This is the european version that runs on a qualcomm snapdragon chip. So it differs from the india version of the oboeno 6 pro because that phone ran on. I believe a mediatek dimensity soc now other than soc. The cameras are a little bit different too. I believe this model was released in china as the oppo reno 6, pro plus. So basically, this phone in china is the pro plus in europe, its just the pro and then in india. They have their own pro thats different from this phone, so yeah its a little bit confusing. But im still excited to test this out, because ive always had a soft spot for the reno series. Because two and a half years ago i was invited by oppo to attend the launch of the original oppo reno. The launch was held in zurich, switzerland, a beautiful country and the launch day of the event actually was the same day that avengers and game opened in theaters. I remember you know, because, like everyone else in the world, i was really anticipating that movie. So basically that morning i woke up early, took a train one hour outside of zurich city center to watch avengers, end game, and then i rushed back to the city to attend the launch event of the oppo reno like that afternoon, at like 2 p.m, or something It was quite an experience, and on top of that, i really did like the original oppo reno 10 times zoom phone.

It was one of the very first phones with a periscope camera. It had a unique shark fin design. It was just a really unique flagship and since then ive gotten my hands on, i believe just about every oppo reno release like the oppo arena, z, oppo, reno, a 2 3 4 5.. Now, starting with about the oppo reno 3, the reno series stopped being a flagship phone. It basically became a mid tier phone oppo started using a mid tier soc and removed the zoom lens completely an opal arena 4 and 5. There was no zoom lens at all. So im excited to report that, with the reno 6 pro at least the european version, this is a return to form for the reno series, because this phone is almost a flagship phone now, not quite a premium flagship like oppo find x3 pro. But this is definitely above a typical mid tier phone Music. Here it is the reno 6 pro. So what makes this basically a flagship again well. First of all, this is the first opo reno phone to run on a snapdragon 800 series chip since the first one. The chip inside is a snapdragon 870. Now the a70 is basically a souped up version of the a65 plus. So this is almost a flagship soc. It is just a notch below the snapdragon triple a. This is the second most powerful soc. That qualcomm has to offer right now and youre getting it in the arena 6 pro.

This is a big improvement over the oppo reno 4 pro, which ran on a snapdragon 765 g and the oppo reno 5 pro which ran on a mediatek dimensity chip. Next up, the zoom lens is back so up here is a 13 megapixel telephoto camera that can do two times: optical zoom, with five times hybrid zoom, thats, very close to optical, and you can get up to 20 times digital zoom now 20 times digital zoom images Do appear a little bit soft but drop down to 10 times, and you still get a respectable image. This is a big jump over the oppo reno 4 and 5 pro, because those phones did not have a zoom lens at all. So any zoom is digital zoom. So the main camera here in the middle also got an improvement too. So it is a 50 megapixel sony, imx 766 camera with an image sensor size of one over 1.56 inch. Now this is not the largest image sensor around. If you compare it to premium flagship phones like the xiaomi mi, 11 ultra or the galaxy s21 ultra, but if you compare this image sensor to previous oppo reno cameras or other mid tier phones, its a big improvement. This camera also has optical image, stabilization, which the last renos main camera did not have down. Here is a 16 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera f, 2.2 aperture with a 123 degree field of view up here, its a 2 megapixel macro sensor and down here its a color temperature sensor.

