Lets get the confusing name situation out the way believe it or not, theres, actually, six different models of the redmi note: 10 lineup theres. The redmi note 10 pro, which is the one i have, which is called the note 10 pro max in india, its the exact same device but then theres. Also, an indian redmi note 10 pro with just a few cameras from that its the exact device, then theres a regular non pro model, a note, 10 s with a worse processor but a better camera, the same as the intercom model, theres no 253, but its the Worst one, except for has a 90 hertz panel, which the regular non formal doesnt its confusing. This is the redmi note 10 pro, which is called redmi note 10 pro max in india. Now lets start with the design. I think it looks quite good a clean front with a hole, punch, selfie camera, the bezels arent the thinnest, but at this price im not complaining, the back coating looks cool, but the branding could be a little more hidden though, and the camera looks a little crazy. Not necessarily bad, but well get into that later. It does stick out quite a bit, though so it rocks on the table. You have a usbc port for charging, stereo speakers and even a headphone jack and an ir blaster and theres also dual sim support and a micro sd card slot love to see that by the way, the speakers sound incredible.

They get very loud and dont really distort much better than i expected. The front is made out of gorilla glass, 5, so durability should be quite good. To be honest, i havent really fully put that to the test. Theres, only a bunch of scratches on the pre installed screen protector and the back, however, is made out of plastic. It has an ip53 water dust resistance which doesnt do too much, but i guess its better than nothing. Now the device is quite big, so its not a one handed device, but it does sit comfortably in the hand due to the rounded corners now it doesnt feel as solid as a high end device. The buttons are a little mushy and you do notice that the back is plastic. The lack of weight dont really make it feel super premium. But again, at this price point i dont really expect that now. What did really annoy me, though, is how much the back attracts smudges and fingerprints and speaking of fingerprints. The side mounted, fingerprint scanner is very fast and accurate theres also a face unlock, but it only uses the front facing camera so its not as secure by the way if youre enjoying this video so far, a thumbs up would be much appreciated. Performance is quite good. It has a snapdragon, 732 g and it comes with six or eight gigabytes of ram. I have the six gigabyte model. There have been reports of the device overheating, but i had no issues whatsoever in real world usage with more intense apps.

You do notice a little performance drop and theres an occasional hiccup in the ui, but generally its a smooth experience. A massive reason for that is the new 120hz display, with a 240hz touch sampling rate. It makes such a big difference. Everything just feels so much smoother and speaking of the display. It also now has an amoled with a 1080p resolution. It gets fairly bright, although its not the sharpest being 6.67 inches. I dont really like the colors, the little magenta, and it has a little too much contrast, but at this price i cant really complain and the 120 hertz definitely makes up for it. Despite the high refresh rate battery life is still incredibly good. It has a 5020 milliamp hour large battery and it lasts unless it got me through every single day, without any issues. I actually did a full battery test and charging test with it and the oneplus nord and the samsung galaxy s21 ultra click here. If you want to go check that out, but yeah, it did really well. Charging is decently fast as well. It has a 33 watt, fast charger included in the box, which is nice check out the video up here. If you want to know more before we move on to the camera, let me quickly tell you about this. Video sponsor zen zen is a shopping, cart connected with an app made to bring zen to online shopping. There are three main benefits which they call zenefits.

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The ultra ride is also pretty good. Nothing amazing, but decent, unfortunately, theres no form of optical zoom, just digital, if you shoot at 108 megapixels and zoom in you, obviously retain quite a bit of detail which cant be said with the regular 12 megapixel shots. Now there is also a macro camera, which is surprisingly decent its nothing amazing, but i honestly expected it to be trash which its not you can actually get. Some nice shots out of it, although they can often turn out blurry, which unfortunately also applies to low light shots. Now, when you do manage to get a clear shot in low light, the night mode is surprisingly good. Here. It is again next to the iphone 12 and i think it can pretty much keep up, which is insanely impressive, considering its price. Now. Lastly, lets talk about my least favorite part of the device, which is the software, its running miui 12 on top of android 11 and its not my favorite. It does have a few unique features, but i really dont like the look and style and feel of the ui, and it does come with a lot of bloatware pre installed. Now i guess you can uninstall most of it and you can make it look. However, you like, but i just generally much prefer other android versions in terms of software updates. There have been a couple, but nothing too impressive. I think its still on the april security update long term.

I cant really tell you how this will play out, but i think the redmi note 9 pro got frequent updates not always perfectly on time, but not super late either. To conclude the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro is an incredible device. You get amazing value, probably the best device, or at least one of them under 300 bucks. You can currently get you get great hardware with a 120 hertz screen. Performance is good, the camera is solid and battery life is very good. Oh and you dont have to spend extra money on a fast charger, which is always nice. The only real issue i personally have with it is the software, but again thats personal preference. Thank you guys for watching.