The original version was great, but air buddy 2 comes with tons of new incredible features. It extends mac os to improve your airpods experience and its fully compatible with bixer and apple silicon. Just open your charging case next to your mac, to see a beautiful ui with info on batteries, connection and status with air buddy airbuddy2, you can connect and change listening modes at the same time with a single trackpad gesture, automate system, volume, audio input and listening mode. So youre ready to go into a video call with just a single click and you can enjoy custom global keyboard, shortcuts that allow you to quickly connect to disconnect from or change listening modes on your devices and get this version. 2.4 comes with a brand new battery alerts, feature go to, slash 905 mac to learn more the first 195 mac viewers to use that url will get airbuddy with a 20 discount and stay tuned to the end of this video to learn about even more things That air buddy 2 can do for you, so ive had the max safe battery pack for several weeks now, and these are my final thoughts, i dont think theres a cut and dry answer as to whether you should purchase this 99 battery pack or not its really Going to depend on the phone you use whether or not you really care about ios integration and whether you want a battery pack. That is super well designed and just works.

That being said, the max 8 battery pack is not the best battery pack. If you want the fastest and most thorough charge were going to talk about that a little bit, because there are two competitors that i can think of right off. The top of my head that give this device a run for its money and were going to talk about an offering from anker and an offering from mophie and compare those two chargers with the magsafe battery pack. So here it is its a very simple design. You get sort of a soft touch, hard exterior in a device that is about half an inch thick, so its actually a little bit thicker than any of the iphone 12 models available. Now, on the bottom of the device, you have a lightning connection and an led indicator that tells you battery status, so its a very simple device, but very well designed – and i appreciate that they used a hard matte plastic on the exterior. Instead of something like silicon, which would attract dust and would be difficult to place in your pocket or remove it from your pocket, without disconnecting it from your iphone now, i also appreciated the rounded corners. Not only does it make it comfortable to hold in the hand, but youll notice that the corner radius matches the iphone 12 mini to a t and, of course, that isnt the iphone 12 mini. But i just thought it was interesting to compare the original iphone to the design of the maxi battery pack, but were going to talk about some of the competition in this video and talk about some of the advantages that the competition has over the max 8 battery Pack and some of the advantages that the maxwell battery pack has over the competition so, like i said, the max 8 battery pack has two primary competitors: that being the 55 anchor power core magnetic 5k, which is a mouthful right.

But it is probably the closest that youll get to the maxi battery pack in terms of size and form factor. And of course, there are quite a few differences, the main one being that this isnt a max safe, compatible battery pack per se uh. Although it does work, it is magnetic and it will attach to the back of your iphone 12.. You can see how it compares to the maxi battery pack very similar, except its a little bit thicker. Now here is the mophie snap plus juice pack mini and, as you can see its about the same thickness as the magsafe battery pack, but it is taller and it is slightly wider as well not by much but just slightly, and you can see just like the Anchor it has the power button, the usbc connection and the four led indicators to tell you your battery life, but, as you can see its noticeably taller its also noticeably cheaper and can be had for less than 50 bucks. But theres more to consider here. How about the magnetic connection, so the best magnetic connection is, unsurprisingly, the max 8 battery pack. It has the most stable connection, although it still can disconnect accidentally if youre, not careful but compared to the anchor. It is no question a much more solid connection. The anchor it really just doesnt have a great magnetic connection at all, so you kind of have to be careful with how you hold your iphone now.

The mophie is definitely a lot better than the anchor and that may have something to do with the form factor, but its still, not quite as good as the magsafe connection on the maxi battery pack. Now, like i was saying earlier, the corner, radius and the size of the maxi battery pack makes me think that this thing was designed with the iphone 12 mini in mind. It just fits it like a glove, it fits it perfectly. It looks like it was designed with the iphone 12 mini in mind, but it also fits the other iphone 12 models as well. Now here is the anchor and, as you can see, it fits the iphone 12 mini, although its thicker and it doesnt rest flat against the iphone. Now here is the mophie and, as you can see, it actually extends beyond the bottom of the iphone 12 mini. So thats not a great fit its actually wider as well and look it blocks the camera as well skip the mophie if you have an iphone 12 mini. So here is the baseline iphone 12, with the mac safe with the anchor and with the mophie. They all fit really well heres. The iphone 12 pro max with the magsafe anchor and mophie. One of the biggest advantages enjoyed by the max safe battery pack is its ios integration. So when you connect youre going to find a mac safe pop up on your lock screen telling you the battery status of both your iphone and the max a battery pack, you can also add widgets to your home screen or to the today view.

