The good news is that im happy to share the apple card im rocking today is the exact same apple card, the same titanium that i rocked two years ago. The scuffing and scratching on the bottom has actually not changed much. So maybe i was just too hard with it at the beginning of its life. Now that ive gone to just not flexing it and dropping it on tables all the time it doesnt seem to make that big a difference. But what i can say i still love about the apple card. Two years later is the simplicity of the reward system dealing with the credit cards. My wife still uses. I hate having to wait for your rewards to reach a certain threshold. I hate having to deal with points and just having the simple daily cash back feature, even though it may not give you a ton of cash, its still really nice to be able to take the rewards and use it to pay off the credit card every month, Which is honestly what i do. It just lowers the overall credit card bill by just turning the cash back into what you pay off the credit card with so its just a universal two percent coupon thing wherever you go, that has apple pay. I wish more places were supporting it, but it certainly has gotten better, especially after the pandemic. Theres been a ton, more places that are supporting apple pay by default and especially on the web.

Even ive noticed a lot of different websites, weve ordered stuff. From now supporting apple pay, we get two percent back with that, although apple has not expanded on any really of the vendors that offer three percent cash back its pretty much exactly the same as it used to be and near the end of 2019, they had a Limited time, six percent cash back on all apple hardware, which i was really pumped for, and i was sad that they didnt do that again last year, but i might be in the market for a mac later in the future. So if they do launch another six percent cashback for hardware, i will be very tempted to upgrade, but ultimately they really havent changed much with the reward system and what they have changed is how many people can access this credit card. So a difference from last year. Apple now has apple card family sharing. So if you have a kid over the age of 13, you can actually grant them access to use your own apple card and they can use it through their apple watch or through their iphone and youll get notified if they ever spend anything. But im just more impressed that theres parents out there that are willing to give their kids credit card access. Who are you and why werent you, my parents? I would have abused that power so much, but the other option theyve added with apple card family sharing.

Is you can have co owners, so this is something i was somewhat interested in, because we put almost everything we buy on this credit card just because of the daily cash back and its my only credit card, i dont use any others. I dont want to do the higher tier credit cards that cost money per year, because then you feel, like you got to spend money to utilize the rewards im not about playing that mental game. I like the fact that this doesnt cost me anything im still only buying stuff. I would have bought anyway. Ive. Never once saw the three percent cash back options and been like. Oh lets go buy stuff there. I just spend like i normally spend and because of that, all of our transactions are listed just within my wallet app and me and my wife keep track of all of our expenses. So we load all of that into a spreadsheet and because apple with all of their emphasis on privacy and security, and not letting any of the transactions of this credit card go outward. We cant load it into our budgeting apps like mint, and that means we have to manually enter all the transactions from this credit card into our spreadsheets, which i was thinking when they offered the co owner thing. Maybe i could just add my wife to the apple card, real, quick and then she could just see the transactions. I dont even really expect her to pay for things.

That often because were always together were a one car family. So i was basically just hoping to add her to the same transactions that im seeing so that she can enter the spreadsheet without having to borrow my phone. But as soon as we tried to do the co owner thing, it does require you to enter the other persons, social security because essentially youre looked at as equals. They want to have a credit card, thats accessible to two people and she didnt want to have another credit card added to her credit report. You know she already has a couple credit cards on there that she doesnt want to get rid of because credit scores dont like it when you close credit card accounts and that type of thing and she doesnt want more credit cards added. On top of that, so we ended up just not doing it because she wasnt into the idea of the apple card being tied to both of our permanent records on this file. But one update from last year that took apple way too long. Is that the apple cart is finally now reporting to all three credit bureaus when they first started, it was not reporting to any, and then it was like six months in they started reporting to one and then a year later they reported to another. Now. Finally, in august of 2021, they appear to be reporting to all of the major credit bureaus so thats good.

