So i already talked about the basic stuff like packaging and the first impressions, and you can check that out up here, but yeah full package here, since we get the documentation, jelly case, charging brick usb c cable and complete with a pair of earphones. So if youre planning to get this or youre planning to gift this to someone as their first ever smartphone youre gon na be very very happy because you have a full package here. So i was singing praises about the back panel of this phone. In my first video and after a while of using it im happy to say that it does feel really good to hold in the hands, especially with those rounded edges, some of the newer phones like the reno 6. You know the main one have flat edges and they dig into your palms and can get uncomfortable after a certain period of time. But what i love the most about this back panel is that after a long day out it didnt get smudges and it still looked really clean. Although again were getting a single firing speaker, so not the loudest audio, but i didnt notice any clipping on max volume. Heres a sample for reference i need to catch on the front. We have a 6.4 inch amoled display, so that means vibrant colors and deep blacks for some great videos, plus things from games to the interface will be sharp as attack thanks to the full hd plus resolution, not to mention because of the amoled display.

We get a fingerprint scanner on the screen, its just a bit sad, though, that we dont get any special protection or a smoother 90hz display, so youre stuck with the standard 60hz, but i digress picture wise. I still think its a great display now for the cameras. We have a 64 megapixel main camera 8 megapixel wide and 2 megapixel macro quality wise. I was very happy. Things seemed to be consistent throughout all the cameras. I was especially happy with the 2 megapixel macro because, despite the low pixel count, it took good shots with lots of detail thats, not to say that the main and wide angle cameras were slouches in any way. Color replication was accurate and it took pictures worthy for instagram and portrait mode had some great background. Isolation plus this can be further enhanced, with bokeh flare portrait. Whenever people look for those camera or lens reviews, they always look for those creamy pokeballs. This is the more cost, efficient and easy way to get those. In my opinion, they look pretty natural and they dont look like a layered effect or a filter, and on top of all that, even in low light, i still got decent detail with some usable shots and for the last camera we have a 32 megapixel selfie camera. These also took great shots and also feature the same effects i mentioned earlier, so yeah good snappers on the front and the back ensures that gold view.

Video will be a very useful feature, especially for vloggers, since it does use the cameras on the front and the back. At the exact same time inside we have a mediatek demand: city 800u, 5g paired with 8k gram and 128 gig expandable storage, its a pretty good setup and runs color os 11.1 smoothly, with no problems at all. I didnt run into any os bumps during my time with the phone. To recap, the demand city 800u processor is a variation of the demand city 800 used on the reno 4z. The main difference is that the 800u has a 2×6 core configuration instead of a 4×4 configuration with the two cores clocked at 2.4 gigahertz and while the demand city 800u positions itself as a mid range 5g processor, its gaming performance is not as impressive based on data Obtained from game bench, the reno 6c posted a lower fps stability on call of duty, even if it does push the average fps to 60 in the games. Maximum possible settings now on ganshin impact. The reno 6d does fine. In the games default low settings with an average fps of 28 at 97 stability, but it does go down to an average fps of 27 and 85 stability when set to medium compared to the oneplus nord and nord ce that rock a snapdragon 765g and 750g respectively. The reno 6d is a close match for both in ganshin impact and low in medium graphics. At 30 fps.

However, the demancity 800u falls flat when we attempted to run ganshin impact at 60fps and low graphics, so it really isnt the best phone for heavy gaming powering. The phone is a 4 310 milliamp hour battery that lasted us 10 and a half hours its an okay battery, and it should get you a days worth of use but again not really for heavy gaming and if you ever do need to charge mid day. We have 30 watt vouch flash charge 4.0, which should top things up quickly, since we got from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes. So there you have it our full review on the oppo reno 6z5g. For me, its a good phone but id personally grab it for the cameras. It sports a lot of great features which vloggers are sure to love, and, although yes, it can play games, you might need to tone down the graphics a little bit for gentian impact and heavier games. But for the price of 19999 pesos. I think its a good buy and if youre after great cameras you cant go wrong, you can find more tech reviews on unbox. That page also dont forget to like comment share and subscribe. Yep subscribe because then hit 250k subs were giving away smartphones. So dont forget to use the hashtag sub to unbox, hit the notification icon.