Originally they were paper rolling in front of a camera, with a tv monitor underneath the camera and a transparent mirror. What i have here is a teleprompter for smartphones tablets and anything that is eight inches or smaller. It is from feel world. This is alan haffiel, 4 personal view. We will look at this new product from feel world lets, see whats inside the box, ill pull off. This cover, like so and take open the box, and here it is remove this piece of cardboard, and this is the teleprompter itself that has removable rings. As you can see, this happens to be a 58 millimeter ring. What you do is you put this ring on the lens of your camera and then slide it into the teleprompter. Well, move the teleprompter out of the way and get back to the box under this foam are two boxes. One box here has a cover for this unit: a cleaning cloth as well, and these little foam little rings. These rings will be useful later and thats one box heres the other box in this box. We have the stuff that we need right now right in this, one is a bunch of extra rings, and you have 67, 55, 52, 49, 72 77, which is for those big lenses and 62, and a special ring that says 49 and again. This goes with those little rings. You see here and well put that out of the way as well.

What we need now first lets take out the rest of the stuff, and this is a wireless, remote, bluetooth, remote for your phone. So you can control the speed of the words on the teleprompter itself. When you put the script in kind of, looks like a gaming, remote doesnt it, and this box is a very needed piece of equipment. This is the actual thing that holds your phone or tablet. The eight inch tablet fits in this one. The phone fits in this one and we will move all of this stuff out of the way. Also in the bottom of the box is the manual, and this is the instructions on how to install the teleprompter. It also has what you should get, which i have just shown you so lets put this in here, put this in here and this and put our box out of the way. So we can assemble our teleprompter, its quite simple. You turn the teleprompter over like so, and then you take this large round area and put it into this other round area and then turn it and it locks and it locks itself in and then you lock it like. So once you have installed the app on a phone or ipad, you want to launch the app, and this is before you mount it on the teleprompter itself. As you can see, there is no text here, so we need to add text to it. So what were going to do is go back out and go to our notes program, because i have put my text in my notes program and what you want to do is hold down like so and copy it all like this.

Go all the way up and then go all the way down like so, and you can go all the way to the bottom and then tap on it again and it says copy now you go back out to here back over to the app and then you Hit the plus down below and then you hit paste like so and now all that copy is in the teleprompter and thats how you get it into the teleprompter. You can give it a title as well, and i will do that right now and there we are. We are, and then you have to save it and the way you do that is hit done and then save. If you dont save it, it wont, remember it and then you can tap on it and then theres our teleprompter. Now i will turn off the ipad and install it on the teleprompter. That is the only way you can put text into the teleprompter software. There is no way to import to mount my ipad mini, which is an eight inch size screen. You have to first flip this device around by unlocking it and pulling it around like so and then pulling out and then pushing it back in and locking it this way. So now the tablet holder will be on the unit. Once you have your code in the tablet and its open. Now you can install it onto the teleprompter again its not the easiest thing in the world to do and it doesnt matter where the controls are.

I find it easier if the controls are on the front, so you can actually get at them if you need to so you just put this in here like so, and pull this all the way up like so, and now you have a tablet on this unit. As you can see, it fits nicely here, and you also have the app right there, so you just tap on that, and it opens the app now were ready to install this on a camera. You do it the same way. Click it in and put that onto your tripod or you can have the camera on the tripod already and just drop this onto it. I have now put my ipad mini on the teleprompter and i will be using its software and this little remote to do a read from the teleprompter. I will start it. The field world tp2a is a lightweight and portable teleprompter, which was developed for the video shooter. It can be prompted via smartphone or tablet, while the camera is recording. It allows you to clearly read and scroll the text while looking directly into the camera. It also supports a wide angle lens. The lens i have on this camera is equivalent of a 28 to 30 millimeter lens and, as you can see, there is no vignetting. What were going to do now is look at the remote and some of the buttons on the remote on the front is the button that starts and stops the text from rolling and ill click it again and it stops this button right here brings up a menu And that menu allows you to adjust your speed and the font size and flip the image the next button rotates the text i just wish.

If i hit it again, it would turn it upside down and then around this next button on the bottom flips. The text upside down, as you can see here as its going up and down this button over here, i have found at least on ios. Does nothing and the top button turns the text to a different color. It reverses it and you can have it in green and then it goes back to black. The button here is for getting in and out of your text. The other thing it does. Is it resets it to the beginning, and it only will do that with the first script that you have in the teleprompter, but it does allow you to get back to the beginning, the second script. It will not show you you actually have to touch it on the teleprompter itself, because i have two loaded right now. If you hold the button long enough, it will also power off the remote and it is used for pairing. This joystick is handy as well. If i start the text, youll see it go up. If i move it up the joystick, as you can see there, it doesnt go any faster, but if i pull down the joystick, it slows down to stop the text. So i think thats interesting and i think thats got ta, be an ios thing now, if you move it left or right, youre supposed to be able to enlarge or shrink the text and yes its doing it it just did it see there, it goes its enlarging And shrinking the text, but only does it occasionally and again.

