Today i have my friend kelly with me. Whats up kelly and, and what were going to be doing is were going to be testing out the ho hem ice. Steady v2. Thank you for hohem for sending this over to review. I wan na make sure you know we review this in the best way possible, so were gon na put this to a test. Kelly here is gon na be going through. An awesome. Workout were gon na be using the app and the gimbal itself, so without further ado lets get started: Music, uh Music. What were going to be doing is starting off with a quick review of the gimbal itself and all of its features. Whatever happens in this review, i want to keep it as detailed and candid as possible. Lets get right into it. Alright, here it is. This is the box that the gimbal comes in. As you can see, this is what it looks like nice and shiny and lets open it up alright. So we have a pamphlet here. Just a quick, quick start guide. We have secure code thing and a manual. We have a pouch to store the gimbal in it. Also comes with a wrist strap as well. So here is the gimbal. The tripod stand just your standard plastic. We have the charging cable, so this is a usbc and it comes with an adapter usb adapter as well, and then here is the gimbal itself. All alright.

Well, this actually feels sturdy. This is plastic right here, but its it has a nice weight to it right here. This is where you can charge it. This is where you put the usbc lets: go ahead and open this up, so basically, all you have to do is turn that knob to the left and detach this from the bottom here. This is how you would want it to start out with all right and so youre gon na look to see where your camera is on your phone and mine is right here, so i want it to be out of the way on this side, all right and The cool thing is what i like about this: just going to turn that knob to the right to um fasten it. The one thing i like about this gimbal is that im able to balance my phone right down the middle, so no matter what phone size you have its able to balance easily turn this on. All you got to do is just hold this down perfect and you can use the joystick here to move it in any way possible. So once you download the app youre going to make sure to sync your gimbal via bluetooth with the app, if your phone has a usbc port, you can use the cable that comes with this to actually charge the phone at the same time by plugging it. In here in this port and then plug it in here, however, this is the iphone it doesnt use this type of cable, but if you have an android, this will work.

Lets look at the right button. The right button, its the power button, as you just saw next, it changes orientation. So if you press it once it goes vertical mode press it again, it goes back to landscape. Now that we know the right button, the left button, its the shutter. So, for example, i am set to photo press that takes a picture and its also a toggle. You can toggle between photo and video mode by pressing it twice. So one two now im in video mode lets say i want to press uh press record. I just press it once in video mode and now its recording press it again to stop recording and youre, also able to switch between the front and back facing camera. Just by pressing this button three times on the left, one two three whats up: everybody press it again, one two, three all right. So now it switches back to the back facing camera. You can either go inside the app itself and choose them manually, but this gimbal made it even faster for you to do so just by using these two buttons. So right now, as you can see, this light is the indicator of what mode youre currently in so its not flashing its just lit up in green and youre in mode one in mode one. As you can see, you have pan youre, able to pan and youre able to tilt another cool thing about being in pan and tilt mode is that it makes it so easy to go into low mode quickly.

So, for example, just by doing this see how quick that was and to go back, easy im gon na hold the left button down tap the right button twice. All right so now were in mode two, so we can pan, but the tilt is locked hold down. The left button and then tap the right button three times, one two three and now you can see that its flashing three times so this is all lock, as you can see, youre not able to pan or tilt now lets go to mode. Four same thing hold down the left button tap the right button four times, one two, three, four in pov mode, you have all the capabilities of pan and tilt. However, it also provides Music you with the ability to rotate as well Music, and you can even go as far as to going into low mode now, youre also able to have it rotate as well by itself in inception mode, so press it three times. One. Two. Three for the right button, its going to go to the starting point as you can see, and then its just going to rotate all the way – and this is good if you are not only filming someone else, but if youre filming wait a minute. Okay, i found out what happened here guys i went straight from mode 4 pov mode, and then i press this button three times to go into inception mode. Alright, so now, im back in mode 1, pan tilt all right now lets press this three times the right button, one two three Music.

So now i know to go back to mode one, pan and tilt before pressing the button three times to go into inception mode. See perfect all right so now lets go ahead and test the ai sensor on this gimbal, because this is what makes this gimbal stand apart from all the others, so to turn on the ai sensor, just press the top button, its going to turn on. So all you have to do is give the aok sign and thats going to start the tracking to stop the tracking. Just put your hand up to switch to vertical mode, move them to the right to go to landscape mode. Im going to put both my thumbs up, it also has a led light as well press it once again and as you press, it gets brighter and brighter heres. What the layout looks like this is the home button and then here on the top left, you can see the battery indicators for the gimbal for your phone and, if its connected to bluetooth or not, this is the camera flash. You want to take photos, this icon, right here, switches between the front and back facing camera. This uh icon right here is face tracking and object tracking. All you have to do is select the area of the object. You want to record and, as you can see, it follows it pretty well, this is your settings, so here i have it set to the back facing camera, so with my iphone im able to shoot up to 4k at 60 frames per second of video.

If you switch to your front facing camera, obviously that video resolution setting is going to change, it depends on your phone heres, the grid thats not going to show up in your actual video, but its just going to help make sure everything is set in frame. This is your zoom speed. You can adjust your zoom speed. This is the timer, and this is professional mode and turn that on here you can see that you can manually change the your settings so, for example, iso same thing with white balance and all these other settings here now you can also manually control the zoom and Focus so, for example, here you can control the zoom on the screen and click or tap on f to adjust the focus here on screen. As you can see now, you can also control the zoom and focus individually with this side button as well. This right here is playback, so you can go and look back at all the clips that you filmed so this icon, when you choose that all you have to do is throw out the peace sign and itll automatically do face tracking and itll start recording when youre On video, with my back facing camera, i have slow motion time lapse, photo video and moment. So under this, this is pretty cool youre able to choose what type of camera movement you want um automatically. So here under inception, you can choose how many degrees you want.

The rotation – this is what the effect is going to look like slow motion time lapse, dolly zoom. This is pretty cool. Now you can automatically just press a button and press start. You can add your start point of how zoomed in you want and then how far you want to zoom out and, as you can see, you have all these different movements so thats a really good feature to add there keeps it simple. This right here is all your filters that you can choose from change. The different looks ill just keep it at original. You know this was the first time using the gimbal, so i still was finding out new features and throughout the filming process of the video shoot. I would have to say it did a great job, so who would i recommend this gimbal for well its for the solo video creator? It can also be for a video creator that is filming someone else, but with the ai tracking features it just makes it that much better. It makes it so easy for the detection, the movement, the movement is pretty smooth, the tracking is pretty smooth, and you know if i had this gimbal earlier on, it would have made my videos that much better whenever i was feeling behind the scenes whenever whenever i Was filming myself doing activities you know if youre in the fitness industry, if you want to record yourself doing exercises, i think this is a great thing also for all of you, vloggers out there that are traveling.

This is a great travel gimbal, its small compact, and it does a great job now. Some of the things that uh i wish it would have had is for me im a filmmaker i like to do things more manually, so with with the focus the manual focus. I wish it had some sort of indicator showing how much of focus i i was in so another good thing that caught was being in pov mode and then going into um the inception mode. That kind of messed with the gimbal a little bit. But the good thing was it turned off by itself and i was able to turn it back on so key thing to keep in mind. If you get this gimbal make sure, before going into inception mode, be in mode number, one pan tilt im gon na leave the link down below for the gimbal itself. If you want to check it out all right thanks again for watching really appreciate it. Thank you again to kelly for helping out and doing an awesome workout. So, as you can see, this is what the footage came out to be.