Why not marry you Elena? Why not were mujaheddin Arab Oona, Marconi soybean fathom Allahu Bhima college until Tajima turtle and ha ha ha bahu bahu bhima collusion a Teta Jerry mill, 30 Hal and her Holly Deena feeha was Anika Jessa Marceline, well, vena cava, the booby. I Athena Iike Oscar bull, Jaheim I'm, the real urban. I mean what salatu was salam ala, sayyidal mursaleen, who either he was happy. He was seldom at the Sleeman Cathy or on Ilario me Dean, I'm, a bird so alhamdulillah. We begin the six the 7th Jews of the Quran today following the 6th one, the end of the six Jews was regarding the Christians and then the Jews or the Jews and the Christians and the Munna 15, and the last point there in verse, 82 was about The sympathy that generally many Christians have and the hand of friendship that they could extend, and it spoke about the reasons for them now, the beginning of the seventh juice, which is still Surat al ma'idah, the fifth surah of the Quran. It begins with another incident about another group of Christians and it starts off with either Samir umma unzila allah rasool e, that when they listen to and when they hear that which has been revealed to the messenger sallallaahu is in the quran when they reveal when they Listen to the quran surah are you know whom to feel doom in a demur you're actually going to you see that their eyes are now watering their weeping tears are flowing from their eyes.

Mima are a few mineral Huk because of the truth that they've now recognized the quran is speaking the truth, truths which were in their heart and that were maybe not vocalized, that they were just waiting to be realized. Suddenly, when they hear the Quran, it just suddenly makes absolute sense, it's according to the Fatah and their nature, and that actually causes them to cry and that's. Why yahoo Lenora bana amman fact tube Namara hidden, so they they proclaim that our lord they invoke him saying we believe and thus write us from among the witnesses. Why shouldn't we one mile an hour? No me no billah that's such a wonderful expression. Why shouldn't? We believe on Maya, a nominal hug we're, not America, when you kill an Arab banana I'll, call miss olivine right and the truth and what why shouldn't? We hope that our Lord will enter us among, along with among the people who are righteous. So then, allah subhanho wa taala a thurber whom allah who be marcado allah, subhanho, wa taala, based on what they said or for what they said: allah, subhanho, wa, taala, rewarded them Janet Gardens. Now remember the word Jenna in many of our languages, ethnic languages. We use the word Jenna Jenna Jenna the way. However, people say it it's an Arabic word and it comes from the same root as Jin Junoon Junu means insanity, Jin means the genie and Jenna means the garden what's this. What is the similarity of the common factor between them? Well, the common factor between them is that it comes from the root of jinn or Juna or Jenna, and basically that means for something to be overcome to be veiled and covered.

So the Djinn are veiled and that's why they're called a gin and Junoon? It covers the mind some person can't think straight so that's, why it's called insanity in June and then the garden what's garden got to do everything. Well, these are really lush gardens. That will be covered in greenery, like greenery, that really appeals to the heart that's, why the life of paradise is going to be an outside life. Yes, there are buildings, there are hollowed out pearls for the Asura's and all the rest of it, but why would you need to be inside when it's outside I mean living in the West in coal countries like the UK generally cold? You know you're stuck indoors, so you think that that's, the life that's, why you make everything the way it is, but people who really understand nature they don't like buildings, right and that's. Why, in Paradise you need a villain, you need the concealment and so on. But here you've got lush, gardens and that's what Jenna is and that's the dominant idea of Jenna so that's? Why it's, the garden so Allah has then rewarded them Gardens beneath which rivers flow and they will abide in there forever, and that is the reward of doers of good may Allah make us of the doers of good and then immediately afterwards. This always whenever you look in the Quran, if you haven't noticed it already, whenever there's what we call the Reeb there's, always going to be a bit of Turkey with it.

Whenever the dominant theme is to, then there's always going to be out of turtle heat with it there even that heap. This is a common theme throughout the Quran everywhere, every page you'll you read there's gon na, be some turkey bottle heaped there's, constantly the rebus encouragement by the discussion of paradise, good deeds rewards love of Allah etc, and thar is basically warning you discouragement right. So first is persuasion. This one is dissipation or discouragement by talking about hellfire by talking about punishment by talking about people of the past and how they went wrong and what what happened to them and the evil ending and so on and so forth. So, firstly, this discussion is about those Christians which I'm going to be telling you about and how allah subhanaw, taala Ward's them and then, after that, there's one line before he moves on to the discussion of the rulings. Allah says and those people who disbelieve and who deny and reject our ayat our science, our verses. They are going to be the people of hellfire just that much that's it just to always show that balance and a lot of the time when the whole discussion is about dissuasion. It'S about discouragement there's always going to be a way out, always ill alladhina amanu, except those who believe and do good deeds always giving a way out, because the quran is not here to just condemn the quran is here to wake people up.

