It came in this beautiful cardboard box, its such a relief to get an electronic item in this packaging. That is entirely cardboard rather than like plastic um. So thats really incredible and its really cute and theres a user guide in here and then here it is. It comes with a charger, not the brick for the plug in but the actual cord itself, and here is the phone. So i got the light gray version and its wonderful. It feels really nice in your hand, its very small about the size of a credit card um, so i could see it being easy to lose honestly um. For some reason i feel like the gray. One will be less easy to lose for me than if i got in the black one, but you can also get it in black. It says light on the back. You can also buy cases for them. I didnt this is just the phone by itself, but im planning to do videos on why im giving up the smartphone and what its been like ive been using a flip phone now for, like i want to say four months, um its a relief to get this Phone because this one does group messages and the flip phone didnt, so it was quite chaotic, getting messages um. The whole purpose of the light phone is to get away from the addictive qualities of a smartphone, the constant bombardment of like notifications and imagery social media.

That kind of thing and its like a breath of fresh air going about life just having this phone, that really does the basics and letting all those other things go and ive found so far that i can do a lot of those things on my computer. So anyway, uh with that in mind, lets take a look. You click the screen and um theres the phone its lit up, so it kind of adjusts to the light, but its got the kindle sort of inky screen that can look just like paper. If youre, looking in, like full sunlight and of speaking of notifications, if you have a text or anything like that, it doesnt pop up on your phones screen, but rather you see that little asterisk that star next to the time. So that means that i have new text or new notifications. Okay, so i had to skip ahead because that was showing someones like actual phone number, but anyway, like heres an example of a text that i did and you can turn the ringer down to vibrate uh. The ringtones are like these really calming actual sounds um, its not jarring like how i think, any any smartphone any like natural, ringtones or alarm sounds that go with it would be um. You know probably upsetting to anyone around who like uses it as a phone alarm, or something like that, like all of those ringtones, i feel like have been tainted in some way, but these have like a fresh um sound, which is nice here is what the phone Has on it, basically, you can do phone calls.

You have an alarm. You can only set one alarm at a time, so no snooze, just one alarm, which is in a way a relief to me calculator, music and podcasts. Basically, you have a dashboard on the computer that you can log in and you can download your music to it. You can subscribe to podcasts and then your settings and new features will be coming out and do come out periodically the next one. I think thats coming out is maps and im really excited for that um, but yeah id say one of the issues with it so far. Um, let me go back to my texts, is that when i um type a text, so it is very small. The phone kind of vibrates when you touch it, so you you get a feel for touching it. However, if you got, you know larger thumbs, its a little bit more difficult and the backspace is right next to the send, so it is tricky to text its. It takes a while to text a long message um, but im planning to sort of get away from that like like use this more for utility rather than to have long conversations um. I found with my flip phone that i started using email more. If i wanted to send someone a longer message and it felt a bit more like a letter and in a way it was, it was kind of nice and it was a relief.

You know not to be texting all the time um but yeah. The backspace is right next to the send so a lot of times, im finding that, if im actually trying to edit something it ends up sending um so thats one of the issues that i have but overall i think the light phone is super cute. I absolutely love it and yeah. Let me know if youre thinking of switching to the light phone um down below and tell me your experiences if youre thinking of giving up smartphone if you have given up your smartphone and thank you so much for being here. I hope to see you in the next video and um.