Smartphone thats just hit blighty with some pretty solid specs, despite a very low asking price of just 159 quid making it similarly priced to the likes of the poco m3 smartphones. And, of course, the mortal g30 definitely great for anyone whos on a budget thats tighter than a nats bumhole, its basically an upgraded version of the old, but still pretty damn good. Redmi. Note 9s and itll be one for any media lovers out there boston, an amoled screen and a stereo speaker setup. Definitely two rare features that this sort of cost, but is it actually any good? Well, im really glad you asked because now im going to whip the redmi note 10 s on out of the box to get a full on tour. The hardware, the software, the camera tech test out its gaming chops, all that good stuff and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do pog subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So what do we got in the box? Besides? The lovely redmi note 10 s. Well, we got one big old chunky, adapter, a usb cable with bonus, qr code action and oh yes, despite the low ascott price, you do get a condom case to keep your shiny new redmi note, 10s protected and thats all the good stuff. So now lets turn our attention to the actual smartphone, and i got ta say: first, impressions are pretty good, its got a nice smart finish to.

It actually reminds me quite a lot of the pokor x3 gt, which ive only just finished reviewing. It is a simple plastic back and as youd expect at this sort of budget price point, but quite minimal branding, nothing too extravagant or obscene right there in your face, quite tiny, looking camera chassis up top as well and xiaomis redmi note 10s does feel a little Bit lighter and thinner than the older note, 9s youve got plastic edging as well, but then you do have gorilla glass, 3 up front. Hopefully thatll help to toughen it up, prevent any scratches. You dont get any pre installed screen protector, though, which is a bit of a shame. This is the onyx great model of the redmi. Note 10s. Nothing particularly exciting, as you can see there, but you can also grab it in ocean blue and pebble white. Maybe theyll do a slightly better job of masking scuffy greasy marks as well, because theyre showing up pretty bad on this one. It is reassuring, though, that the xiaomi redmi note 10s is ip53 splash resistant as well so similar to motorolas smartphones, it doesnt matter. If you spill your pints on it, your g t, whatever your beverage of choice, may be touchwood dried off, quick and it should be all right so lets pop that sim tray and see what delights await within and its a big in. Ladies and gentlemen, that is quite a satisfying sim tray, because not only do you have space for two sim cards at the same time, weve also got a separate micro, sd memory card slot for expanding the storage, all right time to power up this beast and check Out the rest of it, so the redmi note 10s is all set up and of course, as usual, its android 11, with a good bit of xiaomis, miui 12 launcher slathered there, on top and from a quick flick about its basically the same ui experience as always.

Ive banged on about it, probably about 12 dozen times already so once again, you do have a fair amount of crap wear, bundled on here. Youve got lots of shambies on apps, bundled on here. Like the me browser me community me remote me me me me me, and some of facebooks on apps, like of course, facebook and instagram, and the worst part is that the likes on facebook, you cant actually uninstall either you usually can on xiaomi smartphones but uh. They are stuck on here unless you do a clever bit of jiggery pokery. In the background, thankfully me ui in version 12 is about as close as youll get to stock android on a miui smartphones. Youve got the google discover feed youve got your apps trayed by default. Thank god. Drag down your notifications bar from anywhere weve, also got xiaomi extras like the control center, which is really handy for toggling. All your various bits and youve also got fast access to all of your smart devices that youve got set up in your home as well. So i love some of the extra bonus bits like the game, turbo mode, which ill show off later with a bit call of duty. Mobile action and youve got the likes of the video toolbox as well, which is quite handy, allows you to, for instance, enjoy a youtube video with the screen hibernate, and so you can, you know, listen to any podcasts on there that you happen to check out or Vodcast or whatever the official term is uh audiobooks things like that.