This makes it a very good credit card for people who are trying to build credit and theyre young, especially if your parents, let you sign up for the apple card 13 by piggybacking, through their account of course, but even authorized users over the age of 18 can Build up their credit file through their parents apple card – i dont have children, so i cant demo that feature, but maybe i will just for that alone and im still of course getting the question of is the apple card good for first time credit card applicants and Is it a good way to build credit, and the truth is, i honestly think out of all credit cards, ive seen and messed around with, and you know helped other people sign up for this? One is by far the most simple, and i still will stand by that from my original review of all credit cards out. There apple has really got the whole wallet app and the whole setup process down to be as minimal and simple as possible, and i have yet to see another bank or another credit card have an option that its so simple to request a new card, its so Simple to make it the default at apple, you can generate new codes, its very easy to protect someone. If theres fraudulent charges, you can tap on a charge and say thats, not me and its all built into ios. So, of course, you got to be kind of into the ecosystem for the apple car to work well for you, but i still think that for first time, credit card people.

This would be an amazing free card to have because its metal for one, which is all that matters, but it just makes all of the aspects of learning credit cards very, very easy to understand, and it makes it painfully hard to miss credit card payments. So if you want my advice, i would say you know: dont hold the balance on your credit card. Dont put things on here that you couldnt buy anyway. My main reason for using a credit card is not to buy things. I cant afford its to get cash back on things that im gon na buy anyway, and also to build up your credit score to have better interest rates on loans in the future. Interest rates on the apple card are not very low, so i would definitely not recommend it if youre just hoping to get it and buy things you cant afford, but all of the notifications apple puts in the wallet app to say, like hey. Your bill is due here: you got to make sure you pay at least this amount by this time it doesnt try to trick you. It makes it very, very simple to understand when your next payment is due and all that, so i applaud apple for making it very very obvious and easy to understand how much you need to pay and how to make sure you dont get charged any interest fees. I definitely have never been charged a single penny of interest fees, so this card has literally done nothing but make me money, which i love.

No other apple service can say that all the other apple services, either cost money or dont, really make that big. A difference in my life, although one criticism i will give the apple card after two years, is that they seem to kinda wan na sneak in advertising to the wallet app a little bit just a few days ago, i got a notification that was like apple card Users can enjoy apple news plus for three months free and if you sign up with the apple card to this one panera bread subscription, you can get free coffee for a couple months or something and it was very complicated and it was just showing up in my Default wallet app and i was like apple okay, ive, been putting everything on this credit card. Ive been doing everything through you. All of my debt is contained with apple, and yet you want to throw more ads on me. Youre, like hey panera, sponsored this wallet app today. That kind of got me a little bit feeling weird and i hope apple doesnt, get too comfortable with that. Also, i really dont care for apple news plus, and i dont need apple to remind me to sign up for it, even though i already tried it hated it cancelled it right away so thats something you would kind of expect apple to not have you know you Would anticipate that apple with all of their simplicity and minimalism would just assume apple card? Is just gon na be free of ads and its just gon na be really simple, but to open the app and get ads like that? It definitely felt a little weird.

They have launched all of these crazy financing options so that all of these new apple products you can pay for over six to twelve months, ive, never once utilized that feature, even though the interest is zero percent. I just dont like the idea of carrying a balance on the credit card month after month after month, just because i want to pay for an apple product slowly over time. I just didnt see the point but overall im happy that its reporting to all the credit bureaus now im still very happy with cash back. I love the simplicity of it. Im pretty sure apples got a lifelong apple cart user. Now i dont see myself changing anytime soon and i get tons of credit card ads in the mail constantly like. I think it should be illegal. How many letters in in paper and print is wasted just on ads for credit cards, and none of them have really offered any discounts that seem to be better than the apple card for me, because apple pay is almost everywhere, and i understand that some places you Just cant have apple pay like sit down restaurants when you need to drop your card off with the waiter theyre. Never gon na support apple pay, theyre gon na need a physical thing of some kind, and if you go on long road, trips youll find some gas stations that probably have never even heard of apple pay. I still run into people two years later and when they dont have apple pay and i hand them this card, they dont know what it is or how it works.

They dont know how to swipe it and theyre like whoa. What is this you work for apple? So im guessing the take rate on the apple card might not be super high because i still run into people who have never seen it and thats fine. You know you can choose to get in debt in whatever way you want. But overall i would say its like a a minus review. I i dont want more ads showing up, and i wish my wife could see the transactions from her phone without having to get her social security tied up with this credit card, and i hope, theres more limited time. You know cash back options, especially later this year, when i might be buying another mac, feel free to. Let me know how you guys have been using your apple card or how it compares to other free credit cards out there.