I am really excited to announce that we have crossed 3 000 subscribers and we are still moving forward, but i have a special video today. This is samsung a52 budget smartphone. You can pick up this phone on amazon for 365. What this phone gives you for the price samsung really does a hell of a job in building budget smartphones that you can afford and don’t feel left out of the phone game. Don’T feel like okay, i don’t have a thousand dollar phone, but i have a 300 phone and it still gives me a pretty decent feature that is complementable to your high end specs smartphone. So if you got a high spec smartphone, you don’t need to buy another high spec smartphone. You can get a budget smartphone or if you are kind of money, shy right now, i think and you’re on the market for a new smartphone. I feel like you, should consider looking at this phone right in front of you, so this is the samsung a52 but i’m, not just here to talk about this phone in its totality just as far as look goes i’m here to really dive deep into the phone And why? I think this is the best phone for you if you’re money shy or if you’re looking for another phone to complement your flagship phone, just something you can have for work or to pick calls that you don’t necessarily pick on your flagship phone or you know just The phone that is your everyday daily driver go to phone.

You know what i’m saying so let’s look at this phone. In a nutshell, samsung a52 technology is a gsm. So if you have a tnt, your metro, pc, yes, i can’t think of any other gsm cameras out there, but i know those two pretty much if you are a tnt user. This is the phone for you now for this particular version i got here with me. I bought the international version so right out of the gate. It doesn’t come in english, but you have but it’s easy. You just have to change the language setting to english there’s, really nothing too significant about it. But the good thing about this one is: you can use this phone anywhere at any time in any country. All you have to do is just switch your sims or whatever, or the language and it’s already there for you it’s just there so it’s an international version of phone, i don’t think there’s a u.s version. I think it’s international only and it has three colors. This version, i that i bought right here you see with me – is the it’s black, but samsung calls it awesome black. So you have awesome black awesome, white and awesome violet, something like that. So this is awesome black and it’s plastic. So it does really well with heat and um yeah and it’s really light it’s about 6.7 ounces, but anyway let’s go deep into the phone. So as for the display you’re, looking at a super amoled display 90 hertz, the size of the phone is 6.

5 inches. The resolution of the phone is 1080p by 2400 pixels, 20.9 ratio and 407 for the ppi patrol protection you’re. Looking at the gorilla glass 5 asphalt platform, it comes android, os 11 pre installed chipset qualcomm, snapdragon, 720 g, pretty much a mid range. Spec phone mid range, mid spec for the chipset and for the cpu you’re, looking at octa core cpu adreno 518 gpu for the memory. This phone comes with a 128 gb storage for the main camera, 64 megapixel f, aperture 1.8. You have a 12 megapixel aperture 2.2. Ultra wide angle, you have a 5 megapixel aperture 2.4 macro and you have a 5 megapixel aperture 2.4 depth. Now for the features led flash panorama and high dynamic range for the video, it will shoot 4k at 30 frames per. Second, it will shoot 1080p at 30. Strokes 60 frames per second, and it has image stabilization for the size of the front camera you’re. Looking at a 32 megapixel, 2.2 aperture wide angle, hdr ready 4k 30fps and 1080p 60 frames per second for sound. You have your speaker stereo speakers and 3.5 millimeter jack. So you can have your earpods, your earpiece, you can plug it in or your auxiliary cable for your cars. You can plug it in and that is really nice. So what other features does it have? It has fingerprint sensor. It has recognition which i think that is a little bit of the downside of the phone.

The face recognition is not all the way apple, but for a 300 phone i mean it does really well, and then you have your pattern, unlock, regular android and then your passcode as well, so for the battery we’re. Looking at a 4500mah battery, none, you cannot change the battery. The battery comes embedded in the phone, so you can’t take it out and get a new battery and then fast charging 25 watts. So it’ll go from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes. That is dope. That is really dope, so for a 300 phone you’re pretty much getting um a full mid range, not flagship specs, but you’re, pretty getting a decent smartphone for 360 Music or something around that range i’m. Looking at the phone, so i tested the phone out um with the camera. I saw how the camera works. It feels great in hand it’s not overly heavy it’s, not heavy at all, carrying the phone around. So if you have another phone – and you have this phone alongside with it, it’s – hardly adding to any weight or anything in your pocket and by the way everyone pretty much carries uh two or three phones in the modern era. So it really doesn’t do anything. To add one more phone to your collection as well, it doesn’t do anything and for the recording yeah, the camera does a really great job. I tried out the camera and i was pretty impressed with the camera.

Now. This phone is ip67 dust and water resistant, which is really a good information for you to know so yeah. You can pretty much take this thing to the pool and you find or if something splashes on it, you’re good, you’re, good, pretty solid, build quality. I love the slickness, the sleek design that it has and i’m looking at this phone and i’m looking at the screen. The screen is really really great. So looking at this screen right here, uh has just brightness the screen brightness. As you know, i love turning my phone brightness on maximum. I don’t really like using my phone brackets on the minimum buttons, because i don’t see the point of having a really good phone with a nice screen, and then you kill the vibe by reducing the brightness. I don’t see the use at all, but some people are kind of. I uh not really have eyes issues, so i can see them reducing the brightness of performance, but i don’t do that always on display maximum brightness that’s, how i roll. So i tried out the phone with youtube. I got to say i wasn’t really too impressed with youtube with uh watching videos on youtube, especially videos that are in 4k, because i thought at 90 hertz. I should get some decent smoothness watching youtube videos on 4k, but apparently 90 hertz is not really enough to watch 4k videos and since the phone offers 4k at 30fps, i thought it looked great uh complementing with that 90hz display, but apparently it didn’t.

Then i tried it out watching videos 1080p to see 60fps. I i still didn’t technically enjoy uh watching on 60 fps, also, especially a really good clean quality. Looking video because i shoot my videos in 4k and sometimes actually in 1080p – uh 60 frames per second, it depends on what i’m, in the mood for uh at a particular time like right now, i’m shooting in 1080p 60 fps. But when i watch my videos on youtube um that are 1080p 60fps with the smartphone, i didn’t feel that 90hz vibe at all, but again it’s not really bad it’s, not something that is not tolerable. Basically, but i just have to say, with someone like myself, i really uh it’s a point to actually nail that refresh rate. I love that a lot but again um, like i said before, it’s really for the average consumer or the budget consumers. Basically, people who are in the market for budget smartphones, i just feel like this phone shouldn’t be overlooked. Now i will get this samsung a72 as well, and i will compare it with this phone and i’ll see how it works. But again, thank you guys for watching my video uh. If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you subscribe leave a like comment, and i will see you guys in my next video.