So what is this story about so essentially, what happened here is that these ayats about these Christians, who became Muslim about those of Habashi Abyssinia nowadays ethiopia that area and, as you know, that many muslims had migrated there. Already the king was a christian king and a very positive, very, very accommodating for people of belief and that's. Why? You know the whole story about when the people of Makkah sent somebody a delegation to bring them back, the Muslims would migrated there. He refused to give him back so now, when the Quran was recited there literally, they started weeping. Their beards became they. They became uncontrollable almost in there because it was like something that had always been looking for and now it had dawned upon them. It was there for them for the taking their beards, they became wet apart. According to the transmissions we have. The effect of the Quran is such that is the effect of the Quran and Allahu Akbar. When a person reads the Quran with an open mind objectively, with no biases, no subjectivity no animosity, even in fact there's been people who looked at a Quran with animosity and they've been bowled over right, not necessarily everybody. But there have been a lot of people even like that, but generally anybody who looks open minded and just read it themselves in the Quran, then there's, no doubt that it will affect them. They read it. Unfortunately, when we are going through the Quran, we don't have that kind of personal time with it, because we're always rushing to talk about the main themes but that's.

The idea that when you have time you do this for yourself and today, we've got a surah coming up after Surat al ma'idah, the next surah surah al anam it's, just entirely about reflection, it's very difficult to give a tough serum and you'll see when I come Across that it was kind of quite surprising when you look at it as a whole, like that, so when a person doesn't have hatred and animosity enmity superiority complex almost then the Quran is you look at it with humility to learn to seek with the Talib and The desire, then it will definitely open up and that's the that that is, that is basically the atom of the Quran to look at it for that. Otherwise, the Quran will just just help you to to help you to go further in your in your wrong. All right Allah raises certain people with the Quran. It puts others down by the Quran as an evidence because you're looking for the wrong thing in there now, once that's been discussed, allah subhanho, wa taala, then it is a modernise or, as we know back to mesial and the rulings that are starting here is from Pay is from verse, 87 and onwards. So the first discussion is that the as we said before, there was some discussion of this at the beginning of the chapter, a certain Maya it's about food or the food spread which we haven't discussed yet. But there were lots of laws about what's, hella and what's, Haram and purity, and so on and so forth.

So now, allah subhanho, wa taala, says ya. You hella Dina Aminu latter two had remotely Berta maha la la allakum there. There was a lot of discussion about what is impure now here. It'S. The discussion is that don't go overboard because the Meccans they had this idea of a lot of excesses, a lot of arbitrary judgments about what's, halal and what's Haram, and they would come up with many different ideas in that regard, which we'll discuss a bit more later. When the verses come so allah, subhanho, wa taala says that look. Islam is the Deen of moderation. While there are deaf things which are harmful to you right and they are haram like blood and so on. You know they need to be avoided and carry on and sold for health reasons. I don't know why people argue about this and why they insist on making since halal that are not halal Ryan, say no it's. Okay be be easy. I mean it's for your health. Has anybody thought about it that way, it's not just a legal issue, people think it's just a legal issue for it to be slaughtered this way or that way or did the the the food of the Christians or Jews or whatever the case is, or even if It'S a bit doubt: it's, okay, in Islam, there's very few things whose hustle and whose basis default position is Haram. Nearly everything in the world for a Muslim is halal by default, unless you've got evidence for it's, impermissible 'ti and unlawfulness except two things: minimum two things.

One is inter gender relationship intimacy between genders, that is, by default, Haram that's, why you need Myka there or Rick for for that to become challah right that's, why you need a Nica and a marriage to take place otherwise by default is for all right. If I find, if I find a plant in a forest, the only thing that's going to stop me from eating life is harmful, like it has a health problem, otherwise is halal, but the things which are by default, Haram have to look for halal is inter gender Relationship intimacy and number two, its carrying meat dead animals they're not slaughtered according to the proper way they consider dead by default, that's Haram right that that's by default Haram, as mentioned in the Quran, etc. You need a Delisle to make it halal and a way to make it higher and lawful is by sack slaughtering it properly, so that's technically understand but it's for the health it's. One of the main reasons is health reasons. So then Allah says what Kulu mimizuku mula right so do not make Haram those pure things that Allah has made lawful to you and do not cross the boundaries. A lot of her Authority doesn't, like people to cross boundaries, so don't go excessive, now, that's. Why there are I'm actually say that if you make something which is halal, Haram that's the same as making something Haram ha ah, but a lot of people think that the second one is worse than the first, because most people do that.

I guess that's. Why? Otherwise? They'Re both the same because you're just changing the hukum of the prophet sallallaahu silliman and Allah. So anyway, then allah, subhanho, wa taala, says well: coulomb, Amara's, ikkaku, mula, halal and PHA Heba eat whatever's on the earth know whatever Allah provides you whatever Allah has sustained you. It and provide you it as long as halal and play you pure then eat that now, while masha'Allah in much of our industry, we do get Hallel as long as it's, certified and so on and known. The table aspect is another thing that we need to worry about: the purity of something how it's brought up, how its read the kind of food it has. The conditions is kept in that's a whole nother discussion, that's too specific for our discussion. Today then, allah subhanho wa taala, moves on to another issue I said, is ma farratna. You know that whereas Allah will say later on that we've not left anything out of this Quran. So the next thing is about taking oaths, so Allah says in verse. 89. Now you are here o Kamala, who be loved. We feeI Manickam, Allah, Subhanahu WA Ta'ala will not take you to task for you're redundant of samos right for your redundant oaths, but he will take you to task for those that you ratify right now. What does that mean and then allah subhanaw taala mentions the expiation for breaking an oath, so oaths can be in many ways right.

