All it is is when you pull this out, it has the this, which is the actual car mount inside this packaging with kind of um instruction manual type information right, describes, the various your product and the various use cases that type of deal on the back. They also explain what the different sections of the car mount is used for: right, 180, degree, rotation, a 360 degree, rotation, plastic, nubs and the various other rotation angles. You can adjust it with ill, go into more detail in a minute, so thats the case itself. The packaging itself very simple, well put that off to the side, real, quick, and what you can see here is this is the actual h5 car mount and what it does is. This is the suction cup right. You put this right across your screen and this little knob you push, and you hear that click right, essentially its pulling down the center and its causing that suction force on your windshield. In order to release all you do. Is you pull these two up like this right? You pull them up and it just releases all the way down and the suction cup releases itself, so you can remove it right from the screen, but what the adjustment methods that you have is first off, you can adjust the if this is suction to your windshield. You can adjust this, you can adjust it from left to right. You can also adjust this tilting right and you can adjust what you can place in the car mount, meaning how snug you want of a fit to your iphone.

I normally um adjust it to the right to the point where its just slightly larger than my phone and then ill slip, the the um my phone into into place right and then it locks kind of in place and the phone is nice and secure, see its. Not going to fall out and you can rotate it this way. If you want to use your lets, see your gps or youre reading. Something want to do it sideways or you can do it vertically mounted and you can adjust this whatever angle, you need right, but in a minute ill show you guys in the car what it actually looks like when you install it, but the material that they have Is these are the rubber nubs dont have to worry about anything about getting scratched or anything like that? The back is also a very grippy plastic as well. So your phones not going to be slipping or sliding around the mounted area of this h5 car mount other than that theres. Really not much else excited about this car h5 car mount, but lets go to camera two and ill kind of show you the installation and how i use it. This is the h5 car mount and this is in my car. This is how you attach it to your actual windshield um. Just take the suction cup place it under your screen and pull back and that locks it in place um. So, as you can see, you can kind of adjust it vertically right.

You can do it left and right as well as a tilt, and so what i normally do is when im driving, i will work before. Im driving is ill open. This up a little, take my iphone and then place it in here. You move these bumpers until it kind of gets a little bit wider than the phone and once its locked in you kind of squeeze a little bit and its not going to go anywhere, you can mount it. You know landscape or portrait right any way you want. It if the passenger needs to see your phone or if you do its good, because its nice and stable, you can actually still press your phone and all the buttons without it going crazy everywhere, but thats pretty much it thats the h5 car mount.