Underneath i’ve got this one in the black color and it’s got a ram of 8 gigs, along with internal storage of gigs i’ll mention its price on the screen for different regions and let’s get this box out of the wraps Music. This is the warranty card of the phone and let me just get the phone now Music right on the top inside this box. We have this welcome aboard node from poco here’s, the sleeve, with the same eject pin, and then we have some poco stickers documentation. Is there too, this one is a 3.5 mm to usb c converter, which means this phone has no headphone jack, and this is a very nice silicon case inside the box. Here is the phone. The sticker talks about its snapdragon 875 g powered chip, 120 hertz amoled panel, dolby, atmos tuned dual speakers and a high rise 48 megapixels camera. This phone looks like a powerhouse, i’ll turn it on and put it on a site in the box. We get this 33 watt me charging grid and in the end we have this usbc cable, let’s, unwrap the phone Music i’ll set the phone up and get back to you guys in a minute Music. So before i discuss the software and stuff let’s talk about the design and the build first things first, this is one of the very first poco devices that truly has impressed me. It’S premium sleek feels good in the hands. Gorilla glass, 5 protection on the front end.

At the back, a redmi k40 like uh camera module 5g branding, can be seen at the back towards the bottom. Now this is a dust and splash resistant, smartphone frame is of plastic, and underneath we can see the usb c port, a speaker, a primary mic and a sim slot. This is a dual sim card: slot no micro, sd card slot space. Here on the right, we have the power button, come fingerprint scanner and the volume rocker, the secondary speakers, secondary mic and ir plaster is on the top. This phone weighs at over 190 grams, but kudos to poco for that great weight management. It doesn’t feel that heavy in the hands its battery of 45 20 mh also helps keep its weight under control. The phone is powered by android 11 miui 12 themed by the poco launcher. I am a fan of poco launcher. I, like its icon pack and other elements you are looking at an amoled display and the brightness is quite good right out of the box. The screen won’t have any viewing angle issues either the bezels are sleek the punch hole isn’t too big, either the time that i had with this phone so far, i really enjoyed watching videos on this. The colors look really good, no contrast or no colors and no brightness issues at all. I wish it had an in display fingerprint scanner too, but that side mounted scanner isn’t too bad. For now it runs on 60hz refresh rate out of the box.

So make sure you switch it to 120hz to enjoy the fluidity and the smoothness of this display. You get the always on display mode in this phone too, and thankfully this is not like the always on display mode of the redmi note. 10. Pro i mean it has no time limit, you have the option to keep the always on display on all the time or you can just show it for 10 seconds or even schedule it. This one brings the snapdragon 870, as we talked earlier, which is basically a rebranded snapdragon 865 chipset with 5g integration. This is definitely one of the most powerful chipsets. Even today, as i said, i got it with 8 gigs ram and 256 gigs internal storage, and i did try that two to benchmark on it and its score is right there on your screen. Now this is definitely a flagship score. We will know more about this. Phone’S performance in my final review, which can take about two to three weeks from today, as i thoroughly test the devices let’s move on to the cameras now, okay, this phone has three sensors at the back. The main is a 48 megapixels sony, imx 582 sensor and 8 megapixels ultra wide and 5 megapixels macro camera sensor is set to it’s using a 20 megapixel sensor on the front. Camera app is a flagship level app. It has all the modes that you find on a xiaomi or a poco phone, but what makes it different is the fact that it can shoot ultra wide night mode images.

Its pro mode is also quite advanced, with some additional color and contrast options. The sensor of this phone is mid range, but i am sure its flagship chip and it has flagship image, processing too, but we’ll definitely know more about that. In our final camera view, which is in the works already – and it should be out on my channel in a couple of days for now – i am attaching a few camera samples here to give you guys a basic idea, but make sure you wait for my full Camera review drop your feedback about this video in the comments down below and hit the like button.