So in 2020 i reviewed the wholeheart. I steady x, foldable, smartphone gimbal and it was great, very sleek, design that folds so now in 2021, they released their new uh. I steady x2 with some good refinements and some enhancements with some great features lets talk about it. Whats up everybody. This is the tech preacher, so ive been using the new 2021. I steady x2 for about two weeks. Let me give you my thoughts about this gimbal here, so sit back and relax and get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey. Lets go Music whats up guys. This is eric back with another video. So lets talk about the new i steady x2. This foldable gimbal is nice right uh, which is very compact. You turn it here. You kind of fold it down a little bit and when youre ready to go, you fold it up and it locks in place this. This new design feels really good in the hand, its very lightweight at about 259 grams. This three axis, stabilized gimbal, will give you that good smooth footage. It also have that new face track in 3.0, thats built in the app. So if youre a one man band and you you need to set this on the table, it does eye tracking and product tracking. It works really good uh. Also it has a usb type c and reverse usb type c for power. So if you want to charge your device while youre filming it works very well so new with the i steady x2 is the remote control which helps again with the one man band.

But this gimbal comes complete everything in the box. You get the remote control. You get a mini, uh, tripod uh, you get a charging cable, you get a wrist strap and you get a carrying bag here. Also you get a menu which is really good, so lets get into the isteady x2 Music. So one of the great features of having this gimbal from hoheim is the app its available for ios and android for downloading setting. It up is really easy, but you do have to register which takes only a few minutes. The app is great helpful. They have great tutorials if you want to watch videos and tips and tricks on how to get the best use of this gimbal. I mean it gives you everything that you need to know about this gimbal with full tutorials in the app. But when you open the app right, you get all kinds of unique features. You got a nice interface, which is really good uh. You do have your options. Tab, you got everything you need to do to get working with this. So when you go into uh the settings uh, you have your pan tip forward. Uh, you got your follow. Speed! Uh! You have your motor response. Uh, you have your joystick uh reverse. Also. You have all kinds of different features here which is really good. What i like about this is that you do have a professional mode when you go into the camera.

Your resolution up to 4k 30 frames per second uh. Do you do have a photo size which is a one by one 16 by nine or uh uh 21 by nine you got your zoom speed, so you can adjust your do. Zoom speed not only that, but you do have a professional mode which you can turn this on, that you can lock all your settings. Your white balance, your iso and stuff like that, so it works really good. I mean this app right here is complete uh and on the side here, lets talk about some of the features that i love, especially when i reviewed the first one, its whats called the moment feature uh, which is really good. You have great professional tools to change. How you film features like inception, dolly zoom, which works very, very good. These are really great, fun features to use, and it brings your filming to the next level. I mean the gimbal. Does all the work – and you dont have to do all that, and it does it by itself, which is really good now, one of the things that i had an issue with with this gimbal and even with the first gimbal is, is that if youre, using a Big phone, a heavy phone, a phone with a case on it, you have to make sure you put the motors at high and if not, it will struggle to work properly. Now the motors on here is really strong, but you definitely have to if youre, using a big heavy device.

You definitely have to put the motors on on heavy on high when using this gimbal uh, but the features that you all know and love to get professional work done is all here uh. So you could do time lapse. You do have a photo app, which again you can use your pro app uh. The pro version to use here to take great photos. Also. You have filters really good filters here on here. If you want to bring your video and photo to the next level, so you can do everything within the app which gives you very good. Uh features: Music, here: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music. So one of the things that i like uh about this is the remote control. Now, in order to pair the remote control, you have to go to the power button and press it seven times, one two, three, four, five, six seven, it puts the gimbal in pairing mode. You turn on the remote control and boom its going to pair up and youre good to go now at this point again, if youre a one man band uh, you definitely can use the remote control, which is really nice, as you can see, im using the remote Control, its really nice and it works very well, so you do have some functionality here at the bottom right, uh right here. You click it once to start recording uh, you click it again. You stop recording you click it twice.

If you want to go to the photos, uh and the video, so you want to switch from photo photos to video. You just click. It twice right here on this side right here on the right side, if you click it once its going to go into uh portrait mode and if you click it again, it goes back into landscape mode and if you click it twice its going to go back Into the center, so if its off axis or something like that, you want to get it back to the center. You just click the remote control twice now. One of the unique things that i like about this remote is that when you click this button right here on the right side, three times its going to do, uh the inception move. So if you click it three times right and uh, whats gon na do its gon na go into exception mode right, its gon na start and there it goes ah, which i really do like and its going to do the whole turnaround. So you can do this via remote control and it works very well so heres. My conclusion, the isteader x2 is a great lightweight gimbal that folds it comes complete everything you need to get started. The app works great. It has promo options which is really good. You also get a remote control that you can control if youre a one man band. This works out really good. It also have eye tracking and product tracking, which works very well also.

So if youre a one man band, you could definitely use this as a single operator which works really good. The battery life on here is really good. Also, has reverse powered battery life uh battery? So if you want to charge your device, while you working, it will charge the phone and keep it running with the gimbal, which is really good. The price is right with this gimbal at 89 bucks. I will leave that link down in the description below this. Gimbal comes in two colors black and white uh. I have the white one here. The only issue that i have is with these big phones right now, im using the galaxy note, 20 ultra and it has a wood skin on here. This phone is very heavy, so i have to go into the motor the settings and adjust the motors to high in order for this to work. Now, if you have a lightweight device you find, but if you have a heavy device or if you want to put a case on the device, you definitely have to go into the to the settings and change the motor to high thats. The only thing you have to do, but overall it works great. This is a detect preacher from easy computer solutions. Leave your comments down below.