4 android smartphone. Now nokia makes a lot of mid range, smartphones, it’s being made by hmd global. So a lot of the smartphones are around the mid range smartphones and low budget. I hardly seen any flagship smartphones. I think one. I think two, but mostly it’s around the mid range most of the smartphones that are being made now. This is one of them it’s worth around 100 250 pound uk currency and it competes with a lot of other smartphones that’s within that price range. Some of them are better than this, and others are not as good as this, so let’s go through the features it has now before that what you would get inside the box is a mains plug here. You will also get a micro, usb charging cable and this pin to open up the sim tray. Now, once you open up the sim tray, this takes two nano sims and a micro sd memory card. So you can expand the memory that way, and it also has the power button, the volume control it has the other button here as well to on to go straight to and the google assistant here and at the top. He also takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. As well at the back, it has a nice build quality. I like it. I like the build quality of this, and it has a brand logo there with the fingerprint sensor, dual camera and a flashlight as well at the bottom.

Here it has. The speakers built in here and micro usb charging port now it would have been better if they had a usb type c charging port because nowadays doesn’t matter, if it’s a mid range, smartphone or a flagship smartphone most of the smartphones have usb type c built in And it’s a lot better, you can put the charger in either way it will still charge, whereas these ones can damage at night. When you can’t, see and you’re trying to push it in also it’s, not a big problem but i’m. Just saying now, let’s go through i’ve skipped the registration. I went straight to the main menu just to show you exactly how much memory there is because some of them use up a lot of memory without you, even downloading any apps or even updating any apps. Now i haven’t connected the wi fi as well, so it’s, not hasn’t, updated anything let’s go to the settings. Now. When you go to the settings storage, you can see 19.84 gig it’s remaining. So 38 of the memory is already being used up with the pre installed. Apps now, if you, if i connect the wi fi, it will also update, so it will use up even more so that’s. Quite a lot of memory use that without even downloading your own apps. Now i like, i like the um how smoothly operates but that’s, because it doesn’t have any apps installed. Now, when you install it, it will start slowing down because it only has 2 gigahertz built in and 32 gig internal memory, and you can expand that memory by with that microsd memory card, and the good thing about this is that it has a built in 4500.

Mah battery capacity, so it gives you a good long, usage time continuous usage time. The screen size of this is 6.5 inch, hd plus display. So the screen this display is really nice and it has two ways of unlocking one is by ai face unlock. So you got that option there and you got the fingerprint um sensor and you got the screen lock, so you can put the pin password in so you got two different ways of unlocking this uh. You know the rear cameras here. This is a 30 megapixel and a 2 megapixel and the front camera has a 5 5 megapixel camera built in so for a big screen size like this 6.5 inch and being a budget, a smartphone it’s decent. I mean it’s, not the best smartphone yeah it’s, not the least um the rubbish smartphones, because there are some that are really bad operating for that price. This one does operate very well. Build quality is amazing and yeah. The camera is brilliant. I’Ve taken a couple of pictures, so let’s go and check the pictures out, and i can show you exactly what i mean by the camera is good. Okay, so i’ve taken hold on i’ve, taken a few pictures just trying to get the pictures up, because this is quite good. The fact that it can take photos in low light. So we got that feature built into this as let me just go to files and get these up.

So these are the camera folds i’m, going to put on max brightness, so it’s max brightness as well i’m going to put auto rotate as well, so let’s check it out. Now, if you look here, this is with my main light on not with the camera light on, and it looks pretty good, pretty pretty good um good for this camera for a budget smartphone like this now this is with the flashlight on it, it’s not as good, But it’s still decent. Now let me get the uh. The video up just to show you the video is quite good, is without the main camera light on. So let me put the camera light on and this is how it looks when the camera lights on honestly. It doesn’t capture properly everything, but i think it’s still good. The camera quality is good. Now you’ve seen it so the camera wise it’s, not bad. I mean it. It’S good at recording, auto focus is decent with the flashlight on it. It’S good as well. Uh overall wise it’s, brilliant it’s, a phone that’s only worth 100 pounds; no you’re, not really spending 1 000 on this or 800 or 600 pound on it, it’s only about 100 250 pound and you get a smartphone that has a good battery life. Big screen, uh you’ve got a decent um camera built in as well uh ram wise it’s, not the best, because if you’re, if you’re doing quite a few things, it will slow it down a lot and it requires at least minimum four gig or six gig minimum To at least hold up a lot of gaming, if you’re playing few games etc, you will slow it down a lot, but otherwise for a budget smartphone or mid ranger and design wise.

It looks very nice it would. It would have been better if you had a usb type c charging port. The speaker is good it’s clear. He also takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. He also has a google assistant button here as well, and it’s it’s a decent, reliable smartphone.