We have tried to include in depth information on smartphone lenses in our video, which will be enough to fulfill all of your needs. Music. All of them are maintaining their features, prices, quality, durability and reputation of the manufacturer and real customer feedback. If you want to buy a smartphone lenses, we think this list will be very worthy to you. Now lets get started with the video Music at the first position of our list. We have shutter moon camera, lens kit, fisheye macro, ultra wide angle, telephoto, kaleidoscope, circular polarized, red filter, star filter and wide angle, blue filter. If you want a smartphone lens kit, with the most variety of lenses to play around with the shutter moon camera lens kit is the best choice for you. This lens kit comes with fisheye macro, ultra wide angle, telephoto macro, kaleidoscope, circular polarized, red filter and wide angle. Blue filter lenses, even if youre not too familiar with some of them. These lenses can be fun to experiment with, for making the most of your images. This kit has 11 different lenses and is available in sets of 5 and 3 as well, and the best part is that its quite affordable each set has its own combination of lenses. So be sure to check out which one suits you best moving on to the next at number: two with zenvo pro lens kit, all iphone models, samsung galaxy and note: google pixel huawei included lenses, trueview 0.

45 x, wide angle, lens cleris, 15x macro lens, unlike some of The other options out there that require you to have a special phone case to use a lens. The pro lens kit from zenvo uses a clip on mechanism instead and includes a macro and wide angle lens. The kit includes a travel case for easy transportation, plus a clip on led light that you can attach to your phone, helping ensure that you can film in almost any situation, it is the best smartphone lens for travel and overall, the number three position is held by Macram phone camera lens kit, macro wide angle, fisheye telephoto, with four separate lenses plus extras that include an eye cup carrying case cleaning cloth, basic phone holder and a micro tripod. The lens kit from mectrum comes with all of this, along with the ever important clamp. So you can attach the lens to your phone. These lenses include a macro, a wide angle, fisheye and a telephoto lens that can provide up to 20x magnification for comparison. The iphone xs comes with a 2x telephoto lens, while the lenses have plastic internal components. This can lead to poor corner sharpness. However, the number of different lenses that come with the kit at such an affordable price makes it worth considering next at number. Four, we have all eclipse multi device clip iphone, xs max iphone, xs iphone, xr included lenses. Fisheye super wide macro: all eclipse is a well known name in the world of smartphone lens manufacturing and with its triple lens set.

They offer professionals a fisheye lens that provides a huge spherical, 180 degree field of view, although it does have the typical bulging distortion. If you switch to the super wide lens, you can minimize this and increase your field of view to a whopping 120 degrees, while there can still be some distortion, its only noticeable when shooting geometric subjects. Finally, there is the macro lens that provides a magnification of 15x, which can reveal microscopic details that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. These lenses connect to your phone using all eclipse connect x, clip which slides over the top of your phone and works with both rear and front facing cameras, while the design is for use with the iphone android users can also be used. If you attach the lenses using all eclipse, multi device clip which is sold separately, the number five position is held by exo lens with optics by zeiss wide angle. Samsung galaxy s6, slash s6 edge. Iphone 6 included lenses, 18 millimeters, equivalent made from black anodized aluminum, along with a detachable lens fellows, along with renowned lens maker, zeiss, have teamed up to provide a high quality lens option for taking amazing looking photos with your smartphone inside the lens. There are a spherical elements that are made to combat distortion, along with an anti reflective coating that minimizes reflections, as well as improving light transmission. The biggest selling point is its price at such an affordable price, its more than worth checking out, even if its, not your favorite lens or your smartphone.

The number six position is dominated by sony dsc qx10 compatible with most android and ios smartphones included lenses 28 to 100 millimeters f, slash 2.8 4.9. Sony is one of the best digital camera manufacturers in the world, always developing new technology to make the best photos possible. Now, with the dsc qx 10, they have taken the guts from their compact cameras and made them available for use with your smartphone or on its own, through wifi or nfc. The image quality that the qx10 is a noticeable improvement over the standard image thats captured with your smartphone, the lenses 10x zoom offers much better coverage as well, while it may be beyond the budget of many creatives, its versatility and quality are worth the cost. This make. It our top pick for the best smartphone lens for professional photographers. Moving on to the next at number: seven, with nalomo universal, iphone, xr xsx, slash, eight slash, seven plus slash, seven, slash six s plus slash six s: samsung s9 plus included lenses 0.65 x. Super wide angle, 15x macro and 230 degrees, fisheye smartphone lenses that are attached using a clip on attachment system can be very handy and work with just about every phone available. The nalomo is a great kit with various lenses that attach using a clip three lenses that come with the kit cover. All of the bases you are looking for. These include a 0.65 x super wide angle, lens a 15x macro lens, as well as an impressive, 230 degree.

Fisheye lens. This is all wrapped up in a small case that can be used to store the lenses and the clip plus the carabiner lets you attach it to your belt loop for handy accessibility out in the field. The number eight position is held by moment: tele lens 58 millimeters telephoto, 2x fisheye, 180 macro 15x, while many smartphone cameras are excellent at providing you with a wide angle, view that you can use to get amazing photos, one of the best things you can do for Your camera is to add a telephoto lens, and the 58 millimeters from moment is an excellent choice made from high end glass. The lens does a great job of providing you with a new perspective from the camera of your regular smartphone, while youll need to purchase a case that is required to use the lens. The case also gives you access the moments entire range of smartphone cameras. Next, at number, nine we have moment anamorphic lens iphone 7 and up android with universal adapter lens types, anamorphic speaking of lenses from moment. The anamorphic lens is a great choice. If you plan on using your smartphone to create films compared to other options, the lens from moment is relatively inexpensive and can give you the classic film look youre searching for once you lock the lens into place with the case. The lens creates impressive images and should be a required tool for any filmmaker using a smartphone. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by moment wide lens iphone 6; six s, six plus six s, plus seven, seven plus eight, eight plus x, xr, xs xs max 11, 11, pro 11 pro max 12, 12 mini 12, pro 12 pro max samsung, galaxy.

S8. S9. S9 plus s10 samsung galaxy note: 8. 9, 10, google, pixel, 1, 2, 3, 3, 8, 4. 4, a for a 5g for xl5 lens type 0.63 x, wide angle. As we said, once you buy the required case for moment, smartphone lenses, you have a plethora of lens options, including the wide lens option, with edge to edge clarity. The 18 millimeters lens provides incredible quality, while not adding a ton of weight to your smartphone made from the same high grade glass that goes into high end 4k. Film lenses. The wide lens is a great choice for everyday photography or filmmaking thats.