Defective Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3? | Unboxing and 3-Day Real World Review

. So i got both of these in and im excited about it. I got the fold three for myself and i got the flip three for my wife were going to see if she actually likes it or not. But i wanted to go ahead and do a quick unboxing video talk a little […]

Mở hộp Smartphone THƠM NGON – Redmi 6 giá 500k trên Shopee

000, thi ch, khng, phi l, 500 ri ng y Mnh c ni, nhm, trn, trang, Th nhng m gi, ca, n l, 500.000 nh Sau khi tr. I ci shopee xu ca, mnh hn, th n, cn li l, 491 nghn cng c ph ship lun, Vy, th, anh, em c th, nhn thy […]

Realme x7 5G smartphone unbloxing

000, a gaza; ah soy practicante en mrida cuidado qu hago pero la vedette. En los homenajes la cual llor, a la dieta Msica te va a pedir ahora Msica se debe aplicarlo y la verdad corazn Msica que andamos 0 realmente realmente es digno, sera el mismo saben.

Google Pixel 5a 5G Review : Best Value for a Smartphone?

, 6.34 OLED, 46, 80, 765, 6 lp ddr4, 128, 12.2, 16, 8, 1080P, 240, 4K, 60, 1080P, 30, USB c 18, aux jack, st ereo, nano sim e, sim, google pixel 5a, IP IP67, 30, 449, 4680, 4a, pixel, 5, google, pixel, 5, a5g, 6.43 OLED 449.

Truke BTG1, BTG2 TWS Review: Gamers Rejoice!

This is the btg one, and this right here this is the btg2. Now both of these are gaming focus bluetooth, headphones. They feature 13 millimeter drivers, they offer a solid battery life and truck also claims that you are getting a 60 millisecond low, latency gaming mode with both of these headphones. Now, how […]

O MELHOR Xiaomi que VOCÊ pode COMPRAR?! Confira o REVIEW COMPLETO do POCO F3!!

Do tele que eu vou deixar aqui na descrio pra, vocs tambm beleza mais de 5 ofertas por hora todo dia e e especiais esto conferir tudo aqui mas vamos ao que interessa a gente pouco, f 3 ele foi lanado pela achar uma em, maro desse ano que Ele trouxe muita das especificaes que […]

AGM H3 Review: Outdoor Smartphone mit Infrarot Nachtsicht Kamera 🤨 – Moschuss

So gro und nicht, so schwer als, bieten wir, sehr, gespannt, werden, tglich, auspacken und auf der anderen seite das den harten infrarotkamera eine echte infrarotkamera die ermglicht uns nachts sich wie, ich mal gespannt weil, ich nachher auch gleich mal ausprobieren weil, ich natrlich jetzt nicht, vorenthalten ja, Nebenbei bekommen jetzt um rund 60 […]

UNBREAKcable iPhone 7 8 SE 2020 TPU Smartphone Case Review

We need a case to protect her brand new phone Music. Hey guys. Welcome back to the channel today were going to take a look at the unbreakable iphone case. Now this fits the iphone 7 8 and se 2020 model. Hey. Are you looking for a simple yet stylish case for your iphone 7, […]

Xiaomi MI 11 ultra The World's Largest Smartphone Camera! review by MB

So you might have seen that i posted a picture of this phone on twitter and i asked just: would you rock a phone like this, and the answers were mostly two things. One uh no just make the rest of the phone thicker to match the thickness of the camera bump just add some […]

Sekarang Harganya cuma 4 Jutaan!!! Mending iPhone ini aja – Review iPhone XR di Tahun 2021

xr 2021, smartphone yang pernah, dirilis pada, tahun, 2018 yang lalu, awal Pertama kali keluar HP, ini, dibanderol, dengan, harga sekitar and 15 jutaan pada awal perilisannya dan buat, kalian, yang indah, mint HP, Apple atau, yang bosen, pake, Android dan mau nyobain, produk Apple dengan, harga, yang murah, dan gak, terlalu, menguras, kantong, iphone.xr, […]