I finally got my hands on it. After all, this mess thats been going on, so this phone has six gigs of ram one two and eight cubes of storage, the hilo p70 android 11 full hd display 4680 milliamp hour battery. All for 150 dollars, oh and a 6.67 inch display so yeah. I think like so far this just the specs on paper. This sounds like, like a really great value: smartphone all right, uh, like the presentation, only the brave the back, does feel like a cheap plastic but hey. This is a cheap phone after all, but overall it feels pretty sturdy in the hand i kind of like the feel actually believe it or not. In the box we get our charging brick 18 watts and our usb type c cable, all right so, first impressions. I really like the display um the corners here. Look a bit weird, but overall the bezels are very small. The punch one is looking good, so im gon na set this up and get back to you alright. So here we have our screen lock options. If you wan na set the fingerprint unlock so pattern, pin password were just gon na. Do a very simple pin code here: nothing fancy just to test the fingerprint sensor and it is over here on the side, if you didnt know, and yeah and thats pretty much it, we can choose between gesture navigation and free button navigation. I recommend gestures because they are the new thing and there you go, the phone is all set up.

So first impressions lets go turn onto settings real, quick, so so far the phone is very responsive. Im really liking the display. Let me take down the brightness, so you guys can see better see, im really really liking the display. This is a very good display so far, so we do our face unlock so were gon na go ahead and do that really quick all right. So, first up were gon na test. The fingerprint unlock okay that was kind of slow lets, try it again all right, so it is pretty fast and accurate. Not perfect, though, now face unlock oh face, knocks even faster. What close up now, okay, face unlock is very, very fast. Um dont dont know how to say like on every ho and every condition, but on in this, like lighting condition, it is very, very fast, so very happy about that all right, so it runs perfectly without with the ads, so lets see how it is without okay. So absolutely no lag with knife fit wind rider uh. I expected a bit better, not gon na oh okay, never mind! So in the beginning, okay yeah, i see whats going on out of so the frame rate is not consistent whatsoever. Its like going up and down you can see like all the frame drops, so right now its so this is 60 fps, but then it drops down to like 30 or to board the 40. okay. Thank you frame rate right all rights.

So these are the high graphics pack so like the literally the highest graphics that this phone can do with this game and its running pretty good, i mean these are like the highest settings, got hd frame rate is the highest and it looks like pubg works. Just fine on this phone Applause, so the speaker is pretty good. The volume is pretty decent. The overall quality is decent. It could be a little bit better for the price, but i cant really complain too much uh. We dont have a headphone jack, however, so so that might be a deal breaker for some of you guys, rear camera is 12 megapixels front. Camera is eight megapixels rear. Video is full hd front videos full hd, so now lets take our first selfie lets go outside. Were facing a video on the blackvue a100, the focusing is not that great. I tried to focus up close on a flower and wouldnt focus, so maybe video is going to be uh different hold on. Ah, so with the video it actually does focus i dont even have to tap on the screen, like samsung level focus. How is it when i was talking, take a picture, didnt work who knows front facing video on the blackvue a100? Let me know what you think. Also, i should say the display its its hard to see but easier than other phones, so visibility in direct sunlight is decent, so that is pretty much it.

So should you buy this phone, i think for 150 dollars. The phone is definitely worth it. We get a good performance, a good display, good specs, good speaker, decent cameras, good battery, so this one is pretty much the whole package. You know even android 11 and all that so um. I do recommend it.