I mean it’s, really, probably the beast from this series. Having a snapdragon 88 come on let’s unbox, it Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so hi guys it’s me richmond of gadget sidekick. So i have here and we just unboxed the black shark 4 pro. So we can see it’s a little bit different in terms of texture from the black shark for bass variant. We can see here that it’s a little bit like ceramic finish. Then we can see the black shark logo and words is made out of chrome letters. Then we can see the triangle here: it’s reading rgb that’s, the main difference between this one and the base variant and, of course, the black shark 4 pro has the latest snapdragon 888 chip, which is a 5g capable processor. It is really probably one of the fastest right now it’s at five nanometer size checking antutu no doubt about it is 742 000 points which just blew the competition away. Really, this score is really off the roof. Now slingshot extreme gave me the 9177 000 points, which is really also off the charts. Now this phone is equipped with android 11 joy, ui 12.5, which is probably a little pattern over from the miui 12.5, and it really looks familiar like the miui 2.5 and this phone comes with a 6.67 super amoled display 1080p hdr, 10 plus 144 hertz of screen Refresh rate, i can say that it’s really nice, the colors, are punchy and probably one of my complaints is.

It only has a wide by level security tree. I don’t know why why or why black chart, but watching videos here on this phone, i can say: it’s, nice it’s punchy. I love the color display on this phone having 144 hertz of screen refresh rate it’s, really really refreshing. Having the dual steer speakers on this, one is really giving me a good total entertainment package and right now, let’s pop up this two trigger and enter the shard mode, and i can say that playing games on this one is really really nice. I love the physical buttons on this one, uh it’s for me, it’s, like playing on a real gaming console like the nintendo switch and it’s more immersive. Well, of course, that’s just for me, other people, other people prefer uh on screen, but this one for me it’s. Definitely more responsive the physical phones playing pubg on this phone. I can say that it’s really nice. I can say that i have yet to see any frame drops on this one uh. This gameplay is really smooth 144 hours of screen refresh rate it’s. Giving me a very, very nice experience and, on the other hand, playing call of duty. I can equally say that it’s nice, i have yes, we need to see on teacups and definitely gameplay on this one. Having the dual spirit. Film speaker is very nice. You can also plug in your uh favorite headphones, since it has a 5.

5 mm on the jack, which is definitely a plus on a gaming phone and, of course, really now. This phone comes with a 64 mp main camera, together with the 8mp ultra wide lens and a 5 mp macro lens up front. We have a 20 mp front. Shooter now let’s take some clicks from this Music phone Music. Now, taking some photos here, i can see it’s surprisingly good outdoors, it’s, really a performer and front and rear camera. I really have no problem with it, of course, it’s beyond my expectation, since this is a gaming phone now, this phone is wi, fi, six ready, bluetooth, 5.2 and a ptx ready, and i can say that this phone has a smaller battery compared to the industry. Standard 5000: this only has a 4 500 milliamp hours of battery, but take note it has 120 watts of fast charging capability, which is off the charge it’s like the mi 10 ultra, which can take in that fast now charging from zero to 50. It only takes you five minutes, take notes. Just five minutes: man it’s really mind blowing and to complete the full charge. It only takes 15 minutes, guys, it’s really really fast. Now what can you say about this phone, the black shark? 4 pro? Would you prefer this one over the black shark 4 or this one definitely for me is the better choice. So if you like this, video don’t forget to like subscribe and, of course, click that bell icon, so you don’t miss any future videos here from my channel.