I don’t think there’s enough books out there or enough lectures out there about the names of allah as well. The names of allah are so important that they actually have to become part of our life, because that’s, who allah is, if you don’t know that allah subhanahu wa tala, knows everything that allah doesn’t oppress, even in the least like he can’t even make a mistake. He can’t even mistakely, oppose someone like okay he’s got, you know. Sometimes they say that or the person has some very good intentions, but he made a mistake right. It was a genuine mistake. Allah does not make mistakes, he knows what’s going on now and he knows what’s going to happen a hundred years afterwards, like forget two years afterwards or forget just after the event or just you know, next year or whatever. He knows what your great great great great grandfather grandchild will be doing right now. He knows what the last person will be doing. Allah does not make mistakes, everything is planned and he knew everything from beforehand now, if you don’t know that that is such a powerful knowledge, a bit of knowledge that can affect the way you think about allah, so i think one of the most fundamental problems. That is that people do not know who allah is, even though we say we believe in allah. We pray to him and everything. But if you don’t know allah subhana wa is omniscient that he knows everything in detail in in my new detail.

Right number: two he’s in control of everything: number num of all the factors: he’s planned everything; there’s; a reason behind everything: okay, allah loves believers right; numerous verses in the quran, about allah’s love for the believer allah that he takes care of you if you don’t know That you won’t call on to him, because what shaitaan will make you do is to look elsewhere is to say no god hates you right. How do you know? God hates you? Yes, if you’ve been committing a lot of sin, maybe maybe he’s going to punish you? Yes, that’s understandable, but that doesn’t mean it’s, not open. Allah is the forgiving one, numerous verses, numerous in fact, numerous names right. There are so many words and so many names so many characteristics. He uses to explain so really taken study the quran, because the quran includes the names of allah names have to become part of our life. We need to call out allah with his names right, according to the need of the time. If you’re looking for forgiveness, then we call out with refuge, if we’re, looking for opening that there’s a difficulty there’s a constraint, if there’s a subtle issue, if there’s cure it’s an issue of sickness and illness, then we have to remember the verse of the quran that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says that he is the one who gives me shiva ibrahim. Islam, ibrahim, al islam said that allah subhanahu wa is the one who gives me uh.

He gives me shifa. He gives me the cure ya. Shafi shafi shifa comes from the same thing, there’s many to us to this effect. The prophet saws are just amazing. Oh remover of concerns, removers of remover of anguish, remover of sadness, remover and opener right of anxiety, the one who answers and responds to the call of those who are in desperate need, if you’re in desperate need call on to allah with that muji without the compassionate One of the heavens and the earth and the merciful, one who treats both of them with mercy the only one who has that ability that will make us independent from anybody. Besides, you put yourself out to allah, subhanahu wa that’s, why? I think the one of the main thing is get to recognize. Allah undertake a study of the names, the 99 and more names of the quran is mentioned in the quran and other places for listening.