The one earth is, I swear about something of the past right. You there's a case going on that. Did you see a white car here and I thought I did see a white car, so in all honesty I took an oath of Allah. He I saw a white car there. This morning there was a white car parked outside the Masjid, but I happen to be wrong. They checked the camera in his wrong and I got a mistake. I was fasting, I don't know I made a mistake somehow so Allah will not take you to task for that. That'S a remember, that's an oath for the past right, there's, no expiation for that either that's just wrong. Now, if I've made a mistake, if I'd not made a mistake and if I'd made, it told a lie to save somebody, you know to to misrepresent, then that is called Yamina removes that emerge immersing oath, which means that will immerse in sin. That'S like a deadly oath, because that is what a lot of people do do to cause problems in the world. They swear about something clearly so that's one number two: if you swear about something of the future I'm gon na, do this for Allah, he don't worry I'll come and then you don't, then that means you've broken that off that one, an expiation is necessary. It'S not really about sin or not in that one right unless you just making false oath promises, that's more like a promised oath right on oath of a promise, so in that one you'd have to pay an expiation.

So if I didn't fulfill it, I said well lie I'm, not gon na speak to them. Again. I shouldn't say that anyway, but if I did I in some cases you actually forced to break down and then pay the kuffara, as the prophet saw some said in a hadith, because the oath was wrong to take so anyway, any oath that's broken regarding the future. Something then Allah talks about the kuffara of it, the expiation of it being feeding 10ms schemes. Ten poor people from you know a moderate amount of food or two to clothe, ten of them or to free a slave. Whoever those are the first a lot of people. They jump to the second stage which they're not allowed to the second say if you don't find any of these three, if you don't, find any slaves to to free which you're probably not going to right or you can't clothe, ten miskeen, because you don't have the Money or you can't feed, ten of them. Only then are you allowed to fast for three days. A lot of people just think it's fasting three days first, but it's. Actually, the it goes in order. You can't fast three days unless you, unless you're in a unable to do the first any of the first three things. Why, for the way, Manickam Allah says, look maintain your oaths like if they're to be maintained, make sure you're careful about them and mind your oaths.

Then allah, subhanho, wa taala speaks about some other halal and haram issues. Yeah you hella Dena amino in the Muhammed well may sit. This is now discussing all the Haram aspects by default, Haram aspects, so Allah says what's Haram, for you is intoxicants, wine right, that's Haram. For you may see gambling on saab islam now these are 'islam, and this is why i don't like to use the word islam or muslims muslims. As people say, Islam is a great religion right. Even some Muslims are saying that nowadays right because it's a different meaning. The word Islam comes from Salam and Islam, or Islam or, however, you want to say it comes from this idea, which is to do divine the practice of divining arrows. The people had a quiver right of arrows and the arrows were of different types generally and the way they used to do this is that whenever there was a decision they needed to take, they would put their hand in to their quiver and pluck out an arrow And if it had a certain sign all right, because you know there were some with red or white or a cut or a slash or different feathers, whatever that everybody had their own. So if it comes to be of the teak wood or beech wood, then I shouldn't do this it's bad, so they did it for divining reasons right and that's. What a Salaam is. All of that is Haram right.

They believed in it. They see. One is I mean one: is you toss a coin to say which one just to that's? Okay, that's like picking lots because you're not thinking there's any efficacy in that that's just lets get over it. You know unless there's somebody start right. This is where they actually believed in the efficacy that these arrows told you something or they did it with birds that is the if they let go of a bird and let it fly if it flew to the right. It was a good thing. It'S, a good omen, if you, if it flew to the left, it was a bad thing, so it wasn't about making a decision it was more about. There was an efficacy understood in these arrows or within these birds, and so on that there's, something in there. Something is controlling them in that way, so allah, subhanho, wa taala, says all of this is the rich son that it's dirt its impurity minimally Shaitaan from the actions of the Shaitaan stay away from it, so that you can gain success, says about several different things. Regards Hummer and macey right in gambling and and so on, and then Allah says that in verse, 91 in my unit of Shaitaan, you Carraway Enoch, when I die with all bada fill humbly well may sit right. Allah wants the Shaitan rather Shaitaan once that he create enmity and hatred between you. Basically, with regards to the the wine and the gambling, because that's what it does there's, you know the intoxicant being basically drunk and then what a person can do in that they won't make it this thing between their wife and their mother and maybe beat somebody up Or say something stupid and and so on so that's what shaitaan wants to do? It'S a proper act of the down, but people love it.

I can't believe in this country they had a lockdown on many industries and many kind of stores and supplies, and initially they banned off licenses. Or would you call those liquor stores right and then suddenly they open them up again as an exception. They make that accept that that should be open. You know people need something to maybe calm down with or something subhanAllah as a Muslim. You know when you go into a store and there's like you're, going to Costco, for example right, and they have like two or three major aisles of you know of liquor, and you just think I'll handle it. I don't even have to check these out, because can you imagine how much money we save and how much grief that we save how much anxiety we save just by being Muslims who do not drink right? Because anybody who drinks and you think you have to drink, then you have to buy the champagne or bubbly or whatever it is the wine to calm down your nerves or whatever get intoxicated drinking driving problems as a observing Muslim. You don't just that's, just not a chapter in your life and when that switch is not on, if it's never been on, then it's, not even a problem, so the main thing for Muslims, especially the younger falk, that I'm speaking to right now, don't ever. Let that let that window open that you have ever tasted it because then you may want to keep going back to it, because once you've never tasted it and you don't care about and the repugnance is in your heart and hatred, then it's, not it doesn't even Bother you and that's the best way to avoid to have immunity, rather that, where the switch is just off, you don't even feel like it's, because one is that you're tempted, but you can't, you have to keep resisting that's more difficult than hey.

