Today we look at the nokia xr20. This is an all new phone for nokia, its rugged and has 5g connectivity Music. The nokia xr20 has been described by nokia as a tough phone built for the future. It is apparently resistant to scratches being dropped and being handled by your kids. Lets start with how the phone looks and the display this is a relatively large phone that feels sturdy to hold in your hand, the screen measures 6.67 inches full high definition, plus with a 20.5 to 9 aspect ratio. This phone is definitely built to be rugged. The 3d nano textured polymer rare, provides added grip and protects the colour underneath. I personally also like the way this looks. It makes it more unique. The xr20 also has aluminium antenna panels, fused with an aluminium core, providing an even stronger structure. You can also use this phone with wet hands or whilst using gloves, which actually comes in quite handy. Although this phone is described as rugged, it doesnt look too ugly or chunky. However, it does feel heavier than a standard phone. The camera module looks really cool in the shape of an x, with a protective frame and dual flashes that can be used as a super bright torch. The frame of the phone ends with added impact protection and the screen is made of gorilla victus glass, which is useful if youre likely to drop the phone. The device is easy to unlock, with a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone or face unlocked.

If you prefer, the nokia xr20 is available in blue or grey and for a rugged phone. I think it looks great, especially the camera layout now lets discuss the general performance of the device. This is a 5g phone, which means faster data, download and upload speeds. It will also have android, 11 and monthly updates for four years as nokia states theres no such thing as being too safe. The nokia xr20 has a non removable: 4630 milliamp battery with 18 watt charging support and 15 watt wireless charging, which is actually very strong and will last a couple of days. The phone has a qualcomm snapdragon, 480 5g chip with four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of built in storage to use the phone has a quick, smooth performance which, combined with the large screen, makes it really nice to operate for additional storage. It has a micro sd card slot. The nokia xr20 has a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and takes a type c. Usb charging cable lets move on to the cameras. The nokia xr20 has a main 48 megapixel autofocus camera and an ultra wide 13 megapixel camera with fixed focus. The device also has zisa optics here. Are a few photos ive taken using the device, its really good quality for a rugged phone. You can see. The image is clear and the colors are nice and bright. The front camera is 8 megapixels, which means you can also take some half decent selfies now, for the most important part, when reviewing a rugged foam, is the nokia xr20 actually rugged after a few drop tests? The screen is completely fine and the phone is working as normal.

The marks from dropping the phone are slightly visible, though especially on the blue device. This isnt a massive issue as the shiny back of the phone makes it harder to sport. The spec for the phone does not list this device as waterproof. However, many of the photos released by nokia have shown their device in situations where the phone has got slightly damp, so weve concluded that the phone is water resistant rather than fully waterproof. We put this to the test and use the phone during stormy, british weather buffet worked perfectly fine, and even during the rain i was able to type without an issue for a rugged phone with 5g connectivity. We are impressed, although it may not be rugged as a classic cat phone nokia have definitely incorporated necessary features to protect your phone. That may have been situations where normal smartphones would see. Damage. Theyve also thought hard about the appearance, as the phone still looks relatively sleek, with an excellent display from a large screen. If you are often in situational environments where your phone may get damaged, but you dont want a phone that looks too chunky. This device is definitely for you. The nokia xr20 is available now at clave technology for ‘9 pounds and 98p in either blue or gray.