This is the grip case by dbrand. Look at how cool that looks, but before we take a closer look at this case, you already know how we do it here on the channel when it comes to protective cases like this one right here, because i’ll tell you, this thing feels solid, but you already Know what we got to do, we’re going to head outside right now, do a couple of real world drop tests with this case on this device to see if it’s, actually going to protect this phone. Like i said with a couple of real world drop tests, i currently do have a tempered glass screen protector on the device itself, but you know what i think i’m going to take it off for this drop test. So again, before we take a closer look. Let’S head outside to a couple of drop tests and see just how protective this case is all right, so we have made our way outside, as you can see here currently in my garage. So please excuse the echo i got going on here. If it does happen to echo too much with this mic right here – and please excuse the cars driving by just ignore that this is about the drop test, with the grip case from dbrand for the galaxy s21 ultra currently, on a flat, concrete surface, keep in mind, I am doing this on a flat, concrete surface. Don’T go. You know chucking your phone in rocks or anything like that, because i can’t guarantee you that your display will be protected from rocks but i’m going to be doing three different types of drop tests here: real world drop systems, possibly a fourth uh bonus drop test.

If this happens to go well but let’s go ahead and get started so say you’re sitting down on the chair, you know you’re hanging out with friends. Whatever you got your phone on your lap like this, your chit chatting, you know you’re ready to get up and go or maybe from a restaurant or something you forget your phone’s on your lap. You get up boom. Okay, the the phone falls on the floor foul. Faced flat, as you can see, their butt doesn’t look like any damage happened to the display. No cracks. No scratches just got a little bit of dust going on there. Let me wipe that up real, quick everything. Looking good phone’s still functioning good, as you can see there, the back cameras looking good the case solid as heck like i said earlier. Okay, second test here say: maybe you know you’re just walking along you’re about ready to put the phone in your pocket. You miss boom. Okay, the phone falls right on this hard concrete here, so it didn’t fall on the display. As you can see, there display looks good camera, looks good and you’re getting a good sized lift around the whole entire back and some good sized lips on the top and at the bottom, so let’s go and do this third real world test, which it i don’t See how this is going to happen with this case, because of how grippy it is i’ll tell you that right off the bat super grippy case, i guess that’s why they call it the grip case, but just in case it could happen to anybody if you’re.

Like me, maybe you have butter fingers you’re talking on the phone you’re walking along, and you happen to accidentally drop it whoa, okay, that was loud that was loud. It actually landed uh really hard on the back. So really scared to take a look at the cameras here. Not gon na lie a little bit scared, but, as you can see, the display is fine turns on turns off. Fingerprint sensor works good on the in display fingerprint sensor, but the cameras, the cameras, are looking good. I want to see what the phone looks like in the back, though, because that’s, what landed, really hard? Okay, look at that back looks fine, that beautiful matte backing of the phone look at that. So, as you can see here, this phone’s i mean this case is going to protect your phone, no matter what whoa whoa there it goes again: okay, let’s! Do it from up here ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, oh okay, that actually landed pretty hard on the display and then flipped on over, but you know what look at that? Looking good! Looking good, i mean i can. I could probably just you know toss this thing. All day long and the phone’s probably going to be fine, look at that look at that let’s drop it on the display boom let’s. Do it again let’s? Do it again ready ready one more one, more board mark and look at that? The phone seems to be just fine and, as you may know, i mean most most most times where you’re dropping your phone you’re.

Not doing it purposely. So you know most people aren’t going to be standing there, holding their phone like this and dropping it face down, or you know, dropping it on its back or just tossing it in the air most of it is by accident, which is why i tried to do These real world drop tests, where i’m sitting down or just walking along talking on the phone having to accidentally drop the phone just like that or there’s times where we drop our phone and we’re trying to catch it. But we miss and it just falls so far away from us. We don’t know what the heck is. Gon na happen to it, but as you can see, it’s good it’s looking good, i don’t know how the internals are, but it seems to be working just fine for me in display fingerprint sensor still working as you can see there and, like i mentioned earlier, i Did take off that screen protector that i had so there is no screen protector on this device. This is just the plain display naked. As you can see it here on camera, the entire phone is looking good. So there is the drop test with the dbrand grip case. Looking super cool, but not only looking really good, but also giving your phone some great protection. So now we’re gon na go ahead and head inside and take a closer look at this case. All right, so i’ve made my way back inside.