I just don't even feel like it ham do lamella just remove that desire from our hearts of these haram things. Aloha Matt finna be halal. Akan Haram ik Allah suffices with the halal away from the Haram wasn't in a republic MNC work. So now so then allah subhanaw taala carries on he says, wear suit become and the guerrilla and not evil. Of these things is prevent you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. How you gon na pray, a lot of people who do that and they, like. I can't pray I'm, not clean and so on the hell and two moons. Are you gon na stop well RT Allah, ho RT Rasul Allah and be obedient to Allah and His Messenger and be careful for in towel item anyway. It carries on now allah subhanho, wa taala then discusses a number of other things. With regards to halal and haram. Are you allowed to hunt if you're in a harem? Are you allowed to hunt? I mean that's, probably not a question that there's probably a reason for anybody in living today right, but in those days when you went there there, you you, you know you didn't, have the money you'd go and hunt something they were probably places to hunt around there. So are you allowed to hunt while you're in a Haram? Are you allowed to hunt in the harem like dr. Liu sada, wa, antum harem you're not allowed to kill? I pray right while you're in that sanctified state and then, if somebody did because in those days that was a reality, I hope it never becomes a reality.

Again I mean with everything that's happening subhanAllah. It just feels like the world is going backwards in the sense back to fitrah right where you might have to start hunting again. Hopefully it doesn't get that back, but you know alhamdulillah in the West, where, where the government's are helping, people generally have a lot of disposable income, they're still doing okay, but in so many other countries those people really lived hand to mouth. They are struggling. They have no way they they're not going to die from the virus. They'Re gon na die from probably hunger or something right, so allah, subhanho, wa taala then talks about the Masjid al haram and the Kaaba in verse, 97 jalalahu capital by al haram, Akiyama Lindner, see well Cheryl Haram will hide you well color. It radically tell anyone Allah here. I know maybe some about you, Murphy Lord, when Allah have equally shine on him, so allah, subhanho, wa, taala, talks about the house of allah and his sanctity and and and so on, that's. Why? Once one of the allahu anhu said regarding the sanctity right, the sanctified nature of the harem right of of Camus, Kurama and around the Kaba. He said that even if hot Bob, my father was his murder was found here, and I saw him – I wouldn't be able to touch him. I won't be able to kill him basically until I take him out of here like it's, a no go area in terms of violation like that now allah, subhanho wa taala, as i said to you, that the mashaykhina used to make all sorts of things haram and Give them different names, so that's discussion is then verse, 103 masha'allahu min ba here.

Well, as eber when I was sila what a ham I'm, not gon na go into the explanations of all of that, you can check them up if you want to, but Allah has not designated any of that that's, nothing from Allah, he's not formulated. All of that that's all from there and they don't even get it. What a therm liner kit is well irrational. To be honest, I mean the reasoning that they provide is all irrational anyway, for example, for some animals that's going to come tomorrow, they would say that we'll we'll just leave it for tomorrow spoiling it for tomorrow, then allah, subhanho, wa taala, discusses yeah, you Aladeen amine Or alaikum and Fusako be careful. You don't, look after yourself, liya do recommend allah eat at the datum and then yeah you Halle, Deena are minutiae, ha de Benny come either. Hedorah had a cool mouth totally different topic now, and that topic is that, if you feel that you are gon na die, I mean I guess we could die anytime, but especially so when, especially if you're on a journey, for example or you don't have to be On a journey, but the idea is now so how to do was here how to make a bequest, how to basically do a will almost so if you don't have pen and paper handy and you can't document it like that, you can't send an email off or A send a message, a voice message nowadays become easier, but what you're supposed to do then, is grab to people who are upright nature.

There were idly min come on II mean really come, especially if you're travelling and you're about to die. Then then, basically, you make them swear an oath and it's the whole discussion about making them, because this is very important when somebody dies there's gon na be so many issues that crop up and that's. Why allah, subhanho wa taala saying that makes sure you deal with this then after that allah, subhanho wa taala in verse, a hundred nine from there? He takes it back to the hereafter, because at the end of that he remember this book is not about just one theme: it's about several different themes, to tug up the chords of our heart and make us realize so. Allah subhanho, wa taala, says yahoo manager, Allah, who Rasool affair, who knew mother, mooji, Batum or Lula in melena. In there I learn will who you the day when the messengers, the messengers that Allah sent, they will be gathered and Allah will say, mother Shipton? How did what kind of response did you receive and they would say we don't know you're the knower of all the unseen things so saying that now surah al maida, the point comes now is asylees. Salam is then singled out and there's a huge discussion about ISA. Islam again and again this the you get a lot of discussion, Marisol, Islam and Musa al salaam, because the Christians and Jews that that's who they followed or they came to follow.

