Well, of course, this is due to its combination of a sleek design, emphasis on the camera features and an adequately powerful chipset. All at a relatively affordable price point: this time we managed to get our hands on the oppo renault 6 z5g, which is the trim down variant of the classic reno 6.. We made a separate review on the more premium. Renault 6 so well put the link in the description box if youre interested alright without any further delay, lets dive in deeper and check out this reno, 6 z5g Music. First and foremost, the oppo reno 6z5g does borrow a lot of its design language from the previous reno 5 series, as well as from its big brother, the reno 6.. It has the build and curved edges of the reno 5, accompanied by the new glowing colors of the reno 6.. What we have here is in the aurora color, which is named after the northern lights, and it looks really dashing with a metallic texture. That somehow looks like shimmers. The best part is that it doesnt attract smudges at all its a pretty polished design. But if you want something more classic, then you can opt for the stellar black color. The inputs and outputs on this device are more or less what you would expect in any standard. Smartphone on the left sits your volume rocker, along with a triple card tray for two nanosized sim cards and a microsd card. Meanwhile, located on the right side is the power button.

All the buttons are placed near the center of the frame, so theyre easy to reach, even with small hands alone at the top is the secondary microphone while finally, at the bottom is a usb type c port. A single bottom firing loudspeaker main microphone and, of course, we also get a 3.5 millimeter audio port when it comes to display this oppo renault 6 z5g features a 6.43 inch amoled screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels, a 20 by nine aspect ratio. It comes with a peak brightness of up to a respectable 800 nits, and it also has a netflix and amazon hd streaming certification, its almost the same display as the higher reno 6, except that it doesnt have a 90 hertz refresh rate and a 180hz touch sampling Rate generally, the image quality on this phone is a lot more vibrant compared to other phones with non amoled displays. Besides having lively colors, we also get good contrast and decent viewing angles. We get slim bezels, all around and theres, still a bit of a chin over here which isnt really distracting, but it would be much better if this wasnt around either way the viewing experience is still a lot pleasing and definitely passes our standards in the display settings. We get the usual options to change the color temperature and screen color modes as well as turn on oppos osie vision effect, which uses eye tracking and artificial intelligence to enhance video playback in some supported apps accompanying the display is a punch, hole notch situated at the Top left corner, while the earpiece, like usual, is tucked away right in the center of the top bezel talk about its sound quality.

The oppo reno 6z has a single downward firing speaker that is actually loud enough to fill up a small room. The quality is what you would expect in its price range theres, quite a balance, mids and highs, but not so much on base well feel free to use the headphone jack available. If you want better audio quality. Moving on running the software department is android 11 skinned with color os 11.1. Now in its ninth iteration, a lot has changed since its first release back in 2013.. It now has a lot of added customization features that allows you to change the overall theme, icon style and even set the always on display feature to different backgrounds. Additionally, in the settings theres a personalizations category, so you can also switch to pre installed, live wallpapers and customize. Other interface features such as the fingerprint animation font and system colors. By default, we get the app to wear layout together with the navigation buttons, but you can always switch to gesture navigation in the settings menu if youre more accustomed to that style. A couple of added features on this: ui are floating window and even air gestures that lets you swipe up and down from far away on social or video apps. When your hands are occupied, it even answers calls and texts from a distance too then theres also anti peeping that can automatically detect and hide important information if it detects that someone else is looking at.

Your screen were still trying to see how well this feature works, but were glad to have it on board. Nonetheless, and finally, another quirky feature is adaptive sleep. This basically prevents the screen from dimming or going to sleep, while your eyes remain locked on the screen. Its a pretty handy feature, to say the least, on color os. You should also expect to see some bloatware present. Apart from the standard suite of google apps, we also get a good amount of proprietary, oppo apps and some pre installed third party apps as well. Although the third party apps can be easily uninstalled and its nice to see a few of these are what we would normally download anyway. So locally. The reno 6d5g comes with 128 gigabytes of internal storage and out of that 128 gigs, we get a usable space of 108 gigabytes out of the box which, by the way you can expand via its dedicated microsd card slot for internals. This renault 6z5g is powered by a mediatek dimension, 800u processor, together with a mali, g57 mc3, gpu and 8 gigabytes of ram when it comes to day to day use like navigating throughout the ui. We didnt seem to encounter any stutters in issues while switching to different apps was also a seamless experience, even without a 90 or 120 hertz refresh rate were happy to say that it feels quite smooth as for benchmarks. The results that we got proved that the reno 6z can handle most, if not all the usual tasks that you can think of with an antutu version, 9 score of 370 837 and a 3d mark screenshot extreme score of 3115.

