The reno 6 series caught a lot of attention recently and this reno 65g was specifically noted for its striking design. That, honestly reminds us of you know this one, but does it live up to its hype? Lets all find out in our oppo reno 65g: full review, Music Applause, all right, oppo dubs, the reno 65 gs design as an ultra slim, retro style. That also features oppo signature, reno glow. It has a smooth matte finish with an iridescent glow that changes colors as light falls on it. The phone is available in stellar, black and aurora colorway, which what we have here. What we love about this design is that the panel is fingerprint resistant which improves the overall appeal of the phone. It has a flat edge design that is reminiscent of the iphone 12 seriess design. Some may like it, some may not, but the phone feels well built it can even stand upright without support the back, also houses, a triple camera setup, together with an led flash. How is laid out may even remind you of the galaxy s21, which lends to the standout design that oppo has taken here in the hands, despite the metal, build its super lightweight, weighing at only 182 grams and supports a thickness of 7.59 millimeters. However, do take note that the back panel is slightly slippery to hold and we suggest using the provided silicone case now, flipping to its front. It has a 6.43 inches flat screen display with slim bezels, and a quite sizable chin located on the left.

Is the volume rocker meanwhile, on the right? We have the power slash lock button generally, the buttons are tactile and are easy to reach alone at the top. Is the secondary microphone while at the bottom are the dual sim card tray main microphone, usb c port and the loudspeaker? Unfortunately theres, no micro sd card slot for this device? Taking a closer look at the display, we got a 6.43 inches amoled display with full hd plus resolution and 90 hertz refresh rate support. The display is bright enough to use indoors and outdoors has a crisp screen. Colors are vibrant and offers good viewing angles. The panel also has a punch hole cutout for the selfie camera on the top left side of the screen. The display is highly customizable from your usual night mode and screen color mode to dark mode settings that lets you set. How dark you want to go? Enhanced style is more preferable to take advantage of the display panel in use. You also get an always on display with edge lighting to let you know when notifications arrive, the phone sports, a single bottom firing speaker, that is more than capable of filling up the room with the sound from your phone, but as with the speakers configured in this Way it is easy to muffle, as you hold the phone in landscape orientation when watching multimedia content. The sound profile is biased towards the mids, which is expected, given that these types of setups will lean towards usage in voice calls under the hood.

The oppo reno 65g is powered by a mediatek dimension: 900 5g chipset, together with a mali, g68 mc4 gpu, 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. The day to day usage of the oppo reno 65g is pretty impressive, its very responsive and multitasking isnt. A problem take a look at these benchmark scores that we got the gaming performance is comparable to most mid range smartphones in 2021.. The phone is capable of handling the most demanding games with very minimal stutters. When it comes to biometrics and security, you can unlock this device via facial recognition and the in display fingerprint scanner both works as intended, but we highly recommend use the fingerprint scanner instead for a higher level of security. The fingerprint scanner, however, is too low for our liking running the software department is caller os 11.3 based on android 11.. It is more like the same os as you see on any oppo smartphone, which replicates the near stock android experience, but with some extra functionalities there are tons of customization options here, where you can change: icon styles, app, layouts, fingerprint style change, fonts and colors and notification Drawer, you can check it under the personalization category in the settings and like the previous color os versions. It comes with a few bloatwares and tons of pre installed apps like facebook, tiktok, twitter, messenger, lazada and agoda, which can be removed after the setup storage wise out of the 128 gigs that we get.

We are left with 106 gigs out of the box, which is still more than enough for casual users. Moving on to the cameras, the oppo reno 65g lives up to the brands, photography centric reputation. It features the same triple camera setup as the oppo reno 6z5g, and that is a 64 megapixel main an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel one for macro. Meanwhile, for selfies you get a 32 megapixel shooter. The camera ui is typical for color os youll. Be able to swipe between portrait, knight, video and photo modes on the viewfinder under the more section, youll find some more options, including dual view: video slow mo time lapse, extra hd movie, pro macro and soul. Loop templates in daylight images produced are detailed with vibrant colors and often a balanced dynamic range with the portrait mode. The background separation is pretty good. It blurs it out very well and still the details of the subject are present and are true to its colors. The ultrawide lens take decent pictures with minimal distortion, although the color is nowhere as good as its primary sensor. Low light shots on the other hand, looks decent. Details are not that short, but they are present. Shots tend to look hazy. Lights are a little bit blown well depending on the lighting, and take note that the phone takes a long time to focus on subjects in low light scenarios for selfies. It performs pretty good, especially in well lit conditions.

It can capture some sharp selfies with natural, looking skin tone. It supports portrait shots as well and turns out to be fine too, for videos. Users can shoot up to 4k videos at 30 frames per second, and the quality has good details and accurate colors. However, it can be a little bit shaky as its missing ois and offers eis only at 1080p when it comes to the battery. The device gets a 4 300 milliamp hour capacity with oppo 65 watt super vook 2.0 flash charge. It takes no more than an hour to charge this device using the proprietary 65 watt super book 2.0 charger included in the box when we run it through our standard video loop test, which entails the phone being at 50, brightness 50 volume, airplane mode turned on and With headphones plugged in the device lasted a long 15 hours and 45 minutes, definitely the reno 65g can last at least a day if youre, not a heavy user. Finally, lets talk about the price. At 26, 199 pesos were starting to approach the territory of smartphones where consumers starts nitpicking on smaller features of the phone and the lack of stereo speaker setup and a low quality gaming performance compared to other smartphone. At this price range, like the oneplus note, 2 might be enough to make you pass over this phone when spending that amount of money, but for its price. The opporino 6 is a true functional 5g smartphone that has a stylish design and that will surely turn heads around an excellent display fills premium and has a superb cameras.

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