So the record is being set right right so now. This is where the whole concept of Maradona comes in, so allah, subhanho, wa taala says that when easily salaam, when Allah Allah will tell so part of this discussion with the prophets and the messengers on the day of judgment, allah, subhanho wa taala will address easily salam And say that yari sub na Maryam o is a son of Mary. Do you do him, remember the bounties that I provided you and on your mother and then all the bounties I mentioned a yet Kabir. Oh he'll, kudos, assisted you and supported you with the roohulqudus Jibril re Salaam right. You then spoke to people in your cradle right and then, of course, when you were older, girl, girl means, when you're middle aged – and I mentioned to you the other day that there's no discussion of his childhood and young age. He comes back on the scene at about 30 or so and that's discussion in madam Ocala, and we taught you the book and wisdom and the Torah, the injeel and the other things we taught. You is that this is very interesting. All the miracles now that you used to form from clay like the form of a bird right used to mold it right, and that, with our permission, you would then blow unto it with the name of allah, and it would become a real bird. It would fly away literally, so that was one of the things you you could cure the leper.

You could cure the the blind by memory, in fact there's even some narrations, not in the quran, where it's two creature motor beam. Actually, you could even revive sorry. It is there you can revive even the deceased, the dead that haven't at least on one occasion when they challenged him. Can you do this? You do all of this. Can you do that, so they went to a certain person's grave and he was revived and he had a white hair and so on and we're we protected you from the bani, israel so and then it carries on and then discusses his. How are we in his disciples, the people that were around him and this kind of shows the attitude of the Sahaba their pure attitude? They just had no questions. Everything was a man now assalam nah, we submit right, I know Roxy. Well, I mean, as a you know, I'll ROC as the Syrians would say right on my head on my eyes. You know whatever so the how Iranian they said to that they asked miss Allison arm. Can your Lord Helios 30 over a book? Can your Lord? Does he have the ability to cause a spread of food to descend upon us from the heavens? Sorry, sorry, Sam says, call it Akula in kuntum mu'minin'. That is verse 112. If you're following right, it's Allison tell them fear Allah if you're believers fear Allah. What kind of a question is that so they said no, no read or not calling me now.

We want to eat from it. We'Re not we're in the Kalugin. What Optima in the calluna and our hearts will be more content and satisfied when a lemon and God saw doc then, and we know, then you told us the truth. Can you imagine the Sahaba ever saying that Subhan Allah never right when akuna mina shahid and then we can be of the witnesses to that as well? Sorry, Saudi sternum said: look. He saw this I'm then to Allah. O Allah have one of these descent for us right. Obviously, in his own words, that could then be read for us already now. Hidden at the MINIX would be a sign from you. What is okay now want the hi rose again in his own way. He called unto Allah for it. So Allah says: okay, I will have one come down: I'll send one down for you right, I'll send their order out, but if anybody then denies afterwards and disbelieves afters, then for in knee or at v boohoo either Mandla or a zebu, who I had a mineral Al amin, as I said, I'll, do it for you, because you've asked, but if anybody denies afters I'll punish them with such a punishment right that I've never punished. Anybody like that from from the world's, then, after that the discussion is about Assad Islam and his mother, where allah subhan was talking about another discourse. That did you tell people that you should take me yeah and the cool telling us it took you that you should take me and my mother to be gods aside from Allah, so assalam says subhanak.

How can I say something like that right? If I in fact II sorry Sam, he said it uses a very Russian law. He says if I said that you would have known about you you're the knower of everything right. You know what's in my heart, I don't know what you're thinking, but you know what's in my heart. You know of everything. I only told him what you told me to tell him Malcolm ulema, our Martin Eby. You know from verse hundred 1617 and until I was with them I was a witness, but when you, when you took me when you took me from this world, then you were in charge after them and you know everything so Allah knows best. But then this is the beauty of prophets right. He then says something: that's just gone down, you know somehow in history and off quotes it, especially with regards to two hours into our labor, whom for in the home, aber the clock you want to punish them. You have the absolute right because they are your servants. You have the absolute right to punish them, but we're in tough alone for in the can tell as ezel Hakeem. If you do forgive them, then you have the might and the command the judgment. The wisdom to do that, meaning, even though you can you will basically the idea here – is that if you do forgive them, you won't be doing it because of helplessness, because you can't punish them anyway.

No, you have absolutely all capacity to do that, but if you did that that would be that's the contrast, he's showing and that's his way of making dua to Allah. You can use this door over life. You want, you can punish me. You have the absolute right to do so, but if you forgive them, you know so then allah, subhanho, wa taala, says call ilaha do me and for Sadiq a young women Pharaoh Sadiq in a suit go home. On that day of judgment, anybody who's been truthful. Their truth will be of benefit to them and again from for them will be those Jen at those gardens and Allah will be pleased with them. Now, by that that that's a bit about the day of judgement again to finish off the surah now we move on to surah 2, and I am now so little an arm is to do with animals right so anyway. The idea here now is this is a very interesting surah and I'm gon na do my best to give you the main themes and the main idea and the main way that it works. But this is a surah that you will have to read for yourself like for sure you have to read the whole Quran anyway, but this one to really appreciate it, because there's a constant movement in there, we won't we won't have the time to go through it. In that kind of detail to appreciate I'm gon na try to bring up it's a different it's it's about primarily one theme, one or two themes, primarily all about reflection and not the biggest idea in there is the prophet sallallaahu REO Salam is basically being accused slandered.