Just be aware that, with something like the redmi note, 10s youre not going to be guaranteed the long term os and security updates, as you would with something like a nokia blower, for instance, and thats. Not to say that a redmi smartphone will only last you a year or two or plenty of people, but its still using xiaomi smartphones with three or four years after launch, but, of course, with the lack of the security updates. You might just be that little bit more careful. So if thats gon na be a deal breaker for you, you might wan na look elsewhere on the security side, you do have an edge mounted fingerprint sensor here on the redmi, note, 10s and so far touchwood. Despite the fact, its quite a skinny little thing absolutely no problems. The textbook figures straight away and youre immediately into your desktops and youve, got a bit of face and lock security to back that up as well, although not the most secure, because it does still recognize me even with a face mask on and like other amoled smartphones. You have an always on display feature as well, which is fully customizable. Youve got various analog options, uh kaleidoscope. If you want something a bit more trippy, some digital ones and some that are just proper batch – and these are all the nice, but unfortunately they only ever seem to display it for 10 seconds after you hibernate your smartphone, at which point they just bugger right off And thats, actually a setting in here, as you can see the display items for 10 seconds after tapping recommended there.

Doesnt actually seem to be any way of disabling that, unfortunately, so you are stuck with it. As for that screen, well its a 6.43 inch amoled panel. As i mentioned before, so nice punchy colors and seems proper bright on those top brightness levels as well. So hopefully touchwiz should be absolutely fine for outdoors who certainly seems to do the job. You do apparently get 360 degree ambient light sensors as well. Do they actually work this time, probably not im expecting the auto brightness to be as shonky as usual, but anyway, if youre a media fan gorgeous stuff, full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080 pixels. So you get nice crisp images, its not the biggest panel in the world, 6.43 inches, but certainly more than comfortable enough for enjoying a movie nice wide viewing angles as well, and only a dinky little selfie orifice that pokes its way into proceedings. When you go full screen, although its centrally positioned, which seems all the rage these days, i kind of prefer shunted off into a corner. Personally, you dive on into those display settings. Youve got plenty of features and toggles to play around with the likes of an anti flicker mode. Youve got a reading mode to make things more comfortable on your peepers late at night. You can play around with the color output as well. So, as you can see there vivid by default, which i personally love, you can dial things down a bit with a bit standard action or actually mess around with the color temperature yourself.

However, you will notice a lack of refresh rate action in here thats because it is just a 60 hertz display no 90 or 120 hertz action and fair enough, because fast refresh, amoled screens arent cheap. So this sort of price point i would be surprised to see one its also definitely worth pointing out that at the time i shot this video we dont have any netflix or disney plus support on the redmi note, 10s thats. Sometimes the way when i get the phones uh early ahead of the actual official release here in blighty black should be rectified, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. So, despite the lack of silky smooth fast refresh, that display is looking rather bloody special for the price point and on the audio front, the redmi note 10s definitely impresses as well. You got bluetooth 5.0 support, but also a actual headphone jack down below got high res audio support on this thing and also a stereo speaker setup. So lets just check that out see how good those stereo speakers really are in white light and or dropping it fast. Whoopsies so youre on that top volume level, not exactly going to uh blow your face off or anything like that: uh, probably in quite a noisy environment, youll sort of still struggle to hear what is going on and, of course, that top ap speaker not quite as Powerful, as the bottom mounted speaker, but still again at this sort of price point its great to have that option now performance and, of course, at this sort of price point, you cant expect an absolute powerhouse.

What youve got power in this thing is the mediatek helio g95 and that is backed by either six or eight gigs of ddr4 ram. This is the six gig model of the redmi note, 10s and, as you can see, theyre not bad geekbench scores and certainly so far touchwear just from flicking around playing around with various apps and everything. Everything seems to work fairly smoothly. So the redmi note 10s should certainly be absolutely fine just for your everyday shenanigans, but lets test out the gaming chops all the same, just in case youre after something that can do a bit of pubg call of duty, mobile and all of that good stuff. On the side for under 200 quid so as usual, of course, youve got that game turbo mode. So just swipe swipe with your finger like so, and you bring up the little toolbar which gives you access to all kinds of features, including fast access to a whole bunch of apps, while youre gaming. You can also record the action free up resources if you absolutely need to. Although touchwood, the performance seems absolutely spot on had a blast through a couple of quick games on call of duty mobile and even though i had it on the high detail, settings and the high frame rate setting as well absolutely flawless performance. The gameplay remained buttery smooth. The screen was nice and responsive as well, so i actually stood a fairly good chance against.

