watch and also while proprietary chargers are cool.

This wire should have been at least a meter long. This is not cool now in terms of design and build. This is a square smartwatch that features a plastic construction. Nothing fancy, although the quality is absolutely nice for that matter. Fit and finish, is quite good. No loose ends at the back is where you can find the sensors that measure your vitals and also the two magnetic pins to hook the charger. Apart from this, the strap here is a silicon one top notch quality, no problems. Also, the good part is that you can easily remove and replace the bands so there’s that now i don’t know about the availability of more bands or for that matter. Third party bands would have to ask a timex about this now so far, so good in terms of build everything seems solid. Now, when i look at the front there’s a color display, it is a 1.3 inch tft panel, its quality is decent and it gets plenty bright as well. My only issue here is that only if we could have got slightly slimmer, bezels, that would have been great. Also, another issue i would point out is that the screen turns off pretty quickly now. I understand this could be intentional on the part of timex to provide a longer battery life. Maybe, but i really wish there was an option to control the screen. Timeout, the timex fit also gets a home button, not a physical one, but nonetheless it is there to go home from any screen and otherwise, if you look at the ui well, it is pretty bare bones to be honest, but the important thing is that all the Essential features that you’ll need in a smart watch are all present here, so that’s good anyway.

The ui on the smartwatch is pretty straight forward. A swipe down from the top reveals all your toggles, a swipe up from the bottom reveals all the watch faces. You get 10 of them pre installed and while you can’t install more, you do get the ability to set your own photos as watch faces. And yes, one more thing that i would like to point out is that the touch response on the timex fit is greatly improved in comparison to some of the company’s previously launched smartwatches last year. Moving on, you keep swiping to the right to find all the features to which i am just getting in a bit. Finally, keep on swiping to the left to reveal your daily dashboard sort of sheet that shows your steps, heart rate calories burnt and sleep data, so quickly on to the features 10 activity modes on offer that is running cycling, badminton, football, tennis, yoga, dance, basketball, hiking and Gym i noticed there’s no swimming i mean, could have added it here considering the smartwatch does come with ip67 dust and water resistance and, of course, all the activity data is synced with the watch app which you can access later on, speaking of which the timex fit Smart watcher relies on the timex fit app to pair with a smartphone via bluetooth, low energy. The app is available to download on both google play for android phones and app store for iphones. As for me, i’ve been using the timex fit with my iphone 11 pro.

So, of course, some key highlights of the smart watch include its ability to measure spo2 level, and let me quickly give you a demo alongside my apple watch series 6.. Similarly, let’s measure the heart rate as well as you just saw. The results are quite similar, so good work here, timex apart from this, the timex fit, can also keep a check on your body temperature. Of course, you’ll have to turn on auto monitoring from the timex fit app. Besides this, if you take a look at the app you’ll find settings that let you set your step and sleep goal, there’s a lift risk to view functionality and it is very finicky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And yes, the watch can show you notifications as well, and it works flawlessly. You can’t interact with them. Well, that’s a downer that said the vibration intensity is pretty strong, so beat notifications or the morning alarm. The smart watch will make sure that you get intimated by the way. This is how the app dashboard looks, like all your data is just a tap away, and one thing that i just want to point out before i wrap things up. Is that i’m surprised to see how near accurate the smartwatch has compiled my sleep data and yes, i sleep around 3 30 am to 4 am in the morning on most days, which is pretty late. I know it is a bad habit, but what time do you guys sleep? Let me know in the comments, so the timex fit also lets you take advantage of a tele medicine feature that lets you book appointments for online consultation.

I hope no one ever has to go to a doctor or suffer from a disease, but as we all don’t live in a perfect world and just in case, if you need this, the feature is right here. Finally, the battery life and timex claims that this watch can give you about seven days on a single charge and i’m sure that must be under controlled circumstances. In my case, i had all the features turned on like notifications, alarms, medium brightness and whatnot, and i was able to easily hit six days before my watch died. So that’s good, so rounding things up the timex fit costs about 7000 rupees and for what it’s worth? I think the essentials that you need in a smart wearable are all a present here and you can’t go wrong if you buy it for yourself or for someone to gift. That said, i understand that not all things are perfect, and so, if i could improve a few things on the smartwatch, then i would definitely include a screen timeout toggle and for sure i would also want some more watch faces with more complications and customizations. This was my review of the timex fit smart watch.