So you can see the status widget for batteries, so im going to add that widget directly to my home screen and now look. I have status for the max safe battery pack, its at 10 right now, so i should probably charge. But again you can also add to your today view, so i can just drag over here and now i have this battery widget the large battery widget right there on the today view, so that gives me my battery status as well. Now, ios integration is really important because, as you can see, theres only one led indicator and it only really tells you whether or not the battery is fully charged. So you can see if its amber. It means the battery isnt fully charged and if its green, the battery is fully charged and the only way you can see these indicators is, if you either connect or disconnect from a power source or you wirelessly charge with your iphone, 12 or other qi enabled device In other words, there are no hardware buttons to interface with to tell your battery status. There are no buttons at all actually on the max 8 battery pack because it just works, whereas on the anchor and on the mophie, you have a button, a power button to turn on the device or turn it off, and you also have four led indicators to Give you incremental battery status, so you can see. I connected the anker power cord magnetic 5k to my iphone 12 and its not charging, because why well its because i havent turned the device on yet same thing goes for the the mophie as well.

I havent powered the device on so its not going to charge so lets hit the power button and youll notice it turns on, but its devoid of any sort of ios integration. So thats the nice thing about the max 8 battery pack, you connect it. It starts charging, there are no buttons to interface with and you get ios integration now lets talk about performance, because this is where the anchor and the mophie really separate themselves from the max 8 battery pack. Now, before we begin apple recommends that you fully charge the magsafe battery pack when you first purchase it and youre going to need to provide at least a 20 watt power, adapter and a lightning to usbc cable. To do that, you can also use this little guy, which is from inker, and it has really no relation to this video, but i just love having that extra long, braided, lightning, the usb c cable details down below in the description all right. So how does the max 8 battery pack actually perform? Well, ive done so many tests with the max 8 battery pack, with my iphone 12 mini iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro max. So here are the final numbers with a dead iphone starting from zero percent charging. It all the way up until the maxi battery pack was exhausted. So you can see the iphone 12 mini gets 83 charge from zero, with the full max 8 battery pack, the iphone 12 just 63 in the iphone 12 pro max 55.

So not horrible right, but certainly not a full charge. Well with the anchor and with the mophie. Things are quite a bit better theres, more capacity with these two devices and they work a little bit faster than the max 8 battery pack. So how do these things stack up? Well, here are the original performance numbers that i just showed you now lets bring in the mophie and the anchor for the iphone 12., so were just comparing the iphone 12 and you can see from zero percent. I was able to gain 98 and 100 percent respectively for the mophie and anchor battery packs when compared to just 63 for the max safe battery pack. So if you just care about capacity and getting the most charge out of your battery pack, then hands down the anchor or the mophie is the one you want to go for now. How long does it actually take to charge up to the 63 that you got from a full maxi battery pack for the iphone 12 when compared to the mophie and the anchor well, the iphone 12 took 124 minutes or about two hours to charge up to 63. Before the max, a battery pack was exhausted, whereas the mophie and the anchor did 103 minutes or just 99 minutes respectively. So not only does the mophie and the anchor give you more battery capacity, but it charges your iphone faster than the max safe battery pack. Now lets talk about some other characteristics of the max 8 battery pack.

If you connect a lightning to usb cable, you can put the max a battery pack into wired mode for faster charging up to 15 watts, and this will charge both the max a battery pack and the iphone. Now, if you start with a dead max a battery pack and a dead iphone itll charge both simultaneously, but once it gets up to about 80 percent itll focus on recharging, your iphone to 100, and then it will charge the max 8 battery pack, the last 20 Or so so, just like apples, smart battery case, the max 8 battery pack is a smart charging apparatus. Now, one notable feature of the max 8 battery pack is that it supports reverse wireless charging, so you can plug the lightning cable into your iphone and itll charge. The iphone but also charge your maxi battery pack through the iphones wireless connection on the rear. This is handy when using wired carplay or when syncing with your mac. The downside is that not only is charging the max safe battery very slow, using this method, but charging actually wont kick in until your iphone reaches about 80 percent. But one thing it doesnt have under its belt, like the competition, is the ability to output charge via a wired connection, so the advantage of the anchor and the mophie is that it has a usb type c port. Not only is that used to facilitate charging the battery pack itself, but it can also output a charge to any usb type c device.

