Back in todays video, we are checking out the latest rock device from doogie called the s97 pro like most rock devices that weve been seeing from doogie over the past few years. This one is shock, proof and waterproof. So this one will survive certain drops, but if you do drop it the wrong way, there is a good chance that the screen will still break. But if you do have the phone in water, nothing will happen to it. So you could take showers with it. If thats, what um you want? The phone is powered by the mediatek helio g95 thats paired, with eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, and for those of you that, like benchmark scores, this device gets an antutu benchmark score of just over 250 000 and with a score like that, You kind of know that the device will perform well for pretty much any application that youre going to be using with it. The phone can also take an sd card, so, on the left hand side here we have the slot for the sim card, so this phone can take two sim cards at the same time or a sim card and an sd card at the same time looks wise. Well, the phone looks like most rock devices that weve been seeing over the past three four years, so we do have a lot of plastic. We have some type of rubberized plastic and on the corners here on the sides, we have some metallic plates.

On the left hand side here we have a customizable button and another button that im not sure what you can do with it, because i havent found any options in the phone for the second button on the side and on the other side of the phone we Have the volume buttons the power button and a fingerprint scanner? The fingerprint scanner does seem to work pretty good. It takes about half a second from the time you touch it until the screen gets unlocked. The phone also supports face, unlocking if you dont want to use that fingerprint scanner at the top. Here we have a laser range finder, so there is an app on the phone and you can point the phone, but the building or something, and it will tell you the exact distance from the phone to that particular object. So this could come in handy if you are into construction and youre using the phone forum work. Basically at the bottom we have a usbc charging port thats covered by a rubber flap, and we also have the holes for the speaker. So that is the only speaker available and even though the speaker gets quite loud, its some still one speaker overall, so no other um holes for any other speaker and another top here on the front we dont have a second speaker. I guess this is a quick example, so you can hear how that speaker at the bottom sounds like Music Applause on the back of the phone.

We have a variety of cameras as well. We have the main camera. We have an ultra wide camera. We have a macro camera and another camera thats used for portrait mode pictures and, of course, on the front of the device, and we have the selfie camera now like most budget friendly phones. If you do have plenty of light, the pictures will turn out quite decent, of course, theyre not going to be as good as the pictures that youre going to get from a samsung galaxy s 21 or an iphone 12, but for a budget friendly phone. I feel that the daytime pictures do look quite decent now, as as soon as it gets dark. The picture quality decreases quite a lot, even though we do have a night mode available in there, but the picture quality is not anywhere as good as youd get from a flagship, but for daytime pictures. Isnt good enough im, gon na say moving on to the front of the device. Here we have a 6.4 inches ips panel. That has a 720p resolution now in 2021, getting an ips panel with a 720p resolution. I kind of find it unacceptable. You can find a lot of budget phones that have amoled screens with a higher resolution, so for doogies flagship for this year, because the s97 pro is kind of like their flagship. They should have definitely included a better screen on this phone. At least the screen gets brighter than most other rug devices that ive seen in the past, so at least thats a good thing, because you can still see it outside in direct sunlight.

But yes, i wish the resolution would have been higher and a better quality screen. Basically would have been nice to have moving on to some better things about it. Well, inside it we have a 8 500 milliamp hour battery that will keep the phone going for a couple of days and about 10 to 12 hours of screen on time, so pretty decent battery life on this device. It also supports 33 watt fast charging, so it only takes a couple of hours to charge this from zero to 100. Then there is a fast charger that comes in the box, and on top of that, it also supports wireless charging, 10 wattage wireless charging. So it will take a while if you charge it wirelessly performance wise, just as i was expecting, the s97 pro does well for pretty much anything that you are gon na do and you kind of know that when you get an antutu score of over 150 000, The phone will perform well, so it doesnt matter if youre scrolling through your facebook feed or writing a text message or even playing games, the phone will do good for anything. Of course, its not gon na be as fast as the samsung galaxy s21. But this is not a slow phone by any means. There is also an nfc chip inside it, and that means that youre going to be able to make payments to the phone using google pay ive also tried the gps unit in it, and it takes about three to five seconds to find your locations.

So using any navigation, app shouldnt be an issue. Of course we have a variety of bands, so this one can be used in most places in this world and we do have a lot of sensors that are available to quickly conclude this video, the doogie s97. Pro is pretty much an average phone thats, just like all the other rugged phones that weve been seeing over the past three years. Im gon na say so nothing thats special about this one sure we have that laser rangefinder thats, something that i havent seen on any other phone, but is that enough to make you buy this phone? It is entirely up to you so overall this is a pretty average phone. It is a decent phone, but pretty average and nothing spectacular about it. I wish to have had them dual speakers, maybe a 3.5 mil audio jack and so much more and a 1080p screen.