Television, gp, tv i’m brett in my hands is in another world with a smartphone of volume. One, the title pretty much gives away the concept and it’s a great manga it’s, really entertaining first volume, i’m kind of digging it. So the original story is by patora. Fujiohara art is by soto character. Design is eeg, translation, it’s, alexander keller. Nelson lettering is by chiho christie uh, so the story exactly is what it sounds like so there’s this guy named toyo uh michi, uh, mochi zuki, and he is struck down by god and an errant bolt and he’s 15.. Yes, so god killed a 15 year old by accident that’s. The opening of this manga uh. So god decides to uh. Do the do the kid a favor um and since he made a mistake, he’ll bring him back, but the problem is: is he can’t bring him back where he got killed so he’s getting sent to a whole other world and uh he’s? Getting a little bit of upgrades, you know stronger faster. We can rebuild them some six million dollar man, action and it’s a fantasy world, but uh the kid is able to ask for a favor and his favor is that he would like to bring his cell phone along. Yes, the kid is so attached to a cell phone. He needs to bring it to a fantasy world where he’s going to live his second life um, but there’s some rules to this.

So he gets access to everything in his world uh. He can like read the news stuff like that, but he can’t uh, you know message anyone. He can’t talk to anyone, so he can catch up as to what’s going on, but can’t contact anyone out there, and this is a fantasy world. So he’s going from like our world to you, know whatever fantasy world you want to make up. This is a world of magic and all sorts of crazy stuff and um yeah like it’s good it’s, it’s, pretty solid and i think what’s fascinating is um. You know one it’s it’s a great introduction to the world like you, you are slowly introduced to everything you’re solely um rolled into it all, just like the main character is and um. You know the cast of characters introduced in a nice organic way. Uh we get to learn about the kind of the rules of the world in a nice organic way, it’s done really intelligently uh. In that way, now i was gon na get at is the thing i think that’s fascinating is the whole smartphone thing, doesn’t really play into the first volume. A whole lot like he’s got this device. That would make him like, potentially the most powerful being in this entire world. You know beyond the abilities that god gives him um, but he like uses it to as a map i mean literally, he uses a map quest and and that’s about it.

I mean it’s one of those things where you just like for being in the title: it’s, just not really a huge factor in the story um, but other than that, like it’s it’s, just it’s, a nice fantasy series and for those who’ve watched these videos. Listen to me on our podcast, like that, like you know, i’m, not the biggest fantasy fan uh, but i think i’ve learned recently, especially after reading a lot of manga or a lot more manga. Is i just don’t like high fantasy. There is some fantasy and joy, and that would be the uh. This sort of fantasy, though that kind of like magic well called the final fantasy vibe to it. Those battle chasers little exaggerated type, stuff um. You know, i think i’m, just not really into that boring kind of high fantasy sort of stuff. Um. Give me give me a little bit more action and i guess ridiculousness um, so yeah it’s it’s a really good story. I just i think the one drawback is the whole smartphone thing just does not really factor into the story enough um, which again is it’s kind of weird cuz. You know it’s kind of the title, so yeah it’s a little weird to have it in the title and then like not really be much of a factor. So it is what it is, but overall it’s good like i. I really really enjoyed it and um. I definitely want to read uh more when it comes out so let’s go with some of the art.

We’Ll show it off. Um art is pretty solid. You know it’s um, you know there’s, nothing really jumps out of me going like. Oh, my god. This was amazing. Like there’s, no crazy fight scenes there’s some but like there’s, not tons uh, but it’s done it’s done well. It’S done, i think, really really well over. All the artist is really solid. You can see some of the people that we meet along the way um. So i like it, i i really really dig it. You know again. I wish there was more done with the smartphone, but as far as just like you know, this kind of weird fantasy world, where a kid from our world winds up in it and has to go, learn the ways it’s pretty solid, it’s a fun read nice breezy Entertaining and i actually really kind of look forward to seeing the second volume and see if the smartphone becomes a factor at all because it’s in the title yeah. I think it would be a factor whatever out in shops. Now you can go get it. We got a link beneath this video. Putting your zip code. Tell the shops near you, no shop, no problem. We have some affiliate links. There are affiliate links, we’ll get a small percentage by doing that, you’ll support a site. So thank you and speaking of support. I want to thank ian press for opening us up this review. Copying appreciate you watching, if you’re into manga, if you’re into comics check us out every single day at graphicpolicy.

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