I purchased this on amazon. The company didnt send me the product, so its going to be a fair review. I dont have to say good things or bad things about it, so this stuff comes in a box. It comes with this bubble, wrap bubble, wrap on top, and if we remove this one, you will see that the phone is uh. The box is, sealed, see this reflection over there so lets unseal it. Usually. I have a bit of difficulties with this one and hopefully this time is going to be a bit easier. Usually i use something like a sharp object to remove this foil yeah. It went alright, so Music, this other box looks like uh nice branding on it its a clear uh box. Here on the back. You have some uh details: uh the manufacturer and the qr code and uh some other details and lets open this up and see what is inside. It opens quite easy compared to the other boxes that i open. So this is the interior im just going to put this aside. So we have a foam right over here and we have the user manual and we have the warranty card and we have the charging cable its a usb type c, which is pretty regular for this type of these types of phones uh. Here we have the socket. I mean the plug, which i think its its a bit strange because its a bit small for the uk, but hopefully no – i just have to open it like this here.

This really interesting model, because, if you put this down its gon na be more compact, really interesting is the first time when i see this type and uh here is the phone well, its quite heavy. I didnt expect compared to the iphone 6s that im regularly using this one is quite heavy. So this how the phone looks like this is the back of the phone and, as i said, uh heres a bit closer youll see that the three cameras here is a massive flashlight. Here is the fingerprint to unlock it, and this one is uh. The serial number in the image – so basically you can remove this sticker over here. So this is how thick it is. This is compared to my finger im, just gon na put it here and uh here, theres an sos button im not really sure what this one does uh, but im pretty sure that this button over here has a nice grip on it, and this one is to Unlock the phone uh here on the side we have the tf card. Let me just put it the phone im going to just put a phone like this here: the slot for the tf card and the sim card. Basically, you have to pull this up and you can insert insert it on the other side over here we have the power button and we have the volume buttons plus and minus. I chose this color because i thought it is more interesting and this is uh.

The top, as you can see over here, we have the jackpot that you have to basically open and youre gon na get access to the jackpot, and on the other side, we have the charging port and uh as well. You have to remove this one find that you have to keep this on because its waterproof, so basically you can even put it in the water uh and its gon na hold uh. Here we have the shock absorbers, which are on all three on all four sides: its a pretty solid phone. It looks uh from the first time i saw it its a very solid and uh quite heavy outside compared to what im experienced, but what ive experienced so far im not really sure what this one does. I think its uh you can put the strap around it. So you can basically hold it and lock it up, strap it around your trousers or something. This is how it looks without the the foil on top. This is the main part the screen, and it comes with a protective foil which is already attached on the phone. So lets uh part this on here on the side, as i said, there is a button and im pretty sure you have to hold this uh a bit longer yeah. So this is how it starts. Um im really curious to stay to see how long it takes for this phone to Music load. Surprisingly, there is no sound at the moment and uh, basically im pretty sure that you have to do some settings over here, obviously hit start and you choose the language and some other settings and Music.

We go offline and you have to adjust the time and the settings and the location and uh on and on not really sure. If i want to put the screen no theres, no sim card in it because, as you can see, it was new, and this is how it looks like first, the first uh first impression. So this is how the phone looks like uh from the front uh. If you press here on the side, the screen will activate just have to go like this, and this is how the menu looks like this is the first page of the menu, and this is the which is pretty standard for an android phone. Here we have the flashlight that you can adjust uh based on your needs. This is how you put it on and im, not really sure what this one does and just turn it on off and also you can activate if you go right here on the top and if you press the uh flashlight and if you go here a bit Lower you have several functions, it goes really smooth. Of course, i dont have installed anything on it and uh about a camera. Here we have several options. We have mac, we have a mono which is a black and white. We have obviously the video option. We have the picture, and here in the picture, if you press this button over here, you have the macro and its absolutely incredible, because you can go super super super close, and this is something that i really like about this phone uh, and here we have the Beauty which you can adjust the filters and uh some other things here.

You have the bokeh. If you just pressed here in the middle, you will lock the af the exposure in the focus and you can play around with it – im not really sure how this one works and we have here more options. And you have the slow motion. The knight and the pro, so you can go really really in depth when it comes to photography and some other thing that i want to show. You is the tool bag which is really interesting on this phone. We have here go back and on the tube. I have the compass, the sound meter, the peak hanging, the gradient as you can see, and all these nine features are really helpful on the phone i didnt see them before and considering that most of the people who work in construction are using these types of phone. There are several things over here that they really use. It is for the first time when i see this type of ratchet phone and i have to admit that im really impressed with the qual building quality of it. The buttons are located where, in my opinion, they have to be on the phone and uh its really impressive, that it comes with a protective case and as well with the foil on top uh at the back. There are three cameras, which is the first time when i uh have this type of phone, and one of the features that really impressed me uh is the power of the flashlight, which is a very powerful and as well uh.

The way the ports are covered to protect against the humidity dust and water, so overall, i think this is a really great phone. I didnt use it for a long time to see how it performs, but i will update this review later on and thank you very much for watching.