As you can see here and whew, i got ta tell you guys. I had a great time out there, weird right who has a good time, throwing their phone around on concrete this guy that’s, who anyways it was a good time y’all. Let me know what you think about that drop test down in the comment sections below, but we are now inside taking a closer look at the case. First of all, let’s take a look at the packaging here. This is the box that it is going to come in you kind of open it like a book right there purchase, delivered, install, and then you open it up again, just like this, so this is where the case is going to sit, and right here is where The skin is for the case, so i actually had to put this red skin on myself, which i think actually did a pretty good job. So the case comes blank it’s, just a flat black case and then, depending on what skin you choose, you’re going to have to put that on yourself. So i got it for the case and the camera module there as well as you can see, and then it also comes with this little kind of like a microfiber cloth. I guess so you can have it to. I don’t know wipe the skin down in the back or you know clean off that display either way it does come in handy, but let’s take a look at this case.

I have absolutely been loving this case honestly. I didn’t think i was going to like this case as much as i do. First of all the skin, in the back i mean i think it looks nice. I really love the overall red with the black around it. I think it makes a great color combo. Then you get a nice texture with the skin as well. Just has a really nice look to it so that’s what that is going to look like and when they say the grip case uh. They named it right because you’re getting some good grip on of the sides. Here i mean it literally feels like it is not going to fall out of your hands. The grip is good. All the way around, not just right here, not just right here, but all the way around you get some nice texture all around the edges and it is not going to fall out of your hand, so you’re definitely getting some good grip with this case right here And then the buttons the buttons are so responsive, nice and clicky. I mean really really clicky so that’s the power button, and then we got the volume rockers going on look at listen to how clicky. That is not sure if you can hear that on the mic, but super clicky i mean they feel really really good. And then you got a cutout up here for the microphones cutouts at the bottom, for the speaker, microphone and the charging port very precise cutouts.

Looking really really nice super nice case, then going to the front you get a nice good sized lip on the bottom and on the top, and, as you saw by the drop test, did a very good job at protecting this display. I mean absolutely no scratches no cracks. The phone is still functioning good. I mean, as far as protection goes, i mean you cannot go wrong with this case. I got ta be honest with you guys. I was a little scared to be throwing my phone around out there with this case, because i’ve never used a dbrand grip case ever. This is my very first time ever owning a d brand case and yeah, so they now have my trust when it comes to cases so from now on, i’ll probably be purchasing these for every device that i get if they do have it available for those devices. But again, this is the dbrand grip case for the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, and they also have these cases available for tons of other devices as well, and they have tons of options to choose from when it comes to skins as well. So you don’t have to get this look. You can totally change up the look if you really want to and later down the line. If you want to just buy a skin, you can totally do that. You can take the skin off of this case. You can keep the case and just switch out the skin and give yourself a different look, so very cool that they give us the option to do that.

But y’all. Let me know what you think down in the comment sections below. If you do find yourself interested in this case, right here, i’ll make sure to have it linked down in the description below. So you can pick one up for yourself, but overall loving this case very very much. One thing that i kind of found odd was right here at the top. They kind of have like a cutout up there, not really sure why they cut it up so high when the speaker grill, is pretty much right under the frame so really not sure why they did that, but either way very cool. Looking case very protective case again. I’Ll have a link down in the description below. If you want to check one out for yourself but y’all, let me know what you think down in the comment sections below. What do you think about that drop test once again? Thank you all so very much for watching. If you did like this video and find it helpful, make sure to give it a huge thumbs up. Don’T forget to subscribe hit that notification bell, so you don’t miss out on any other future videos to come thanks again for watching this is josh quinones.