So today i have something very exciting to share with you, and that is the rog phone 5.. Now i know there are a lot of videos out on youtube and everyone’s talking about how good is it as a gaming phone? Obviously it is made for gaming, so it is definitely uh suitable for those of you out there who game a lot. But there is one thing that i also want to talk about in this video is going to be a little bit different i’m going to be explaining to you why. I think that you, even if you’re not a like a hardcore, gamer uh, just an average user. Like myself, i should also consider getting the rog phone five all right, let’s start off with uh. What i think is really cool about this device right here so before i start that this device here is retailing in malaysia for about two nine, nine, nine ringgit, so just one ringgit under 3000 ringgit and it’s, a pretty uh good price, especially since it’s coming with Some flagship specs and before i show you the device which i have actually been using for quite a while now i want to talk a little bit about the box, because these days phone manufacturers are trying to cut all the stuff that they say you might need In a box and being environmental friendly and all that by giving a very tiny box, like this i’m sure apple, does that samsung? Does that a couple of other brands? Does that but i’m very happy to see that asus is not thinking on the same page as them? We do get a very fancy box and the unboxing experience guys is really spectacular, so i’m sure again, like you’ve, probably seen other videos, but we do have this very nice printing all over here and, more importantly, is what actually came in the box with the asus Rog phone 5.

so first and foremost, i’m, going to show you this pretty cool case in the box. Usually we always get a silicone case that looks really boring and all that, but for the rog 405. You actually do have a very nice case right here. Very very fancy. Looking apart from that, you also get some stickers and i think these stickers also looks pretty cool compared to what we’ve been seeing in other phone manufacturers. So this is also very nice by the way i’m, also using an asus laptop for all. My editing so i’m pretty familiar with this brand right here, um moving on. We also get a very nice charger in the box. I mean this is uh. Sometimes we just get these charges in a box, but i kind of like this totally blacked out rog. 65 watt charger it’s very fast. This is what you’re getting in the box there again very nice stuff and before i show you the device itself. Yes, we also do get this braided type c, cable, so very, very uh, impressive stuff that come in the box. I must also point out very briefly: the pin the sim ejector pin it looks very cool. Has a nice republic of gamers uh riding at the back there, but yeah everything is really good in terms of the presentation and last but not least, we also get to see the phone itself which, to be honest, it’s, a very, very impressive looking thing.

So personally, i have not really tested out a lot of gaming phones, so this is probably one of my second or third gaming phone, but my mind when i first unboxed this for the first time i was really in uh in awe like i was so uh Surprised to see this kind of design on a smartphone, because it just looks really good guys. I mean we have this led matrix at the back here, which you can actually customize to show any color you want. It also has different patterns. For example, i just hit another button right there, so you can see it’s like a crossfade kind of effect, going on by the way, sorry about the rain outside it’s raining cats and dogs. So if you do hear some thunderstorms, please forgive me for that. All right! Moving back to the device, like i said, is a very premium looking device. It feels a bit heavy as well. We do have aluminum on the sides all around here and, of course, we have that large large large display at the front right here all right. So i’m going to talk a little bit more about this device right here, because we do have a couple of stuff around this device so on the top right and left corner right here. Actually, these are actually your error, buttons or error triggers where you can actually press them to actually activate uh certain items in your game itself.

So, for example, you can use both these top pressure sensitive or touch sensitive buttons here to actually play your games and activate some other commands, so that’s pretty cool right there. If you move the phone to the bottom here, notice that you do have a dock here that works with my little fan on the right, which i’ll talk a little bit more later. So you also have a type c part here at the bottom, so just in case you’re gaming like this and you run out of juice, you can actually put in the cable through the bottom section right there and i think that’s really user friendly. Obviously, you also have a one more type c part at the bottom right there. You also get your headphone jack that supports uh, pretty much a lot of audio codecs, so that’s really good on the asus rog phone. Five, all right now in case you’re wondering if we can charge both together so far, i’ve tested it and i’m, not sure if you’re getting faster speeds, but yeah you can choose to charge either one of these sections right there all right so back to the front. Why i think this is an excellent device for people who do not game so hardcore and also why, if you’re, looking for a smartphone that you want to last at least two years or maybe even three years um, you should actually check out the asus rog phone. Five right here – first thing i want to talk about here – is actually that display, so we do get a next level display.

This is a 144hz amoled display. That is amazing, guys it is. It is really really smooth here and, my goodness guys, everything is just so fluid on this device right here it is so fast. I mean everything is just crazy, fast guys, so the sampling rate on this device is also 300 hertz. So expect that to be pretty quick as well, let me just show you a quick graphic right here. Just look at how fluid that is guys. I mean i’ve never felt something so fluid in my experience with smartphones, so 144hz is definitely one of the top and, while i’m doing this, i’m actually feeling a bit of haptics going on with the phone itself. So i want to point that out very quickly because it does have this very nice haptic engine that gives those little tiny vibrations whenever you do some interactions just so that it feels that bit more engaging. So i love that about the rog phone as well. All right so i’m not going to talk too much about that um. If you just use your phone for watching youtube videos, or you know like watching netflix and even for playing games. This display is nothing it’s, just nothing short of spectacular, guys, it’s, really really that good all right uh enough about that display, though let’s talk a little bit about that performance. So naturally we do have a snapdragon 888 in here, and my variant here is actually the base variant, so it comes with only eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of fast storage.