Thankfully, what was fairly crap opposition and xiaomi has packed a 5 000 milliamp battery into the redmi note 10s as well. So it should keep you going all day long, especially with that fairly energy efficient, mediatek chipset, packed in there and youve got 33 watt fast charging as well. So again, at this sort of price point, pretty damn respectable. So lets finish up the xiaomi redmi note: 10s. Unbox some of the squints at the camera, tech and what youve got here is a quad lens setup uh which to be fair, is fairly standard at this sort of price point. Even now, youve got 64 megapixel primary sensor, eight megapixel ultra wide, and then you got a basic two megapixel depth sensor and two megapixel macro sensor. Whoop no surprises really from xiaomis camera app its basically the same as what youll find on other redmi, poco et cetera, et cetera, smartphones, its fairly easy to get to grips with, and customizable too youll open up in full, auto mode with a bit of ai action. If you want it as well, which you can just recognize a scene and then just have to tweak the settings to make your photo look even more luscious, you will shoot at 16 megapixel resolution by default, despite the fact its a 64 meg sensor thats, because it Uses quad pixel binning: you can swap to the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens with a quick tap here, just for a more pulled back view if you like, and there is a two times – digital zoom option as well, theres, obviously no optical zoom here on the Redmi note 10 s and to give you an idea of what this redmi phone is capable of heres, just a few sample shots that i took with it over the course of 24 hours and, as you can see, obviously quite limited when it comes to strong daylight And also when it comes to low light as well, you do have a dedicated night mode.

This seems to make sort of minimal difference. You still get quite grainy fuzzy images. So id say. Definitely you want to be keeping it going in good light and wherever possible. Essentially, dont challenge the redmi note 10s, like most other budget smartphones, and you should be absolutely fine. Youve also got various bonus modes like a portrait mode which uses that depth sensor to add a bokeh style background effect. While keeping your subject, sharp diving into more youve, got plenty more options in here, including a full 64 meg mode. If you do want to shoot at that max resolution and just ditch the quad pixel bin in the night mode, which i mentioned before – and you can edit the modes as well as you can have your favorites up there on the start screen. So you dont have to flick to that more section to load them up. If you do want to shoot a two megapixel macro photo which to be fair, i wouldnt recommend, but there you go. You can just dive on in there and do that now. Youve also got pro controls if you want complete manual control over the likes of the shutter speed, the iso levels etc, and we dive into video as well. Unfortunately, the redmi note tennis is rather limited. Youve got 1080p at 30 or 60 fps, but you do at least have a 4k mode at 30, fps and then, finally, around front youve got a 13 megapixel selfie shooter as well, which again fairly basic stuff.

I wouldnt expect uh the world from this. You do have an hdr mode, which is, as you can see, toggle off by default. Lets just stick that on auto and oh yeah, ladies and gentlemen, its another world beta. So there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is xiaomis, redmi, note 10 s which, as i say, is available in blighty for 159 quid and, if youre gasping for an amoled display at that sort of sub 200 pound price point well, this is gon na, be one of your very few Options its great to see, features like stereo speak setup, youve got the headphone jack youve got the expandable storage performance is fine for absolutely everything, including a bit of light gaming on the side and the battery life should be stellar as well. So its just a few little things here and there, like you, dont, get the fast refresh rate on that oled screen, of course, and the camera will be pretty damn basic, all the same, very value packed device. So what are you thinking about the xiaomi redmi? Note. 10, are you tempted uh definitely be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and do that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest day can have yourselves a fandubby dorsey rest of the bloody week.