This is thanks to its use of the mediatex gaming focus, helio g80 chipset paired with a large six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. We also like that it goes with a massive 5000 milliamperes battery with fast charging capability. Despite being a budget smartphone. Today, we are finally done with our test with this phone, so let’s see if this is the one for you here’s our full review in front the vivo y20 sg is a device equipped with a 6.51 inch, 2.5 b curve display with hd plus resolution at 1. 600 by 720 pixels at 270 pixels per inch as you can see, on top of it, it has a notch and that notch is housing. Its 8 mp selfie shooter, the type of panel that vivo used here is lcd. It’S not amoled, and this type of lcd is ips. Basically, this is a decent display with cooler tones and presumably strong, brightness levels. We also like that it has an alright viewing angles that is actually considered as pretty nice, especially for its expected price tag. This display has accurate, auto brightness, color temperature adjustment, eye protection, multiple prevent eye strain and loaded places, dark team mode and more in the display settings. And yes, it has a dark team mode that will change the color of your team into black for a slightly more comfortable in the eyes. Look upon checking using the multi touch test of the antutu benchmark app.

It showed that it has 10 points of multi touch and total. Here have a look so here, as you can see, it has a total of 10 multi touch points, and this is for a more accurate touch and swiping experience. My gripe is the resolution from afar. It is just okay, but upon closer inspection, you might see that the pixels are slightly more visible compared to other devices with a sharper 1080p screen. Obviously, we would have liked it better if the display is 1080p so that we will be able to enjoy better content on youtube, netflix view ig, as well as the images we took and, of course, while playing games, probably viva’s argument why they place a 720p screen. Is it consumes less power than 1080p displays? Lag could also be lesser while playing games, as it renders game in a lower resolution that won’t require the same processing performance. That phones with higher resolution needs the speaker honestly. This is not the best feature of this device. It sounds a little bit thin, peaky and quite harsh distortion is also noticeable at higher volumes as well. Personally, i won’t use its speakers while listening to music that much for netflix consumption and gaming, it is a bit more tolerable. Let’S have a listen to this video clip three, our suggestion pair it with your favorite wired or wireless headphones instead to enjoy better tunes. Surprisingly, it has good wired audio output via 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

It drives my camera bd005 pro dual driver earphones well and around 60 to 70 percent of loudness would be enough most of the time, but obviously it will struggle with bigger headphones with stronger power requirements for doing calls fine, no problem. It is average and fairly clean. Sounding the mic it works. It is reasonably clean with an acceptable noise level, despite being only a single microphone, the audio it records is hearable on both the left and right channels of your speakers or headphones at the back. This device is supporting a triple camera setup, consisting of a 13mp of 2.2 main shooter 2 mpf, 2.4 macro camera and a 2mpf 2.4 dev sensor. It also has a dual tone led flash at the bottom part of its camera hump. It has most of the basic modes like hdr panorama and filters, among others. Of course, it has ai scene detection, which optimizes the images automatically, depending on the situation on the back camera of this device. Basically, this is a decent, triple camera setup, but personally, i would have liked it better if we use a higher resolution main shooter, like a 48 mp1 and an ultra wide camera instead of the macro camera that you will only use occasionally, as mentioned previously, it takes Good looking images in daylight hdr looks alright and it isn’t pale in colors. The secondary camera is the macro camera and it works as long as you are in daylight or in a welded condition.

It may deliver good results for indoors with proper lighting. Superb, even if you crop the image, the quality is still respectable. On a basic single ball room lighting, it will struggle a little autofocus and shutter speed will be a little bit slower. It took us a few shots before getting this portrait mode shot with average looking edge detection in low light with street lights. It is decent despite having a bit more grain in pitch black lighting. Obviously it will fail there’s, no night mode, so you may have to use its flash. Fortunately it is a pretty good one for selfies. This handset has a single 8mpf, 1.8 shooter. It has hdr filters, face beauty and bokeh modes as well similar to other budget. Eva devices, this takes good quality selfies in valid condition. The build of view is not that narrow compared to other budget smartphones as well. If you are wearing a face, mask exposure will be dimmer, but with more pronounced details without a face mask exposure will be brighter. The face beauty by default is decent. The bokeh effect has good background dirt, but if you will nitpick, you will see that its edge detection is not perfect in low light. Your selfies will be grainier. It will be softer as well and that’s understandable on budget smartphones. Don’T expect too much from its selfie cameras in low light. Maybe you use its screen flash mode to be able to have selfies that are slightly brighter in the dark for videos.

