People welcome to my video today im running a special where you can subscribe for free, absolutely free, so i had to buy this car mount because my other one i had this one on the screen right now. It lasted a good seven months, but i used it way too much because i i drive for amazon flex, so im always pulling it in and out so it broke. So i was going to target and i happened to see this one and you know i started looking over the box. It seemed like a good one to get, but i wasnt sure it was a little pricier than my last one. I only paid six bucks for the phone holder i previously had so heres what the box looks like comes with two plates magnetic plates small and a large and a little piece of tape to protect your phone or case, and it ended up costing 26.60 cents. So i decided to give it a chance now lets crack this thing open see what we get sorry, i dont know why im struggling so hard. Of course, we get the instruction manual, its pretty self explanatory and heres everything that comes with it two plates and a sticker heres. The larger one im probably going to use both of them just to have more magnets available theres the holder itself, just plug that right into the air vent and tighten it with that now lets put it to use, goes right in there, tighten it up and now Im gon na drive over some bumps speed bumps and stop and go at a fast speed and see what happens you see it goes on its got a strong hold here.

I am speeding going over a bump, it stayed on and try it again. Bam stayed on. So, overall, im very happy with this purchase id recommend it if youre looking for a new mount for your phone.