How are you doing today? I really hope you’re. Well, my name is michael nice to meet you and welcome back to the channel. I guess you know that i really enjoy expecting cool tech or probably, if you’ve never heard, of that in my passion for smart watches – probably you’re new to the channel. So you might consider subscribing, because i really would love to see you in some of the next episodes as well now uh today we’re here because of this that’s, the brand new tick watch, gth it’s, the second non wearer west, based smartwatch, that the company is releasing And we’re going to inspect it thoroughly throughout this episode, with a lot of tests and comparisons and references to some other devices and i’m going to start with the elephant in the room because apparently that’s the design. If you can see the screen placement this button over here, you know it’s a very interesting placement of the button very similar to apple watch series design, but in terms of performance and in terms of features, they are very different and we want to find out how Much of their experience with wear os based devices stick watch is used here because, as you probably know, tick watch are among the companies which release the most reasonably priced were os based smart watches. So it is meant to compete with the maze with bpu or even a mesa gts series. Maybe the me watch light and some other fitness trackers prices around 79, which is, in my opinion, shooting well the device.

However, i would recommend to tick watch to think about releasing a gth pro edition. We’Ll say more about this idea at the end of this video, so the unboxing, the pack is rather small on the retail box. You’Re gon na find most of the specs highlighted and i’m showing you here the device and also the charging cable yeah magnetic based similar to what many wearables are utilizing these days. No wireless charging, in case you hope for such luckily you’re gon na – need this charging cable just once per week. Even if you use most of the tracking features. First, very obvious thing is the build quality rectangular form for the display and aluminium bezels there’s. A replaceable 20mm strap feels very good on the hands. There’S a single function, button on the side. Currently’S functions are limited to open the app drawer on a single press and shoot down the watch via a long press before diving into these menus. Some technical information, the display 1.55 inches tft touchscreen 260 milliamp hour battery, providing up to 10 days backup time. A lot of sensors, accelerometer hr, monitor respiration sensor, skin temperature sensor and spo2 sensor for communication, bluetooth, 5, and all of that is ip68 waterproof and with weight of around 30 grams. Most of the specs, especially the amount of sensors, is crazy. A lot and crazy, useful we’re going to review the software in a moment and see how it handles sports and health tracking.

However, two major drawbacks, i can point to tft technology. Although it’s high quality tft screen it’s an impressive when compared to a proper amoled viewing angles and battery consumption are sadly in different leagues. Therefore, the watch doesn’t have always on option and the longest screen timeout is set to 15 seconds. Second, hardware drawback, as i see it, gps, i guess stickwatch had to eventually decide which sensor to get rid of, and they seem to have prioritized the health first, which makes the gth the best priced smartwatch with temperature and spo2 measuring coming from a popular brand. Right now, so i can’t wait to show you everything about the software and make some references and compare it to some other devices. You know if, if you press the button you’re gon na land at the menu page, actually that’s a scrollable menu, something like an app drawer and, unlike some other cheaper devices. Scrolling here actually is visible, it’s, not perfect, but works well. So i think my first impression is rather positive and i need to go back right at the top. We start with the notifications, and i can’t say i like a lot. What i see at least we can distinguish proper icons for each one of the apps. However, if you have multiple messages, you cannot read through the content: no responding possible either the latter being typical for non wear. Os devices thick exercise is full of popular workout modes, 14 of them to be precise, right now, there’s the trend, these watches.

To get a lot more, however, most of the time you won’t have the patience to discover them. All. Next is the tick health menu with the pulse option being the first one for the detection i’ve compared to a chest mounted monitor one of the most precise in the industry, and it seemed to do well detecting increases and decreases with pulse, meaning that if the watch Is tightly staying around your wrists there’s a good chance to get the boost properly measured during workouts, another good section is called tick breathe and if you read the details, there’s, obviously some extra work that mobvoid have done with this feature thick oxygen is next looks like Not only heart rate is continuous, but also the blood oxygen saturation measuring and my last favorite, the skin temperature monitor well i’ve tried other watches with such kind of sensor, and this one is pretty good. It was consistently providing accurate information about my temperature. Luckily, i didn’t get any fever during these days, but probably i’m gon na find out someday whether it measures correctly or not. Besides the health data going further in the menus from the usual ones, i really like the design of the weather widget. The rest is rather usual, in fact not too many extras in the settings. You can only control the screen brightness and no, there seems to have been no space left for ambient light sensor from the main screen. There are a few useful swiping actions that you can perform switching between the main cards, just like that or checking the notifications with a swipe up or swipe down to get to the quick toggles there’s, a battery saver mode, torch vibration, adjustment screen adjustment and shortcut to The settings basic, but at the same time functional enough now i’ve had a few sports activities during the time of testing and we can use a smartphone app to explore them.

The app is called mobvoy. The company obviously uses the same one for controlling the rest of their wearables, including other smart watches, voice, recorders or headphones. The data inside is well grouped visible with good statistics about everything you may want to see and explore. There even is watch face center, allowing you to get more interesting backgrounds and even create some on your own. However, you may not get as many features as with other apps like me fit or huawei health, at least not at this point. You can see the section with sports details now and i think it’s good. Furthermore, the device is smart enough to automatically detect workouts. I have mostly used the traditional manual activation of the sports modes, but it’s always nice to count on auto detection. With the first version of the firmware, though i cannotice a few disadvantages, maybe the most annoying out of which, during workout mode, you have no control over music. So, to be clear, you start an exercise and, unlike some other fitness, trackers there’s no way to skip to the next track or adjust the volume. Luckily it’s fixable, and i hope that mobvoi are going to roll out an update about this. Secondly, it’s the smartphone app, which is great. However, you can’t trigger an exercise mode where you can borrow the phone’s gps signal, unlike what you can do with mi fit or huawei health apps, both where you can start an exercise and it can get a good precise route based on the phone’s gps signal.

And since we started talking about drawbacks this time, i don’t want to call them drawbacks. Maybe we can create a good list with suggestions on what mobvoik can use in order to create a great gh pro, not that the gth is too bad it’s, actually a good smart watch, especially knowing that it has continuous spo2 tracking and this well working temperature sensor. But i’m sure there would be a lot of people wishing for something closer to perfection, whereas mobvoik could add amoled display with always on feature automatic brightness adjustment, gps, strava integration and maybe some sort of speaker and microphone for possible phone calls. But here am i dreaming about perfection, so i think the tic watch gta’s greatest trends are the health tracking capabilities, where it obviously leverages from the awesome, tick health ecosystem that we know from the tick watch pro 3 series being, of course, a lot simplified here and It’S, a bold attempt from a much smaller company to challenge the market leaders, so we wish the gth a lot of success and a lot of great software updates. I really hope this video was useful and you got to know everything you wanted about. This tic watch. Gth the brand new smartwatch coming from mobvoi and that’s the next company that goes down the round of creating and developing its own smartwatch operating system, really curious how this is going to evolve in the future and actually hope to see more devices with this operating system Of course, with a lot more features now, if you have any question or probably a request or something you want to share about, it comment below uh one more announcement.

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