The back cameras of this device takes up to 1080p at 30 fps with respectable quality. As long as you are in daylight. For us, its video mode is only usable in daylight or in indoor shots with good lighting condition. Also don’t expect it to take videos with good stabilization as well. Also has a basic slo mo and time lapse function for those who needs it in low light. It will really struggle, it will be blurrier and grain will be more pronounced for selfie videos. It is usable that it is not a scenario as i expected details are decent and it is pretty okay overall, except in low light, however, expect it to be shaky as well as it doesn’t have eis or iis in front for us. It is in the middle of the pack, the j80 chipset with mali, g52 2 eem c2 gpu is fast with decent benchmark scores at this price point. The hyper engine technology is also used to improve its gaming and dvd and power efficiency. We like that it has a massive six gigabytes of ram for multitasking, and this made this phone handle games a little bit better compared to other phones with lower ram. Moreover, this type of ram is pretty fast, as it is lpddr4x, not the lower end, lpddr4 or maybe older types of ram modules. The 128gb storage is pretty large for all your apps games and photos and it’s even expandable. If you have a micro sd card, it may not have the more capable sd768 720g or the ninja tech hater g93 from abuse of 10k phones, but team ug80 is still considered as fast for the price.

Hilly j80 is a little better for gaming than the usual snapdragon, 662 snapdragon, 665 or helio p35 found on most phones in its class. As a result, opening social ninja apps like facebook and instagram is a breeze. You won’t also have an issue running other apps like ig netflix photo editing tools like canva and snapseed, among others, for gaming, aside from its soc or the chipset. This device has an ultra game mode, hidden in the settings, as well as the company’s proprietary multi toolbooth engine. These technologies are designed to optimize the gaming performance of your phone for better gameplay and uninterrupted gaming there’s no ultra settings for mobile legends, but it has a speedy and consistent performance in high graphics settings. It has hdr mode as well at call of duty mobile. It supports up to medium graphics, quality with high frame rate for gentian impact. We suggest that you play this demanding game to the lowest settings. You can play it at medium settings or maybe high settings, but lag will be present. Overall frame drops are minimal on most of the games that we tested using this device. Thermals are also respectable, as it doesn’t get too hot, even after playing for quite some time for connectivity, wi fi works. 4G is stable as long as there’s signal in your area, and you have plenty of data credits. Bluetooth rarely fails. There’S, fm radio and the gps is fairly accurate, as mentioned in our impressions, video.

It has dedicated slots for dual nano sim cards and a micro sd card slot. The side mounted, fingerprint scanner works most of the time and it is pretty fast and the face unlock with screen filled, light for unlocking and low light works, there’s no lift to wake function, though the battery is impressive on both actual usage and benchmarks, using pcmark work. 2.0 battery life tests at 50 brightness without volume it clocks, 21 hours and 11 minutes that is pretty high in actual regular usage. You’Ll easily get two days of juice for heavy gaming while being connected to the internet battery will drain faster. Our estimate is, it can last for over 8 hours of mobile legends gameplay on a single charge for charging. It is a bummer that it isn’t using a reversible, usbc port, but fortunately vivo included a fast 18 watts charger. In our experience, a little over two hours is needed to fully charge the device that’s, not bad, for a phone with 5 000 milliamperes battery for the ui. This looks way better than older vivo skids, while it isn’t using the origin os front touch. Os 11 is based on the latest android 11 os, and it has most of the things that we need in a mobile phone operating system. It has a lot of teams. Eye manager could probably optimize your device, and it has support for easy swipe gestures. What we don’t like here is the bloats in particular.

It has plenty of apps where you can download apps you get a v store. Google play store, game center, had apps and have games. Do you really need them all for me? No personally, i’m good with the v app store and the google play store the pros free design, budget gaming, capable performance, strong battery life, fast charging, accurate side mounted fingerprint scanner and respectable connectivity. The cons it is still using a 720p screen micro usb in 2021 and speaker quality’s borderline time verdict through to its tagline, the vivo y20 sg, delivered what it promised a good gaming performance on a budget. This is thanks to its use of a decent, chipset, large ram, strong battery performance and plenty of optimizations, which made the gaming experience respectable for a budget smartphone. We also like that it has a new design and an accurate fingerprint leader. However, this might not be the device for those who are in need of higher resolution, display usb type c port and better speaker quality. But if gaming is your priority and you want to enjoy those game on a trusty and affordable vivo device likely the vivo y20 sg is the one for you that’s it guys. This is our review of the vivo y20 sg. If you like this video, please leave a comment below and subscribe as well again. This is peter of