Now at first i thought this was going to be a gimmick lens, but it actually does seem to work, because this phone can do some very fun and effective camera tricks more on that later now, this back material is glass with a special coating that opal calls Reno glow its this textured coating that doesnt attract fingerprints and shimmers under different lighting now around the front, its a 32 megapixel selfie camera and is underneath a pretty nice 6.5 inch. Amoled display 1080p resolution 90 hertz refresh rate with an aspect. Ratio of 20 by nine colors, as you can see, is quite lively. Viewing angles are pretty good and it supports hdr 10 plus. So this phone is pretty good for consuming media because you have good stereo speakers too. Now under the hood is 12 gigs of ram. With a 4 500 milliamp hour battery that can be charged at 65 watt speeds. The charging brick is included with the packaging. There is no wireless charging and there is no ip rated water resistance, so the phones nicely constructed aluminum railings and the thickness is only 7.99 millimeters. So just a hair under eight millimeters and it weighs only 188 grams – was a really lightweight and compact phone to hold. So all these components i just rattled off, you know if you know smartphones, you know theyre not quite premium flagship territory but theyre, definitely better than standard mid tier territory, either theyre closer to flagship than mid tier status, and this goes for little things too.

The overweiner 6 pro has much better haptics than any previous oppo reno devices. Ive tested the haptic engine in here is the same one used in the oppo fine x3 pro, so its opals best haptic engine. It is an x axis, linear motor. What that means is when youre typing, you feel individual feedback, as you press into the keys when youre zooming in and out the zoom dial, you feel a little bit of rumbling in the phone as if youre manually, twisting a dial now just focusing on hardware. Theres already a lot to like, especially considering that this phone is quite affordable, the version of this phone selling in china, the pro plus, starts at just ’99 chinese yuan. That comes out to a little bit over 600 us dollars like 610 or something now im. Pretty sure in europe, unfortunately, you guys are going to get a markup, its not going to be around 600 us dollars. But i have to guess, i think its going to be around 700 us or maybe 750 us, so its not cheap, but its definitely several hundred dollars away from other premium flagships out there. But us is increasingly the case of oppo phones. What makes the reno 6 pro so good to use is not just hardware its also software ive already gone on record many times. You know in at least, like eight nine videos, about how much i like color os. It is my favorite android skin right now.

Everything from the fact that everything can be customizable from the color scheme to the icon shapes to all the various gestures that you can do that you can double tap on the screen to turn on double tap, to lock, draw a circle to launch a camera. You have a useful one hand mode, just all these shortcuts and gestures and customizations that many other android software dont give you, but the biggest software addition this year is the renault 6 can shoot. Videos with digital, artificial bokeh oppo calls it bokeh flare and actually looks pretty good, because i know other phones have offered this feature in the past and it always looked really fake. With the 6 pro. It actually looks quite natural now not as good as a natural bokeh from a real camera or a phone with a huge image sensor at the shop aquas r6. But it is pretty good considering. This is not a premium flagship phone and you can use this mode with the main camera or the selfie camera too theres also other smart camera. Ai tricks, like auto tracker, subject with just a double tap or ai, highlight video, which artificially brings in more light into a dark scene. Now the snapdragon 870 chipset supports 5g and it is optimized for gaming and gaming on the windows. 6. Pro is pretty good, because oppos color os also has a really intuitive software box, its like a gaming box that you can swipe in whenever youre gaming and from there you can do things like block notifications or open uh chat apps in a smaller window.

So you dont have to exit out your game to respond to a whatsapp message and also you can optimize the screen for touch. Sensitivity like you can increase, touch sensitivity if youre playing a first person shooter and if you care about benchmarks. These are the scores. Now, battery life is really good, because this is only a 90 hertz panel and if you want to top up the phone, just a 10 minute top up will add. Like 40 percent battery to your phone, you can fully charge the phone in like just a little bit over 20 minutes so yeah. This is the oppo reno 6. Pro in a nutshell, like i said, im very happy that the 6 pro is a return to form for the oppo renault series, because the oppo reno, 3, 4 and 5 were pretty clearly mid tier phones. Now the 6 pro is almost a flagship again and best of all oppo is not charging you flagship prices. If you buy this in china or hong kong, you can get this for around 600 us dollars and thats a pretty damn good price, even in europe. With that typical european markup, it is still an okay price. It is no longer as great a deal as it is here in asia, but i think its still okay, so yeah that about wraps it up for this video, i have a lot more stuff coming up.