. In 2020, we analyzed the Galaxy A01, a device so disappointing that we even made fun of its name. Now we have the A02S in hand, which would be the turbocharged version of its successor.. Does this basic phone erase the bad reputation of the Korean brand in the entry level segment, Let’s check it out What to expect from the design of an entry level phone? Typically, this is a point that manufacturers ignore and launching with less of a visual appeal.. At least Samsung tried to do something different with the Galaxy A02s.. It has a textured back with a design in geometric shapes based on diamonds, with thin stripes that go in different directions.. Here in Brazil, you will find the A02s in black blue or red.. It is a thick device due to its generous battery.. The good thing about this is that it avoids having a lump for the cameras which even helps to protect the glass. If you drop it on the floor. And as you may have noticed, there is no biometric reader at the rear, let alone integrated into the power button.. This is a cut costs point that Samsung still continues to do.. The SIM card drawer is not hybrid and allows you to use two SIMs and a Micro SD card at the same time, which is good for helping to expand the memory of just 32 GB.. At least the USB port is already the C standard. Unlike the A02 and A01 that bring the outdated micro USB standard.

, There is a headphone jack, but no 5 GHz wifi. The front still brings a drop shaped notch and the bezel below the screen is wider than we would like to see in a recent release.. The A02s has a 6.5quot LCD screen with HD Plus resolution.. It is a simple panel with medium brightness.. Using the basics of Samsung outside the home on sunny days can be tricky, but at least the high contrast ensures darker blacks and more colors, vibrant than other entry level. Models. Color calibration is poor with very cold tones, which makes the white look bluish.. The worst part is that theres no adjustment to the screen settings, so you will have to get used to the choice made by Samsung.. Another point where Samsung always cuts costs in its basic phones is the sound.. There is only one audio output at the bottom, delivering medium power and poor quality.. The A02s is able to play only trebles in a decent way, which is good for watching videos on YouTube, but is totally limited for music. Samsung doesnt send headphones in the box, so youll have to buy your own. If you want to enjoy your music on the Galaxy A02s without the distorted sound from the speakers. Equipping the device, we have the Snapdragon 450 chipset, an older hardware launched in 2017.. It doesn’t really impress nowadays, and we see Samsung’s new basic phones struggle to open a dozen applications. In our multitasking focused speed test.

We saw the A02s and even slower than the A01, which is unacceptable. The same even happens in some benchmarks, with the Galaxy A02s reaching the point lower shares than Samsung’s older model., If you buy cell phones based on AnTuTu numbers, then know that this one will suffer To get close to 100 thousand points., If you are looking for a cheap mobile phone for games, the Galaxy A02s can even serve you.. We tested PUBG and it was possible to play the balanced option with average frame rate.. It is not an exemplary fluidity, but it will be completely playable. At Cover Fire. We had a good performance even at the maximum option.. Some games like Asphalt, 9 and CoD mobile, have little gagging, but nothing that gets in the way of gambling. If the performance should be better, at least in battery life. There is nothing to complain about the A02s.. It is among the best we tested and lasts for more than 1 day. It is even possible to survive two full days away from outlets. If you use your cell phone only for Instagram and WhatsApp, were you excited about the battery life Now for the bad news? The Galaxy A02s comes with a weak charger in the box that makes the device take an absurd 4 hours to go from 0 to 100.. It even supports up to 15 watt chargers, but Samsung has saved and the national model comes with a 5 watt charger.

. With this, a quick charge of 15 minutes makes the A02s recover only 8 of battery, and even with an hour in the socket, it will not have a third of the recovered charge.. The Galaxy A02s comes out of the box with Android 10 and should be updated soon to version 11 of the robot.. The most curious part is that its interface is the One UI Core in version 2.5.. This simpler version of the Samsung system is usually found on Galaxy M devices and not on the A series models. Perhaps because the A02s was released in some countries like the Galaxy M02s, it made Samsung adopt the same software for both. As much as your systems are more limited in functionality. It does not make it lighter and it lacks fluidity in day to day use.. In the photographic part, we have a triple set of cameras at the rear, with the main sensor delivering a maximum of 13 MP.. The secondary camera is dedicated to macros and there is one more to take care of the blurring of the scenery.. An ultra wide camera would be welcome in this set. Samsung’s basic cell phones never stood out on camera and the A02s follows in the same vein.. He can even take pictures with good clarity and few noises, but the dynamic range is limited and it will be normal to have dark pictures in the late afternoon.. A curious detail is that the basics of Samsung has two modes, one being close and the other wider.

No matter how much he uses the same camera to shoot. The photos come out different.. In some cases you will have better photos in light, colors and sharpness with the wide mode, while in other cases the photos get worse. Shooting at night with the Galaxy A02s will be more complicated, it doesnt lose much sharpness, but the photos are very grainy and the Shadows become just dark spots in the photos., Since there is no night mode. There is not much to do.. If you are taking pictures at night, you should stay as close to a light source as possible. The macro camera does not allow you to get too close to what you want to photograph and the low resolution of the sensor greatly limits the quality of the photos.. The blurring does its job well, but ends up disabling the HDR, which leaves the backlight bursting.. The good thing is that the effect can also be applied to objects.. The front also has its limitations in selfies. The photos come out with a smooth aspect and with few facial details. As much as you reduce the beautification effect as much as possible, you will not have very sharp photos.. The colors come out more saturated than they should and a more efficient HDR is also needed when the sun is at the bottom of the image., The camcorder records only in Full HD at 30 FPS.. The focus is agile, but there is no stabilization system to deal with shaking.

. The videos show good sharpness with colder colors than we saw in the photos.. The front also shoots in Full HD and suffers more in dark places.. The audio capture is stereo and has good quality.. Is it worth buying the Galaxy A02s or is there a more interesting option? Its biggest rival in the domestic market is the Moto E7, a device that manages to perform even worse and deliver. Lower autonomy. LG may have abandoned the cell phone market, but it still has good entry devices in Brazilian stores.. Now, if you are looking for the best option at around R 1000, it will be worth investing a little more on the Moto G9 Play.. It is faster, has good battery and much better cameras.. The Galaxy A02s is a basic phone with a cool design. Has a high contrast screen that could have a brighter glow. Its performance is a little disappointing. There is great battery autonomy, but it takes a long time to recharge and your cameras are basic. It’s such a simple phone that it doesn’t even have a fingerprint reader.. It is not just today that we criticize Samsung for making bad choices such as sending a charger of just 5 watts, along with a cell phone with a large battery.. Lg and Motorola deliver better products in the entry segment and you can even venture out with some basic from Xiaomi.. The A02s is indicated for those who will use the phone only for social networks and want to recharge the battery every two days.

. It can even run some games well, but don’t expect much from multitasking performance. with an average price of R 800. You really can’t demand much from the device. And the best offers for the A02s and all the other models mentioned in this analysis. You already know are in the links, below. And feel free to comment on what you think of Samsung’s new basico.