It definitely holds its own, but dont expect to be able to play your favorite heavy game titles at the highest settings, because for one this is still a mid range device and second thats probably reserved for their higher models. Like the find x series for security, the reno 6z5g uses an in display fingerprint scanner which works equally well, but is placed on the lower part of the display. So youll have to adjust your finger to unlock most of the time. The device, of course, is also capable of unlocking via facial recognition, and in this case we found the facial recognition working faster and is more practical than placing your thumb on the screen. Okay, so the cameras are obviously going to be one of the main highlights of this oppo renault 6 z5g. If youre wondering it packs the same lenses as the higher reno 6. thats, a triple camera setup, starting with a 64 megapixel main shooter, an 8 megapixel for ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens shots from the rear camera mostly have great results, especially under ample Lighting details are very apparent and shots are vibrant when you need it to be thanks to the help of ai, its even able to patch images that are equivalent to 108 megapixel photo resolution. At the same time, since this is a camera, centric smartphone portrait shots look equally as great with commendable subject: background separation, its able to produce above average shots when it comes to low light conditions, but depending on the available amount of light, results can vary from a Pretty clear image to a fair amount of noise, the colors can tend to be flat too, but when used correctly, its rather a great night shooter and speaking of night photography.

If you really want some high quality awesome looking night shots, then you can use the tripod mode thats found within the night mode settings well from the name itself. Youll need to attach the phone to a tripod or any steady surface, because it takes about 25 seconds to capture ultrawide, on the other hand, is more or less your average run of the mill lens thats able to take images at a broader field of view, although It is considerably much smaller compared to the main lens, its still able to take great image quality during the day. The only time it seems to struggle is whenever we would shoot in very dim places, which is where most ultrawide cameras fall short anyway. The same can also be said for the 2 megapixel macro lens, which does work quite well if its bright enough, its probably going to be the least used camera out of the 3. But it is useful if you want to get into the details of the smallest things when it comes to selfies. The reno 6d5g uses a 32 megapixel front camera that produces sharp and vibrant photos. It falls more on cooler tones which honestly looks more pleasing. Most of the time you cannotice that theres, a subtle enhancement going on even with the ai mode, turned off, but it doesnt look off for us on a side note. We like how the beauty mode can provide a low key touch up on the subjects face, but like most beauty modes, its also able to go overboard, if you would want it to now.

When it comes to videos, the reno 6z5g is capable of recording a maximum resolution of 4k at 30 frames per second, but the ultra steady mode is only available for the 1080p resolution. Apart from the stabilization, it also comes with more video recording features, including portrait, beautification mode focus, tracking and dual video mode that can come in handy for vloggers and for people who generally just want to show whats happening on both sides of the camera. Moving on the usual connectivity features such as wi, fi, 5, bluetooth, 5.2 and gps can be found on the reno 6d and, of course, just like the name suggests. This one has a 5g connectivity keeping the device powered is a 4 310 milliamp capacity with support for 30 watt voc flash charge 4.0. This charger is not as fast as the 65 watts super book on the renault 6, but hey its still fast enough, and while we initially thought that it wouldnt last a whole day were glad that it was able to prove us wrong. In our standard video loop test, which entails a 1080p video playing at 50 brightness 50 volume with airplane modes and headphones on, it was able to last 19 hours and 33 minutes. Meanwhile, charging takes one whole r to reach a full charge. With that being said, were not breaking any records here, but its safe to say that this device will be able to provide you with a full days work just as long as youre not continuously running demanding tasks.

As for the price, this oppo reno 6z5g is officially available for 19999 pesos, which is relatively a lot more affordable than the more expensive reno 65g thats priced at 26999 pesos. We appreciate how its still a lot similar to the superior renault 6, but even when it comes to performance and cameras theyre at par. Although we do adore the boxy and premium design of the high arena 6., we must say that oppo has done a pretty good job with this reno 6z5g, its not a bad option at all, despite the trimmings to achieve its more affordable price on its own youre. Getting a reliable set of cameras, commendable performance, 5g connectivity and a refreshing ui that im sure is going to be helpful to many on a side note. If youre really eying on an oppo smartphone, then you may want to consider the reno 5 series that was released. This year as well, since it also floats around the same price range and yeah that wraps up this review. What do you guys think about this oppo renault 6z5g? Is it something that youre planning to get yourself? Let us know in the comments down below and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon. So you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit yugatech.com for the latest tech news and reviews. Once again, this is justin and ill.