Don’T buy a case because it actually comes with it. Unless you want to find one, i accidentally bought a black version of this on another site, because i couldn’t really find what i liked on amazon. But in either case when i opened the package i started laughing because i i was like i don’t know any manufacturers that actually sends a case with this. So this is like a soft tpu um. You know this is not as big as my oneplus 7t, but you know taking my hand, that’s extra large in glove size, it’s a good size. So not everybody wants a large phone, and one nice feature about this. Is that when you unlock it, you do have the facial recognition with the whole. You know four digit code, but the fingerprint reader is right here, so you’re able to unlock it quickly. Right now, i’m using the uh, the nova launcher, um i’ve been using it for about a year year and a half now for the price, it’s, actually very snappy. I was quite surprised: i’m. You know able to play movies um. I haven’t loaded tasker, for example. So the auto screen, you know, uh the rotate it’s, not as fast as oneplus, but you know i can go um close everything down go to the next next screen. One thing i want to show you real quick, and this is not like a big deal, but if you don’t like the animation type screen, then you go to this my devices and then under build number and now it’s telling me that no need you’re already a Developer, you press this seven or eight times i forget and it basically unlocks the developer mode.

So you can turn off like the animation, so it makes the screen a little bit snappier, but other than that um it’s been a great phone. I actually use this as a backup and sometimes i’ll use this like a a quick like a b roll or like a social media type of post, where i need my regular phone for certain things, so this was a good buy. I had the the y the portrait and then the macro lens, along with the flashlight it’s, not overly bright, but at the same time let me unlock it or use the fingerprint. Um let’s see the flashlight, so there’s a flashlight. Now the screen itself uh, you can have the auto brightness, but compared to my oneplus it’s, not as bright as far as the screen itself, but it’s it’s not going to be like wow. This is really dim type of uh. The screen brightness, so you know been playing around with this for about oh gosh, a few weeks two weeks um one little quirk uh, which i don’t care for micro, usb, uh charging power, uh ports so i’m, not sure why they decided to use this. There might be something i don’t know where usbc you know, i don’t know if there is an extra cost involved. That was the only thing where i was like. Oh, you know i have to pull out another micro, usb cable, which i don’t really care for, because i i have a feeling this doesn’t last long as like the usbc, but one thing you know i thought of when i got this too, is to use one Of those magnetic charging cables, i have so i’ll just put the head in and then just charge it with the magnetic cable.

So i don’t have to pull the cable in and now i feel like the usbc lasts longer. But again it could be me um, but other than that i i’ve been really enjoying it like. I said and surprised at the fact that how smooth it is – and it just you know just i there’s really nothing that i can think of – that is bad for this price range so and that’s, one nice thing about being able to use these types of unlocked. Phones versus going to the carrier having to purchase their phone because you are limited essentially because you don’t get to have all these options with different brands that you know most people probably never heard of. But you know the uh, the two by telephoto lens, with the regular lens and the macro, the macro i’m gon na post some photos. But i i was kind of blown away at how good the macro quality is for a smartphone. I do photography and videography full time, so you know, i guess i know a thing or two about different lenses and whatnot, but with that said um for the price it’s you can’t beat it. It actually has a 4 000 milliamp hour battery, which i was also surprised because it doesn’t weigh too much uh. You know the battery life last seems to last a long time too. So one thing to keep in mind about this phone make sure if you’re, okay with the battery battery lasting which by the way is great uh let’s, see three or four days.

I left it not using it and then the standby only consumed about five percent. So it does turn off a lot of things. So if you have certain apps that needs to run in the background, make sure you go to the battery option and turn off the battery optimization uh. I had to kind of figure that out myself because um certain apps i need, i didn’t – want to have to open every single time, but because of the optimization, this um have a really good standby time. I mean way better than my oneplus, but i do have that one set as uh. You know the performance based so rambling on um, really great phone definitely check it out uh. This would be great for kids, students or you just want to inexpensive, and you know it’s really nothing too fancy, but also it’s it’s like a modern day smartphone.