Let me introduce myself, my name is definoriana ambrini. You can tell me davey. I am student at university technology faculty of engineering majoring in information system. In this video. I will review about smartphones. Do you know about smartphone in? I am going to review, i think you already know, because you can see in my turn right well, smartphone that i will review is before y20s let’s see guys. This is fifo y20s smartphone fifo y20 has obsidian black color, which look more glossy and luxurious. Inspired by elegant volcanic glass, the joel color looks looking and sophisticated, the cover material is polycarbonate and the frame material is plastic, for the dimensions are quite light and thin enough to weigh only 192 grams and has attained a millimeter on the right set button. There is a value up and down button under it. There is a power button and a fingerprint, then, on the left side there is a triple slot. Two sim card and one microsd in the under there is a headphone jack mic, spiker and micro usb on the back side, if we reverse, there are three camera with led flash 13 megapixel for main camera, which can choose more beautiful and clear produce 2 megapixel. For a super macro camera it can make photos with focus. We can capture the beauty of the wood even from a protect object. 2 megapixel for bulky camera it gives accurate and smooth dresser portrait will look more vibrant and quiet on the side of the screen.

Is an 8 megapixel selfie camera for video recording resolution up to 1080 for the price of the fifo, y20s is ‘9.. The screen size is 6.51 inch. It is not too big, but also not too small and earlier display combination with the lightest in cell technology. It makes screen look more colorful and impressive. The detail also be more more visible ideal for playing games and watching video. The strike is quite large, 8 gigabytes for ram and 128 gigabyte for raw 400 version is android. 10 has a signal with a speed of 4g light battery capacity. User can use it for activates all day long feature on fifoy20s smartphone. There is edition this feature is used to share file between device and can also transfer data from the smartphone to the new one quickly. There is e manager used to optimize smartphone performance and free users from boring. Diluting this feature can clean your smartphone regularly or scan the problem automatically at night. There is a smart job scenario which can provide information to remind the use of smartphone. There is an out editor used to make styles video and distribute it quickly on social media. Beside that, there are also hot games and hot application. With this feature, we can now the latest application without having to open the play store. Fifa y20s has several other things. The first, the sensor on the side of the body is usually if another smartphone is a physical button on the back, but before white 20s place the button for the fingerprint sensor on the side, that’s, why users can usually access and equify the files users don’t need To group smartphone on the back to find out the scanner location.

Second, the body of them is quite amazing. The body has a 2.50 arcs designed with color obsidian length. The body displays a reflection of like the stick of from the direction of the camera. Third, is heart store room who can store data the requirement capacity? The fourth is the durable battery. One of the factor that is a major cancer or smartphone user. Is the batteries stand on the smartphone and the speed or charging the battery capacity is large. The user can win it for a full day activities with all three fleet again. In addition, people y20 definitely substantial the first two cell plus concept types of other smartphones, the second, the grain is not full 80 plus. This scale will feel a bit left and become a maintenance value so that when compared to a full hd plus smartphone, insiders will look back. The third is still use micro, usb port, which is being considered old school, because there is already a type three usb painting port, which is interpreted in terms of comfort and space, sending data from a smartphone. Okay guys. It helps a lot for white and a smartphone. In conclusion, people white 20s is the lightest with playing smartphone real estate people, based on my new update and experience, usually for y20s smartphone. So you must pay people wait 20 years, because quality is great. I think enough. My video, if there are mistakes more or less more, i upload this helpful.

Thank you for your attention.