All right so let’s check out a couple of benchmark scores that i actually did so i do have my geekbench right here. You can see the scores here. I don’t have to read it out, but it’s practically what you would get with snapdragon 888. Apart from that, i also did the 3d mark test right here and you can see the scores once again for the wildlife i got 5.7 k and in the wildlife stress test notice that my best loop was 5.7 k, whereas my lowest loop was 5.4 k. So this translates to a stability of 94, and what this means is that, if you plan to play games on like pretty long hours or maybe just for a long period of time, the rog phone five here will definitely hold up in terms of stability. Because you’ll be able to maintain that fps throughout your gameplay uh. One thing i need to note here, however, during gaming, is that i do realize that the um the device does get a little bit hot in the central uh section right here. Uh it’s pretty smart of ourselves to actually uh design that so that the heat is only at the back in the center section, so that, even if you game and you’re holding the sides, you don’t feel that much heat. But this is where this aerocool thing comes. In so it acts like a fan, it’s very easy to snap on. Let me just show it to you very quickly so using the dock at the bottom right here.

I just align it and i just snap it on and basically what i get here. Sorry about that, what i get here is a cooling system. You see that aeroactive cooler plugged in all right so i’m just going to get out of this and show you very quickly. It also works as a dock at the back here. So you can just put your phone and let it run like that, so very nice stuff there. It also comes with its own rgb, going on so pretty cool stuff and you can adjust the speeds of the fan here in the armory crate app. So you can control a lot of stuff of this fan directly on the phone app itself, so very nice stuff there. It does help to reduce the heat and you can actually hold it like this and it will not block you at all. Another thing worth mentioning is that there are these buttons at the back here triggers that you can also program to work, as you know, shortcut keys for other kind of functions that you want in your game, so it’s very nice to have this here as well. Uh overall, i think, it’s a really neat idea, especially how the way it connects to the dock at the bottom of this rog phone. Five, all right, let’s move, remove that for now and put this aside and continue about this device right here, all right, so uh enough about gaming in terms of actually using this device on the daily i mean, i must say it just flies.

Um everything social media is super quick uh. You don’t have to wait for anything even instagram, for example, launches up fairly quick as well and again. I must just applaud that 144hz display right here, because it’s just so buttery smooth uh so, like i said, if you’re looking for something to last you two to three years, maybe at least in terms of performance uh, the rog phone five here will definitely help you Out in that sector, all right so let’s move on to the next point right here, and that is where we want to talk a little bit about the cameras at the back. So i understand that uh, the cameras like just like what everyone says is not the main priority of gamers, but asus is kind enough to put in a 64 megapixel imax 686 sensor at the back here. So you do get some decent photos. You also have a 13 megapixel ultrawide sensor that does a pretty good job and, last but not least, a 5 megapixel macro sensor. So all these numbers are just numbers once again, but i was able to take some decent shots both in the day and at night. So i’m, going to show you a couple of samples so that you can take for that. You can take a look for yourself and think whether this is something that you are okay with. Personally, i think that, if photography is not your main concern uh, this asus rog 5 here is still able to pull in some pretty decent shots, both in day and night and yeah.

This is what you can expect from the asus rog phone 5., all right, uh. Moving on to my next point, let’s talk a little bit about the battery in the back, so we do have a 6000 mah battery and, to be honest, i’ve been trying to kill the battery off throughout my entire days of use, and it was really hard to Get it to go down, so this phone is one of the phones that has actually lasted the longest in terms of battery life i’m. Definitely getting at least one and a half days on a single charge guys, and that is not something that we see very common on other devices right there. I think my buddy uh han from hans tech talk. He used to have an asus rog phone for or something like that, and he was always telling me about how the battery lasts so long. So this is also one of those endurance champions. So, if you’re looking for something that has a great battery life and also flagship specs, the rog phone five here is here to help you out again. If you do run out of juice, you do have this 65 watt charger that came in the box, so you should be able to juice up your device fairly quickly. So, like i said, this is not just meant for gamers guys even average users or maybe mild gamers like you and me, we can definitely still leverage on the technology that’s available for the rog phone five in our daily lives with this device right here, uh last, But not least, i want to talk very quickly about that stereo speakers, so the stereo speakers here is another awesome job.

It goes really loud and in fact let me just try and get a music playing, so you can see uh what this thing is all about. I personally feel that this speakers here gets a bit 3d ish, so it sounds really clean. Let’S see what we have here. Let’S just go with one of those non copyright music. So we don’t have any copyright claims, Applause, Music, all right guys. So that was just a sample of how the dual speakers sound like. I know it is quite difficult to actually convey this sound quality through the video on youtube right here, but yeah trust me guys. This stereo speakers here is one of the best it gives this really awesome and excellent audio experience. So even i personally don’t use the headphone jack that much so i’ve been using my stereo speakers here most of the time, alright guys, i think, that’s pretty much what i want to cover with the asus rog phone 5.. Personally, like i said guys, if you’re looking for a flagship device right here and you’re just bought with what’s the main stream, you should actually check out this asus rog phone 5 right here, because it just comes with so many features. So many fun features actually that actually makes this phone very special to own and i actually enjoy using it throughout my entire past one week plus with this device right here. So yeah it’s very positive kind of experience with this phone right here, all right guys, if you have any questions that you would like to know more about this asus rog phone five.