This is just on ios. This remote gives you limited functions on ios, mainly because you cant make it go faster by pushing it up. I wish you could, because that would be helpful when reading your script. There are other software available for teleprompting and i would actually recommend you look into those as well as this software seems to be fairly limited. I also tried out the ipad with software that i already have for teleprompting, and it gives me much more options. Also, it has a phone app, so you can actually control it from the phone. If i hit play, it will start playing, see its playing and then you can hit stop and then you can reverse it too and re cue it if you want to, which is one of the features i like about this software. So there are other options for the teleprompter from feel world. Its software is okay, but i prefer the regular teleprompting software that other people have so first thing. Youre going to do is grab your phone and i recommend that you open it first, because that way, at least on my phone, the face id recognizes me now i can put the phone onto the device, but you want to put it in such a way that The volume controls are actually facing towards the unit and the reason why i do that is because, just through trial and error, i found out that the text will display better if it is installed this way.

So now you just move up this little thing here like so, and just get it a little further and then it clips in. If you have not installed the app, you should do that before putting the phone in there, because you have to have the app in order to use the text and then you just tap on the app and there it is inside the phone on the teleprompter. The next thing we want to do is check our ring for our camera, so you just remove the ring and check its size. This is a 67 and this is a 67 front on my camera, so you just screw that into here like so until it goes in properly and just screw it on until its tight, and then you actually pull up like so and it locks now. The teleprompter is on the camera and i can mount the camera onto my tripod and now im going to do a read test with the teleprompter and im going to start it by pushing the button and then im going to start talking. As soon as i see the words the feel world tp2a is a lightweight and portable teleprompter, which was developed for the video shooter. It can be prompted via smartphone or tablet, while the camera is recording. It allows you to clearly read the scrolling text while looking directly into the camera. It also supports a wide angle lens. It works pretty good if you enlarge the text on the app.

If you see here, if i use the scrolling wheel, i can at least make it go smaller. If i go over the other side, its not getting any bigger, and now it is yet well see, well see, as i say, its kind of flaky, it does work. It is making it bigger, but barely the going out is certainly a lot easier, just as much as when i am scrolling like. So, if i push up it, doesnt go any faster, but i can make it go so slow, much slower. This teleprompter has another trick up its sleeve. You can use another smartphone as the camera and have a smartphone as the teleprompter and to be able to do that. What you have to do is you have a different ring that you install on the back of here and then slide that in and whats interesting. This is why they gave you these little round rubber rings, because you can punch it out and see through it because thats going to go into here, like so because thats going to match up with the smartphone. Now also, this little device came with the box as well, and it is a smartphone, a magnetic smartphone holder, not just a smartphone holder, a magnetic smartphone holder, and then you just take your smartphone and put it into the holder, like so and theres, a big magnet Right here and then you want to actually put the smartphone in correctly so because you want the cameras to be on the left side of the smartphone and then you just magnetically put it there and then align the camera with with the hole.

And i think i have to slide it over a little bit. I can because i can see the cameras and uh now we should be pretty much in the proper place and once youve done, that you have a smartphone on the back and then you take all of this and use the quarter 20 threads. They have in the bottom and just put it on a tripod or a light, stand like this one here and then screw it in like so, and now you can smartphone to smartphone teleprompt turn around like that and there you are pretty cool now, im ready to Use the teleprompter with this smartphone and for those of you who want to use this on social media, you also have a magnet down below like so and then we need to slide up our camera, so we can actually see now. I can use the teleprompter on social media with the vertical video they love on tick, tock and facebook. I have installed on my camera the feel world teleprompter, but instead of the iphone, i have put an andy sin. High brightness 7 inch monitor, and so i can see myself right now, as you are seeing the camera that is looking at me. I am looking right into and looking at the monitor in the teleprompter, now im testing out a feel world. Five inch monitor on my camera on my main camera and its a smaller picture, not by much but its also darker, because its not a high brightness monitor so its a little harder to see.

But i still can look at it and see it and i can see if someone was there. If i had a feed from an internet or something like that, but right now it works. I mean, and the beauty of this one is its much lighter and so its much lighter on the camera and the lens. The tp2 teleprompter uses environmental abs, industrial plastic material, which is sturdy and durable. The compact and portable design make it easy to carry and suitable for using in various occasions the unit size is 205 by 97 by 111 millimeters. The unit weight is a mere 300 grams im very happy with this little prompter from feel world. It works quite well. Its well built its small and lightweight and its designed for being in the field and thats what its purpose is its also very inexpensive, which is also a good thing, and the only thing really complaint i have is that the software is okay, its not great, but You can have third party software to fix that problem and i really like it very much so i would recommend it. This is alan halfhill from personal view.