But the beijing based tech giant has been aiming higher over the past two years and the mi 11 ultra is its most convincing foray into the premium tier of flagships. Yet the first thing anyone will notice about the mi 11 ultra is its gigantic camera bump, which jarringly protrudes out of the phone’s body. That doesn’t mean it looks bad. I actually think the phone has a powerhouse machine vibe that i, like plus there’s a good reason for that camera: module bulk. It houses the brand new 50 megapixel samsung isoscell gn2 camera sensor. Who’S won over 1.12 inch image sensor. Size is the largest in the smartphone space to put things in perspective. The gn2 image sensor is 183 percent larger than that on the iphone 12 pro max and is just a shade smaller than the one inch sensors used in sony’s compact mirrorless cameras. The second camera also got a big upgrade: a 48 megapixel ultrawide camera that features more details than the 12 or 16 megapixel ultra wide lens used by apple and samsung. Finally, the third camera in this giant module is a 48 megapixel periscope zoom lens, as if this triple camera array isn’t enough to justify the camera bump xiaomi also added a 1.1 inch screen next to the trio of lenses. This second screen can serve as a camera. Viewfinder, which means selfie lovers, can snap self portraits with the main camera system other than selfies, though i found very little use for the second screen, as it shows the time notifications and not much else around the front.

The mi 11 ultra’s 6.8 inch oled screen is as gorgeous as it is massive. It packs quad hd resolution and refreshes at 120 hertz the same gaudi numbers found in samsung’s best phones, it’s, a brilliant, near bezel. Less screen that won’t disappoint the mi 11 ultra runs xiaomi’s my ui 12 on top of android 11.. The software is fast and responsive with some quirky changes to core android like different app layouts in the multitasking window and additional features like the ability to run any app in a floating window with the camera. There are two benefits to having a large image sensor. It pulls in more light and produces superior depth of field separation between subject and background. Both of these are immediately noticeable in photos. The mi 11 ultra excels in low light and there’s a natural bokeh blurred background effect in most shots with a clear subject in the foreground. While many flagships can produce a convincing artificial bokeh in still photos, the mi 11 ultra’s bokeh is genuine. Thus, it carries over to video footage too. The third camera is not quite as advanced as the 10x optical zoom used by huawei and samsung. Xiaomi’S is just a 5x optical, but it still produces sharp zoom photos from 5x to 20x. It can zoom up to 120x, but at that level shots look pixelated and grainy. The mi 11 ultra ultimately stands out for its camera performance, whether it’s daytime photos, nighttime videos, portrait or ultra wide photography.

The phone’s triple cameras are among the very best in the industry. Right now that main camera in particular can capture some really professional. Looking photos that smartphones previously couldn’t do with a snapdragon 888 ample amount of ram and ufs 3.1 storage. The mi 11 ultra is a super fast phone. The display’s high resolution and high refresh rate do drain the battery quite significantly, however, even with a large five thousand milliamp hours battery the phone can’t quite last, a full day for a heavy user like me, but the good news is topping up. The phone is very easy: the mi 11 ultra can be charged at crazy, fast 67w speeds, whether with the included wired, charging, brick or a xiaomi wireless charger. 67W charging is a game changer. Even a 10 minute charge will pump nearly 30 percent of juice into the phone. The xiaomi mi 11 ultra priced at around euro 1200 1425 united states dollars in europe are 5999 yuan. 910 united states dollars in china is xiaomi’s most expensive phone released yet, but i think it justifies the price with absolute top end performance and components, it’s, arguably superior to the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, which would make it the best slab smartphone right now, more articles from Scmp this article originally appeared on the south china morning, post www.scmp.