Criticized and so on and so forth, huge challenge for him to get the message across so they're asking him also saying why don't you send us this miracle. Why don't you produce this miracle or that bring and bring your now Allah? Is then gon na tell them that? Look. If we want, we can bring you whatever miracles. You want, but they're still not gon na believe they're still not gon na believe they're. Just wasting your time, they're just excuses. They don't want to believe so it's a constant discussion of two types of answers, but before we get there, let's just quickly discuss the preliminaries of the chapter. This surah comes after surah maidah. As you know, in this seventh Jews of the Quran – and there are – I think – 165 verses in here right – I think there's – a hundred sixty five verses in here just make sure, and that is right – 165 verses and there's about 20 themed, attic sections. You can split it into ruku as we call them and it's a mucky surah. So as soon as I say, machi surah now you know it's not gon na have too many laws. You'Ll have a few maybe, but the majority of it will be about instilling, reviving, emphasizing and establishing the towhead of Allah and responding to a lot of faith based questions, theological questions that's. What McKee sewers are generally many talking about, though he'd Rossella, the messenger establishing the messengership of the prophets of law Salem and the arkarow and resurrection.

Those are the major themes in machi sewers. So, as I said, the biggest theme in here you're gon na see over and over again in an interloping kind of way. Overlapping overlocking kind of way is it's about removing the bad theology, the bad doctrines, the corrupt beliefs of of the most shocking and responding to them. Now the response is given in two ways: one is to basically give them what you would call challenging answers that don't. You see it this way right. What about if this happens? Who does this for you? Who does that, for you, most of them start with cool cool cool, as where you see so many calls. I didn't count how many but Cole means wherever you see cool. It means say, and generally throughout the Quran whenever cool is said, it's set to the professor Lauriston, Oh Messenger or oh, my my prophet say and so on right, so nearly it it has one of those. Then it has a fact so constantly this effect and then there's say this as a response effect and say this is a response or ask this question. Ask this question, so we will just to give you a few before we actually go through it quickly, yeah. So the other facts that are produced there and the challenges that are produced through that they're axiomatic they're, basically firmly established ideas that anybody who Ponder's over it purely from a human perspective without any bias they can't deny it right.

You'Ll understand what I'm saying speaking about the earth and the heavens, for example, death creation, helplessness of the human being right, human weakness, human need, sustenance provision, and all of these things. These are things that you don't need. Any evidence for axiomatic understanding means those things which everybody just gets. If you think about it, you'll just get it you don't have to do any syllogism. You don't have to use any logical premises, it's just obvious. These are obvious matters. So one of the common themes that you're gon na see is that Allah Allah is dominant and many examples are shown to show the weakness and helpless of the human being allah subhanho wa taala speaks about vulnerability, while asleep in verse 60, for example, that you could Just die in your sleep, then the kind of more responsive questions are they're gon na ask you about who owns everything in the heavens and earth or you can ask them who owns everything in the heavens and earth. So you see the idea was that a lot of mushrikeen you see there are three types of Cofer. One is a type of cover where you're ignorant. They just have no idea so that's, why you say I don't believe it because I don't know anyway the other one is, you know deep down, but you don't believe because you got more, you you're you've got more affinity to something else. My parents, religion or my culture is more important.

This is people who will experience this in various ways in their life. They know something is the truth, but they're not willing to say it, because they've got some other loaded aspects in their mind that they'll have to that they just can't bother or they don't have the time to deal with or they can't because it's fear so that's. Why you've got Khufu jahil good, fluorine, odd and covered your hood? So the third one is where you absolutely know for sure, but you obstinately you obstinately reject, so you either reject because of ignorance. You reject, because of because you just deny you don't, want to think about it and the third one is you know, but you reject, because you're being obstinate, so it's different shades. So a lot of these people there are different shades among the people of Makkah as well, but among them some of them were that Islam was in their heart. They knew it was true, just like I'm or even after the Ilan said when he heard Jaffa, radiyallahu, anh, who's Kira a reading in Abyssinia. He said Islam, the seed of it came into my heart, but he was a delegate from the people of Makkah. He was actually against the Muslims he didn't believe. Then it took him a few years for that seed to germinate and eventually became Muslim, so allah subhanho, wa taala, then, is saying a lot of these things that they know inherently they know, is to be true.

A lot of inherent facts which basically helps and mashallah that the just above the Quran is wonderful, very powerful surah. So if you want, if you've got a friend, who's thinking, let them read this, read it to them learning self so that you can speak to them with those same kind of ideas, wonderful sort of a dower by the way. So let us quickly look until he gets to a main story of ibrahim. Alaih is salaam so ibrahim. Al islam is now featured very strongly, especially his faith, how he discovered faith as such his journey and then his whole thing with his father right that, if you have to give up your father for true faith, then we've got an example of that in ibraheem alehissalaam. Then i mentioned a number of other prophets, so this just quickly just came through this, i said, is something you're gon na have to read yourself. Allah starts off al hamdu, lillahi lady huh love a semi wet. He well he's. The creator all praises to allah who creates in the heavens and earth where i love Lulu, mati, one nor absolute fact, he's the one who created darkness and light so melody naka for me, rob bohemia', I didn't, then these people who disbelieve they basically equalizing with Allah. They making others with Allah who led Holika come in clean his own created you from soil from from from dirt, so Merkava Adela. I don't think anybody in those days would have known the the the origin they didn't have those laboratories to figure those things that a biology hadn't been at that level.

