My name is aman, rashid you’re, watching mr phone, and this is my review of the samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g, as always before. We start please go ahead and subscribe to the mr phone youtube channel if you haven’t yet also hit that bell icon so that you’re notified whenever a brand new video drops with that said, let’s get started Music Music. For this video, i will mainly be focusing on the performance upgrades that the snapdragon 865 brings to the table over the exynos 990, so let’s begin with geekbench, so a single core score of 856 and a multi core score of 2818, which is pretty much in line With the scores i got with the exynos and 990. now let’s go ahead and test antutu for perspective i’m, also including the vivo x60 pro in the mix to see what kind of a performance difference we can expect between the snapdragon 870 and the snapdragon 865. For those who don’t know, the snapdragon 870 is an overclocked version of the snapdragon 865, wherein the main cryo 585 core is clocked at 2.84 gigahertz on the snapdragon 865. While the snapdragon 870 has the same core running at 3.2, gigahertz Music, pretty solid performance on both phones, i would say definitely a higher score on the vivo, which makes it about 10, better in terms of numbers. As per antutu. However, the vivo x60 pro did drop its brightness level and also the phone felt slightly warmer to the touch in comparison to the galaxy s20fe, otherwise, good thermal performance on both phones and now it is time for the final test.

I am going to check the cpu throttling. As you can see, i have set the threads at 20 and the test is going to run for 30 minutes now, of course, every modern day smartphone throttles it’s just that what kind of performance you should expect from these devices when the load and temperature increases. As for the final results, the galaxy s20 fe, with its snapdragon 865, throttled to 77 of its maximum performance, while the vivo x60 pro throttled to 80 percent of its maximum performance, which is slightly better than that of the galaxy quickly. Checking the battery and cpu temperatures. As well, Music – and one last thing that you guys need to see is the minimum number of instructions or both the devices could perform. The number is again about 15 percent better on the vivo x60 pro, so purely in terms of benchmark numbers. The vivo x60 pro did fare better than the galaxy s20 fe, but guys in the real world. Both the phones felt more or less the same. In terms of performance and by real world, i mean to say the day to day performance, the thermal performance, the gaming performance. I think so both the phones are well equipped to handle the demanding of tasks, although i would say that the thermal performance is overall, better on the galaxy s20 fe, so there’s that, okay on to the other aspects of the smartphone, that is the design and display. Now i have talked in detail about this in my long term review of the exynos version of the galaxy s20 fe, but if i have to tell you about it briefly, well, i absolutely love the matte rear finish this cloud navy color that samsung sent me this Time around, i think this one looks stealthy and i kind of like this one more than the cloud mint color that i had earlier.

Of course, the front is flat, and this is how i prefer my phone’s display to be so yeah a 6.5 inch super amoled panel, full hd, plus resolution 120 hertz refresh rate, not adaptive, but okay, it works and 240 hertz touch response. As for the quality, it is bright, vivid, punchy has wide viewing angles and all the good stuff is present here. Of course, this is a samsung made display guys, so it has to be top notch and it is now the software i got on this phone is a one ui three based on android 11 and strangely enough, not one ui 3.1, which, if i recall i did Use one ui 3.1 on the exynos version back in february, so i hope the update arrives soon, but otherwise one ui, coupled with snapdragon 865, has been great. The software and hardware work in perfect tandem and even under stress, i never felt that the software or the performance slowed down. Of course, you saw the temperature levels as well during benchmarks, and, apart from all of that, everything from app animations to the transitions to opening and closing apps felt smooth and yeah can’t forget that you are getting three years of main android updates and four years of Security patch updates, with the galaxy s20 fe apart from this uh, the buttons on this phone offer amazing tactile feedback. The haptics are very good. As a matter of fact, i think this phone has one of the best haptic motors that you can find these days on.

A smartphone – and you also get stereo speakers. One speaker is here the other one. Uh is right here in the earpiece. The earpiece doubles up as the secondary speaker and for the audio sample. Well, here it is Laughter, Music, okay, Laughter. Besides this, you get a micro sd card slot, which is a plus, sadly, no headphone jack, which is kind of a bummer, but never mind ip68 dust and water resistance, very important addition, and it is right here on this phone. Lastly, you also get wireless charging along with reverse wireless charging, and the charging reminds me of the battery life, so a 4500 mah cell that you’re getting inside the smartphone, not a huge battery by today’s standards. But this phone guys is easily a one day phone and on some days i could even take it to a day and a half as for the charging times. Well, not so good. The 15 watt charger doesn’t help much, and i think that 25 watt charger inside the box would have been a better addition. One last thing that i want to talk about before diving into the camera. Details is about 5g and while i don’t care much about 5g right now considering it is still far away for those who do note that this phone supports 9 5g bands in india, which i think is great for comparison, the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro Featuring the latest snapdragon triple eight soc for some weird reason only support two 5g bands in india.

Finally, camera performance, but first the specifications, so the rear has a triple camera setup and by now i have said this so many times anyway, a 12 megapixel main lens. A 12 megapixel ultra wide lens and an 8 megapixel telephoto lens at the front. You are getting a 32 megapixel camera for selfies. By the way, i recently made a camera comparison, video pitting the vivo x60 pro against the samsung galaxy s20 fe. So if you haven’t watched that video, yet you can do that by hitting the card that’s right above my head right now and as for now, this is what i feel about the camera performance of the galaxy s20 fe. The camera performance has been top notch. All the way the galaxy s20 fe takes some amazing photos with good amounts of detail and sharpness. Colors look punchy, but the punchiness is just the right amount. I feel, and of course dynamic range is also good. Now i did notice the photos taken from the telephoto lens to offer slightly muted colors in comparison to the main and ultra wide lens, so that could be an area of improvement, but otherwise all lenses do a very good job, especially the telephoto lens. I think you can use the 3x optical zoom for capturing some amazing close up shots, and one more thing i liked about the s20 fest camera is the way it dealt with my skin tone and i’m, not just talking about the rear camera, but also the selfie Camera for that matter, good performance.

Finally, even during night, given this decent lighting, the camera does a fine job in capturing detailed images along with good color reproduction. However, in not so good lighting conditions, the camera just does an average job, but one thing that i do appreciate is the fact that the photos taken in poor lighting conditions came out. Distortion, free and the camera never tried to over brighten a scene. Finally, let’s talk about video recording, so my only gripe with the exynos s20 fe were the pans and movements with that i mean every now and then i used to notice shutters while recording videos. However, this time around, whether you shoot 4k 60fps videos or whether you shoot 1080p 30fps videos, first of all, ois is on point. Without a doubt, one of the best you can get on a phone right now and, of course, i’m happy to report that the pans and movements are one of the smoothest that i’ve ever tested on any smartphone in recent times and, of course, colors and details. Also, look great priced at 47, 999 rupees, i think so. The samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g is absolutely worth its asking price. I’Ve said this before, and i will repeat it again that the galaxy s20 fe is the true flagship killer and the phone to look out for even in 2021, so that was my review of the samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g smash the like button. If you agree with me and if you don’t then reach out to me in the comments, let’s have a chat.

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