But before i talk a little bit more about those features, please do subscribe to our channel, so you don’t miss out on any future updates Music. So a strong starting point for any good budget smartphone is its build quality and in that regard, the realme c25 delivers. As it offers a very industrial design, yes, the back panel is made of plastic and you can feel it when you hold it in your hand, but it also feels durable and you get a nice textured finish that helps in providing a comfortable grip. The weight distribution is also well executed over here, considering that it packs in a 6000 mah battery. But despite that, it doesn’t feel overly cumbersome in the hand. Now you will notice a slightly larger than average rail me branding on the back panel as well, but it’s not as outlandish as what i’ve seen on other realme phones like the realme x7 pro with that really super loud, dare to leap branding this one over here Is a little bit more subtle on the front part of the phone, you will notice a small water drop notch and somewhat thick bezels that i am willing to overlook. Considering the price point overall, i feel that realme has taken a very practical approach with this design. It may not be a head turner, but it has been built to last, and i really appreciate that Music. In terms of essentials, the realme c25 features a reliable and fast rear, fingerprint scanner.

On the right side. You get volume buttons and a tactile power button and the three in one card slot is on the left side. Meanwhile, the bottom part of the phone houses, a usb type c port, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the speaker, the real me c25 – gets a large 6.5 inch 720p lcd display. That is both vibrant and punchy. Honestly, you won’t think that this screen belongs on a phone that costs under 10 000 rupees. It looks really great and with almost 89 screen to body ratio watching content on this display is a good enough experience talking about watching content. The screen gets wide wide. L3 certification – that means videos on streaming platforms like netflix, is capped at only 480p, which is a slight bummer in terms of brightness. The screen can go up to 480 nits and brightness level. Indoors are absolutely fine, but you may struggle to use this phone outdoors under direct sunlight Music. The real me c25 gets a triple rear camera setup that includes a 30 megapixel primary sensor, a 2 megapixel macro sensor and a 2 megapixel, bmw lens there’s, no ultra wide camera over here. So you do lose out on some versatility. Meanwhile, on the front there’s, an 8 megapixel selfie shooter. As far as camera performance is concerned, the results are comparable to other smartphones in this price segment, as in both the main and front facing camera click. Some nice shots in right lighting conditions, but low light photography performance is nothing really to brag about.

The portrait mode. Helps in adding some decent amount of bokeh to pictures, while the macro sensor is somewhat inconsistent in the video department, both the rear and front cameras can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second overall. The camera system on the realme c25 is fine for taking the odd shots in good lighting conditions, but i think that if really had opted for let’s say a triple camera system or a dual camera system. That included a ultra wide angle, lens that would have added a little bit of extra versatility. The realme c25 gets powered by the helio g70 processor, which isn’t exactly going to be breaking benchmark records, but it is one of the better performing processes in this price segment. The phone handled day to day tasks well enough with very minimal stutters and lags, and the helio g70 has been optimized to deliver a better overall gaming experience playing tap tap games on this phone was smooth and the chipset has enough ground to even handle heavier games. Like call of duty, mobile at low graphic settings, there’s also 4gb of lpddr4x ram, which helps with smoother multitasking and while 64gb of onboard storage doesn’t sound like a lot by today’s standards, you can always upgrade that storage by 256gb via a micro sd card, or you Can opt for the 128 gb storage option by paying a little bit extra battery life on the c25 is excellent, mostly thanks for that generous 6000 mah battery.

It easily lasted me around two days with light to moderate usage, and even when i pushed this phone by watching a lot of videos or playing a lot of games, it lasted me easily a day. The 6000 mah battery isn’t only good because of its huge size, but also because that lower resolution screen and that efficient processor don’t add a lot of pressure to the overall battery life. The phone also comes bundled with the 18 watt fast charger, but it’s not exactly fast, and it does take a fair amount of time to top up the phone fully from dead. But then, depending on your usage charging, this phone once in a few days should be sufficient. The realme c25 runs on the latest android 11 os with real me, ui 2.0 skin on top, so the company is not cutting any corners in the software department. Realme’S user interface is definitely not a minimal. Take on android, in fact, it’s very similar to oppo’s color os and offers a lot of customization options, so you can tweak everything to your liking. There is some bloatware present here, but it’s, not as aggressive as what i’ve seen on other budget phones and some of the third party apps can be uninstalled, while others can’t Music. So should you buy the realme c25? Well, if you’re looking for a well balanced device that doesn’t break the bank, then it’s definitely a good option.