This is ranjit and this video let’s do a quick summary review of the oneplus 9 pro and general. My full in depth. Reviews are very long, 15 to 20 minutes so i’m. Trying this new thing, where i’ll try to do the review quickly and give you a summary about it, so let’s go over it, and here are some of the pros that i’ve noticed with this uh device. That’S, the oneplus 9 pro, and the first thing that i like is that it’s actually pretty light for a flagship and also feels very premium. In fact, i like this in this matte black color, so it feels premium and comfortable to hold also in terms of ui and everything, it’s very fast and fluid. I haven’t noticed any lag whatsoever. Moving to the screen, i feel that’s the big improvement compared to earlier uh. What do you say? Oneplus devices i have been actually using it in the quad hd, with that 120 hertz and no issues. In fact, i also like the fact that, even at very low brightness level, there is no flickering or that, what do you say, tinting issues that i’ve noticed in earlier one plus device, so excellent, excellent quality screen uh that is used on this device and even in Outdoor conditions, it’s pretty legible next is uh. Talking about the speakers. The speakers are very loud and clear. So no issues with that also call quality was also very, very clear on this.

One next thing is regarding the charging: it comes with that 65 watt charger and it’s super fast to charge. Also it does have wireless charging. I tested it in my car and wireless charging also works, and another small thing that i noticed is the wifi reception on this one is excellent. Uh in fact, i’ve tested a lot of smartphones and i would say the wi fi range on this. One is certainly among the best that i have seen among uh smartphones, excellent wi fi reception, both on wi fi, five and wi fi. Six now let’s move to some of the cons that i have noticed with this device, and the biggest con for me would be the battery life that i was getting on this one uh. It has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and i would say the battery life is just strictly average uh, the lowest that i got is just about four hours of screen on time. This was when i was using the device – mostly, i would say, 80 on mobile data and the best that i’ve got battery life is about six hours of screen on time with a typical day of usage. Uh charging it after about 14 hours. So battery life is strictly average guys and i would say uh. This can be an issue if you’re sort of off for advance or a power user. You will definitely have to top it up in the evening and i would say to conserve battery life, you might have to go down to that 60 hertz and go to normal full hd instead of quad hd.

So battery life is a concern on this one uh. Next thing is: this: handset tends to get a little bit warm here at the back it’s, not with gaming or anything, but even with just regular usage. It does get a little bit warm and i’ve heard this from other users. Also so be aware: it’s not like you cannot use the device guys but yeah. Definitely this area gets a little bit warm now. Moving to another thing is regarding the heating, as we were talking, this is an issue with this device. If you use the camera quite a bit in outdoor conditions, you actually do get a warning and the camera will stop. So that is an issue again outdoors if you’re using it don’t use the camera continuously, because that will pop up next thing is regarding the fingerprint location i’ve already mentioned about this in the unboxing videos, it’s actually pretty low. Now i got used to it after 10 days of usage, but i still feel it’s actually pretty low, and another thing is the alert slider. This should have got a little bit more friction and because, when i was keeping it in my jeans accidentally many times, this was just moving around, so this could have been better and, lastly, let’s talk about the cameras, because that’s the big hype about the hasselblad camera And have to say, the camera is certainly good, i would say one of the best uh among one plus, but as you can see, with the sample shots outdoors.

Actually, yes, it came out good uh. The skin tones are produced well, but in what you say, certain situations outdoor. What do you say when lighting is not that good? The camera shows its weakness and again i feel uh. They have hyped up the hasselbla black branding quite a bit on this one uh. The next thing is regarding the 5g bands. It supports just two 5g bands for the variant that is officially sold in india. So here is a quick summary what i wrote so here it goes overall, this is a good android. Smartphone feeds premium and fluid, and ui operation and it’s got excellent screen quality, but battery life is average and the camera heating warning pops up. Sometimes, if used outdoors during the day, the camera performance is just above average, not the hype that they created because of the hasselblad branding. Certainly, the iphones and the samsung flagships have a better camera, and i would uh say that at the current price of about 65 000 oneplus is certainly charging a premium because of that hustle bad branding. I feel the fair price of this smartphone should have been about 55 000., so guys this was the quick summary review of the oneplus 9 pro against guys. You want my regular pros and cons video that is about 15 20 minutes it can go on. Let me know: i’ll also do that. But what do you guys think about this quick summary reviews? Let me know in the comment section below and guys if you’re still not subscribed to the youtube channel hit that subscribe button and guys i purchased this unit from amazon.

So i’ll leave the link for the same anyways guys take care catch.