But the downside of the mophie and the anker battery packs is that they arent exactly smart in the sense that they wont automatically detect a device and power on automatically like the max safe battery pack. You actually have to turn the power button on in order to facilitate charging theres. Also, unsurprisingly, no reverse wireless charging when using third party devices but being able to output via the usb c port is a big win for the mophie and the anchor. So i have my usb type c to lightning cable and i can charge my iphone wired directly to the mophie or the anchor and its much faster than charging wirelessly. You cant do that on the mac safe battery pack, but its not just about charging your iphone with these third party batteries. You can charge any usb type c device. Yes, so i can connect it to my ps5 dual sense controller. If i want to thats the nice thing about the inker and the mophie that added flexibility, now, all the devices can serve as qi chargers. True wireless qi chargers using the built in battery or a wired qi charger when plugged in this means that all the devices can recharge any qi enabled smartphone like the iphone sc second generation, but remember youll need to power on your battery pack. If youre using one of the third party options, its a really nice thing about magsafe, have an automatic connectivity so theres a whole lot to unpack.

Here. The maxle battery pack is much more expensive than a competition at about a hundred bucks, thats, more than double the price of the mophie and almost double of the anchor which have more capacity slightly faster charging and that usbc output. But if you care about things like true max save connectivity with ios integration, then the obvious choice for you is the max safe battery pack. Personally speaking, i was really hard on the max battery pack when it first came out, but after using it for several weeks its really grown on me, i especially like how it looks when paired with the official max safe silicone case, which i have right here. I think it looks great with this case right here. What do you guys think and although the max a battery pack costs significantly more and its not as fast and it doesnt have as much capacity? I love the integration. I love the smarts, how it just works. Theres no buttons to interface with theres, nothing to turn on or turn off, and i especially love how it fits the iphone 12 mini like a glove truthfully. I think this device was designed with the iphone 12 mini in mind and that kind of makes sense, given the fact that the iphone 12 mini has suspect battery life. So, with the max safe battery pack, youre able to replenish 83 of the iphone 12 minis battery from 0, its pretty good for a device that is fairly compact and fits the iphone 12 mini like it was built for it.

But the max 8 battery pack is significantly less compelling for the iphone 12 and especially the iphone 12 pro max, which has good enough battery life on its own. If i needed a battery for one of those devices id be more apt to purchase the mophie or the anchor which you can get for about 55 dollars, that surely beats the 99 asking price for the max safe battery pack, and not only do you get more Capacity thats going to be able to fill your iphone 12 or iphone 12 pro max closer to 100. You also get the flexibility of usb type c, but, to be honest, there are going to be some people that just want that. Ios integration just want the smarts of the max safe battery pack, which you dont get with those competing third party devices and for those people, thats totally understandable and honestly, just the convenience of the maxle battery pack makes me want to be irrational and just go ahead And pay the 100 bucks. What do you guys think? Which one would you choose? Let me know down below in the comments section thumbs up if you appreciated this video and hit that subscribe button for more videos like this, this is jeff with nine to five mac. 905 mac is sponsored by air buddy 2. A must have utility for airpods users as we discuss. Airbody 2 is the perfect companion for airpods. It also extends mac os with the batteries widget and menu bar icon.

That shows all your devices intelligently, grouped and smart stats. Give you battery usage over time total listening time, call time and shows you which airpod is draining his battery more quickly, but airbuddy goes beyond headphones. It can show battery information for your ios devices, accessories like the magic keyboard, magic mouse and even other macs running air. Buddy, including their accessories and with the magic handoff, you can transfer a magic mouse, trackpad or keyboard between two macs running airbuddy, with just a few clicks. Go to airbuddy.