I think so. Obviously later the Merkava agenda was – and we can't read all of this, but basically Allah is then saying in verse four that every time any verse that comes to them, they just rejected, and then Allah subhana WA uses different arguments that have you animal come do that In have they not seen how we've destroyed the people before them? Who we settled on the earth and we'd, given them, and basically we'd shower showered upon them? Lots of rain and water and we've, given them lakes and streams and so on? But then, eventually, when they did wrong, we destroyed them. Just because you have things, doesn't mean that you have ultimate success. Ultimate success is about the Hereafter. Then Allah means a number of other things that even if we were to send them upon them, a written piece of written document right, I wish they could even touch because remember the quran didn't come down in writing. He came down in words memorized, even if we sent them from the divine realm. A divine piece of writing on how that would look like be quite amazing, right. A divine piece of writing that it could even touch and admire and believe that that they would still say in how the allah sacrum moving, because when you got obstinacy or you got other affinities, then it's the truth. Doesn'T make a difference to you then another one. They say is that why doesn't allah send an angel? Why wipe human being? Why not an angel, so allah, subhana wa da, says well, oh and zelda Mulliken verse, eight! If we did send an angel, then the matter would have been dealt with right.

That would have been a serious issue and okay, even if we did send an angel, we would have made him a man. We'Re gon na meet him. Look like a man right, because otherwise it's gon na be too much. Oh he's, an angel there's other patient along with allah, says that he sent an angel. Well, you don't, he doesn't eat, he doesn't need to eat or drink or sleep so well. Our code is to zero sodium in public. So, look at the professor lorry salami saying to him that even before you, other messengers were mocked right, but all of that is just gon na lead them to their destruction. Cool sea roof allowed travel, the earth go and look at the remnants of the ad and Thamud go to medina, insert mother in soil. A right go to petra, go to you know down south to yemen. Right and you'll see the remnants of these places, whether whom a second a fee, lady won the horror or semi rural, a name. I mean this just take reflection, I mean I. What do I miss out? You know what do I not do so? I'M gon na have to rush this a bit Allah asks why iam Cesc Allah, who bid or if Allah, if he, if he afflicts you with some kind of harm, then there's nobody to really relieve you except him, and if he gives you any good, then he Has ability over everything well well power here, Avoca, a body has might over everyone – okay, some of course all of that also there's discussions about the Hereafter and a lot of warnings that are provided, but then something very interesting in verse, 28 or 27.

26. 27. 28. Well, bad Elohim, Marikana, Yahoo and I'm in Kabul. Well, Oh Ruth! Do laia do Lehman who and who went home like everyone that, even in the hereafter, for example, if things became very clear for them and then they were sent back on earth, they would still basically go back to doing what they do because that's become their nature. That'S, as I said yesterday or the day before, I can't remember now that if you can't do something then don't justify it don't make that become your nature, always despise it and want to be out of it, because once something becomes your nature, a bad deed becomes Your nature, then it's very difficult, come out and that's what a lysine can become so worse that, even if you went and saw the reality and the punishment, everything you'd still come back and do the same thing because it's become your nature, Allah protector, that's. Why? One of my drawers is that oh Allah preserves from such sins, which had become part of our lives and we don't even see them as sins anymore, because believe me, that's, even many of us practicing people, we have these issues so Allah help us that's. Why? Well, Torah is working for an Arab, be him verse, 30, when you see that they will be stood by their Lord call, a Shahada, bil Haq, qalu bala'. What abena then they're gon na say? Yes, this is definitely the truth.

Now now taste the punishment because you disbelieve before right to move on another thing. They say what karu lola newsela Ali, hey, aya murabbi. Why doesn't a sign come from? Why isn't a sign is revealed from Allah call: inna, llaha, Kaoru nada, a Unadilla I Allah can reveal whatever I ayats he wants, but people just they don't know. Please go and read this for yourself and reflect over it. It'S it's very powerful and we just can't do it just this in the short amount of time that we have then Allah says another relevant part. I just want to bring up 44 verse 44 phenomena su Mizuki, Ruby. They look for some people. This is a major delusion right and we are understanding this today. I hope so right and a lot of people are understanding this, but when it's over they might forget again, I don't know you know I don't know what Allah has in store for us. I just hope that we realize, when they forgot what they had been reminded by right and they just like we, we don't want anything to do with it. We don't care about it fatahna I, like him, ababa cool deshay. We flung open the doors of everything like what would you want like everything right, haha, either funny who'll, be my you two until they became very excited about what they had been given a husband whom bothered that we seized them suddenly without any notice fader who Mobley So now what right faculty are able to call me: Ladino, vana, mu, well, hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, aalameen, then allah again remember.

