His name was one day. The prophet saw him and his face was you know his color of his face was pale. What he says, my only sickness and my only grief and anxiety, is that when i don’t see you i become so sick and i’m so desirous to see you. I can’t wait till i see you again and i feel so lonely when you’re not around me that i cannot remove this loneliness until i come see you again, then i come see you again and i feel better. Then i realized that a time is gon na. Come where you’re gon na pass away? I love this narration and i’m gon na pass away and, of course, there’s a huge gap in your book of deeds and the jannah that you deserve in my book of deeds in the jannah. The inshallah i deserve so then. I start thinking about that. He said i start thinking about and i’m afraid that i will not see you there, because i know when you get there, you’ll be elevated with the prophets and if i introduce if i enter jannah, i will be given entrance into jannah much inferior and lower than Yours and if i don’t get into jannah, then it’s possible that i will never see you again and this man made the prophet salam speechless. He did not have an answer for this person and before i answer this question right before i say what what which verse was revealed down for and answered, and in reply to this person’s sentiment, i remember my brother rahim alayhi passed away.

There was a. There was one um we were sitting next to his grave and one. I said this few times before and there’s one person he came and he sat next to my brother’s grave and he said um. He said something so powerful and i think i think this is pretty much. This was the motivating factor for these people um with a prophet. You know i just try to take analogies from different things. He said uh. He said when my brother, when we were sitting next to his grave um the person he said um, you know he was crying and he said: jannah just got personal and jannah just got personal and when he said that it made me think like subhanallah jannah just Got personal right, um and meaning that the next i will never be able to see my brother again. I will never be able to see my friend again never it’s in this world. I will never be able to see him again, but now that i know inshallah, he has the reward of a shaheed and he’s in jannah in a lofty status, inshallah with the prophets and um. For me, jannah just got personal, because the only way i could meet this person again is that i get to the place where he is otherwise. I can never meet him again and that’s. Why it’s so personal? Now i have to make it there. If i don’t make it there, then i will never be able to see this man again.

I will never be able to see my brother again and when he said that man it just just made me. It just gave me motivation in my life that this is my direction in my life, and i see the same thing the sahabi said and you look at the sahaba’s lives after the prophet passed away. They just wanted to get there that’s. They wanted to make sure that their lives were as close to the life of the so that they could make it with the prophet in jannah.