This early 2021 oppo seems to now be focusing on their more affordable a series line that now includes this oppo a74, which is the cheaper version of the oppo a94 i’ve, been using it for a few weeks now and here’s. All you need to know before we get into it. Let’S see what’s inside the box first, so we have here the usual white box that straight up reads: oppo a74: it opens up by sliding towards the top or bottom. Then we get another cover. Okay, let’s lift that up and now we get the smaller box, which contains the free jelly case, the paperwork and the sim ejector tool. Underneath we get the phone itself, let’s remove the plastic. I must say this: doesn’t look cheap at all. Okay, let’s set it aside. First and then there’s a usb type c cable, the adapter – and we also get free earphones here, focusing on the phone. Now the oppo a74 sports, a polycarbonate back with a curved glass illusion or what we like to call glass stick. It has a somewhat prism effect. Instead of a mirror like style, and it feels sleek and light to hold, although it is very prone to fingerprint smudges so it’s best to use the free jelly case right away, the unit we have is in the color midnight blue and, as you can see, it’s More of like a light summer, blue that gradients with a hint of silver, the darker midnight blue tones, show up when it hits direct lighting.

So the 4g variant, like the one we have here, is also available in prism black in case you’re interested other things. You’Ll find at the back are its protruding camera module that houses its triple rear shooters and the led flash, while on the lower part of the rear, is a simple oppo. Branding located on the right side is the power button, while on the left are the volume rocker and the card tray for two nano size, sim cards and a micro sd card, that’s expandable up to 256 gigabytes. The buttons are firm and are well positioned near the middle of the frame, so they’re easier to reach there’s nothing on top, but at the bottom are its 3.5 millimeter audio jack, the primary microphone usb type c port and a loudspeaker flipping to its front. We get a vibrant 6.43 inch, amoled display, specifically with a 2400 by 1080 pixels resolution and a pixel density of 409 pixels per inch similar to the oppo a73. It has gorilla glass, 3 for protection and a pre installed screen protector on top found on the upper left corner of the screen. Is its punch, hole notch that’s, not much of a distraction for us. Meanwhile, on top of that is the speakerphone. You can also find on the screen it’s in display fingerprint scanner, which is quite oddly placed lower than what we’re used to quality wise as expected from an amoled display. We get punchy, colors, deep blacks, great contrast and nice viewing angles.

But since this is the 4g variant, it doesn’t have a 90hz refresh rate option. Instead, we only get the standard 60hz, which is honestly not that big of a deal unless it’s something you’re specifically looking for in the display settings, you can manage the screen. Color temperature switch between the gentle or vivid color mode, and you can also turn on the low brightness flicker free eye comfort to reduce visual fatigue, there’s an always on display feature but it’s pretty basic as it’s, not as customizable as the one we’ve seen on the Higher oppo find x3 pro. As for audio the downward firing. Loudspeaker can be loud enough for a small room with clear highs and mids, but, of course, expected to lack some bass. If you want better quality, we still recommend connecting to an external speaker or headphones talk about software. The oppo a74 runs on android 11, skinned with their own color os 11.1, while we find it highly customizable and convenient. Of course, there are some bloatware and a few pre installed apps like the usual google, apps, lazada, facebook, netflix and even ige that you can always remove if you’re not going to use them. One of the things we like about it is its enhanced dark mode theme. Besides the typical dark mode fill all over the interface, you can also choose how black you want it to be either enhanced medium or gentle style. If you don’t, like the full blown dark mode, it also has a beta dark mode theme for apps that don’t have native dark modes like lazada or linkedin.

Other notable features are the option to navigate with gestures, home screen, drawer mode, app clone digital well being and floating window for multitasking. We get 128 gigabytes of internal storage with a usable space of 101 gigabytes that you can easily expand via a microsd card powering. This device is a qualcomm snapdragon, 662 processor that’s paired with an adreno, 610 gpu and 6 gigabytes of ram. Now the snapdragon 662 was just released last year and it’s meant for lower mid range phones like this oppo a74. It performs well for basic activities like social media scrolling, taking photos, video streaming and some light gaming. However, keeping a lot of apps running in the background can make it a bit sluggish so make sure to remove them when not in use. You can play heavy games but be ready to experience some stutters every now and then for a smoother gameplay. We suggest using the pro game mode in the game. Space app and switching the graphic settings to the lowest available for some numbers here are the benchmark scores that we got Music quickly on security. You can unlock the phone via the in display fingerprint scanner and the face unlock both work accurately, although we still find it odd, when the fingerprint sensor is placed on the lower part of the display, there will really be times when you’ll have to adjust your finger To tap it as for connectivity, this oppo a74 4g variant is equipped with wi fi, bluetooth, 5.

0 gps, dual sim 4g lte screencast and even fm radio. Now the oppo a74 packs a large 5000mah battery with 33 watts flash charge when we ran it through the pc. Mark’S battery test, it yielded a total of 20 hours and 37 minutes. Meanwhile, in our standard video loop test we’re in we loop, a 1080p video at 50 brightness and volume with airplane mode turned on and earphones plugged in the oppo a74 got a complete 26 hours and 16 minutes for real world usage. It will really depend on how much you use the phone. Nonetheless, with that massive battery and efficient chipset, it can last you a whole day of continuous use, even with minimal gaming. Okay, moving on to cameras at the back, the oppo a74 has a triple camera module, consisting of a 48 megapixel wide, a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. Meanwhile, in that notch area is a 16 megapixel selfie camera quality wise using the standard mode gives you sharp and accurately colored shots with very good dynamic range to get more vibrant outputs. You can leave the ai mode turned on as it provides some subtle color boost to your photos, there’s no ultrawide mode available here, but you can zoom in to two times five times and up to ten times its macro mode can be a hit or miss. But it does a decent job. On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of its 48 megapixel lens, then you can turn on the extra hd mode using it gives out almost the same quality as the standard mode, but with the added sharpness and details, of course, portrait shots with the Rear cameras, look great with on point, subject: background separation in most of our use as for night photography, here’s what it looks like without the night mode turned on it looks grainy and dark, and when we use its dedicated night mode on, we get a small boost In brightness and details, but somehow the grainy parts became more visible when it comes to selfies.

It does a fair job. It has some tendency to get overexposed under direct sunlight, but once you get good lighting, selfies can look very well with great details and colors. The beauty mode is a lot adjustable if you’d like to use it for other features: there’s panorama pro sticker tech scanner, time lapse and slo mo. As for videos, you can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, and the quality is pretty good under well lit scenarios. You can’t toggle the zoom on a single roll, however it’s noticeable that it lacks some stabilization, which is quite expected for its price. Speaking of price we’re, now down to our final thoughts, this oppo a74 has an official price of 11 999 pesos, or i guess you can just say: 12 000 pesos. With this, you get a dashing amoled display a massive battery capacity, deliverable performance and decent camera capabilities. On its own it’s, quite a well rounded device for casual day to day use. Admittedly, there are better performing smartphones out there if you’re willing to shed out one to two thousand pesos more but i’d – probably choose this over because of its outstanding display and battery life. If you’re interested, it also has a 5g variant that will be exclusively available at opos, lazada and shoppi official stores, as well as via globe and smart post paid plan offerings, and that wraps up. This review guys share to us what you think about this oppo a74.

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