I said cool cool cool, so you see another one here called era item in a hollow summer. Come say: messenger say to them: sell a lorry. Some say to them that if Allah takes away your listening and your site places Ceylon your heart, do you have any other Lord that can bring about that? Can replace them for you right, cool under Kevin? Oh sorry, well I add some Hamas, the phone. Look how we turn the verses, meaning, how we repeat the verses of the Quran over and over again so sometime, if it doesn't affect you ill effect, you later again, color I to another compatible aji bhakta. What do you think say to them that you know if Allah was to suddenly bring a punishment on you openly right and so on? So cool? Look me in the house and tell them that I don't have the treasures of the heavens and the earth anyway. I'M. Getting too engrossed in that and we don't have the time so now, let's rush forward a lot of verses. To I mean one thing we are told, which i think is important in verse 68 is what is our eighth and Lavinia, who do Neffe ayah Tina? When you see those people who are just bantering about our signs, not taking them seriously for iodine, whom, like just ignore them, turn away from them Hetalia who do fee hadith in later until they start another discussion, a better discussion right and if shaitaan' is, if Shaitaan Is to kind of make you forget, then, once you remember, filete occurred once you remember like okay, maybe you just got into the band and you didn't ignore it.

You didn't turn away. If Shaitaan does make, you forget he's blaming the Shaitaan here, then Fallot uh corabeth, the Cyclorama I'll call we've thought I mean once you've got the realization, then you should not be sitting with the oppressive people afterwards. Right now let us move on to verse 74, which is the story of ibraheem alehissalaam. So, after all of that reflection argument, evidences Allah says whales, Carla Ibrahim Aliyah, be he as a TEDTalk, either a sermon early, huh Ibrahim, any service confronting his father as ur saying. Are you taking these idols as gods in the arakawa call McAfee dollar lima bean? I see you and your people in clear error, even one's own father. There is a difference opinion whether that was his uncle or his real father. Either way it doesn't make a difference, even if it's, your own father and then Allah talks about this whole, reflecting on the heavens and the earth, Wacka Dada cannula Ibrahim, a mallacoota somehow earthy Walt we showed ibrahim. Alaih is salaam the kingdom of the heavens and the earth so generally the milk is defined as that which you can see and the mela codes is that part of a last creation that you cannot see like the angels and the unseen realities, that's mulk and malakut. Generally, sometimes they both use for the same meaning as well. So then the whole story, which you probably know about that he is determining a way to find God, like the evidence for that right.

There'S, no there's, no evidence that he didn't know. God already. It seems like this could be a theological exercise. Allah knows best right, so he had definitely discernment. You can tell from when he escaped from his father when he left them and departed and Allah shower him. Great believes, because, through sacrifice, when you give sacrifice for your Deen, it might be difficult. Can you believe, leaving your family, leaving your area, leaving your hometown traveling where else and he becomes one of the greatest prophets after Muhammad's Allah said I'm, the greatest of the prophecies ibrahim alaih is salaam created an atom and newhalem, and all of them right and that Doesn'T come easy that comes with sacrifice, so don't stop doing something, because there's sacrifice and difficulty right if you're having Islamophobic attacks and you think everybody's against you, that's difficulty but that's life. Our real life is the hereafter one of these difficulties. Shallah will just push you forward. Remember ibraheem, an islam story. So anyway, the story is that he saw the stars. He thought that could be God right or said that could be God and then when they disappear. How can that be God they disappeared. Then he saw the moon it's a bit brighter and bigger. That could be God. You know says and again this is a lesson for everybody else, who's listening and then eventually he puts his hands up and he says it: doesn't literally put his hands up but that's.

What my expression he says if Allah doesn't kind guide me if my lord does not guide me now, he's, not even calling him Allah, maybe because it's a step by step process. You don't know him yet right! You know him to be your Lord, because you figured out that there has to be one creator of the earth and he's the one who looks after everything on the earth. That means he is Rob that's what Rob means he's the one looks up, because when you look around the world and you see how it's been taken care of, I think he must have a merabh be a Rob that's. Why rationally it's easier to conceive of a leader than a creator, a caretaker administrator than Allah, because Allah, although that is Allah but Allah, is a very comprehensive idea and you can't just figure that out straight away. Eventually all leads to Allah as in who Allah is. But the the aspect of the characteristic is the rub, or the colic or the car there, the one who has ability over everything or the one who knows everything that's something you can figure out rationally. So then he says if he doesn't. If my lord does not guide me, then I'm gon na be from among the misled ones. So then he sees the Sun out in its all glory, and I do a paraphrase translation. You know just to make it easy. He said this must be my Lord.

This is the this is the biggest of all, but when that also disappeared in this appears every day, so you can tell that this is just the theological exercise. It seems, then, he says in me what J now that's, the pure monotheism, this expression in New Ager, agility, Vitara, Samoa, T well on honey, forma and Michigan is one of the highest expressions of that it's called dua, Auto G. Some people read this actually in the beginning of prayer or before prayer, which is to say that I direct my face right towards the one who created the heavens and the earth cutting away from all lords except him. Hanifah rama anna minun was shaking his mahadji hokum verse 80. They disputed with him and his whole response is there and then then it says what el cajon jet tuna, that is all the evidences that we gave that's the understanding and the evidence we gave to ibrahim alaih is salaam, verse, 83 and we basically put up the Level of whoever we wish and then there's lots of prophets mentioned now we gave to him is how Kenya koop each one of them. We guided their new highest and we also guided from his and then from him came down, would Suleiman Ayub use of moosa haroon zachary yahia isa. Ilyas is my yes, sir Yunus luta.