. Generally, I do get calls from people for buying different brand phones like POCO, OnePlus, realme etc., But ever since the OnePlus Nord 2, the majority of people have been asking me whether to buy it or not, And I know the reason as its very much value for Money. Weve been using it for 2 weeks now., And this is the full review for the OnePlus Nord 2. What I think about it after 15 days., Whatever I said during the unboxing first impressions, does it still stand the same after 15 days, Im going to tell you all in detail, so watch carefully, till the end. And if you enjoy the video, then do hit LIKE Subscribe Before the Nord 2s launch, I asked whether or not OnePlus would make a comeback near the flagship killer, territory. intense sigh, Yes To a large extent. Yes, Firstly, lets talk about its in hand, feel as I have my primary sim in it.. If you compare it with Nord, then its slightly on the heavier side., It does seem bulky slippery in the hand, but it isnt. If you use a case, itll get more bulky. And the recent OnePlus phone cases dont turn yellow but turn pink. And this case in the box has already turned pink in 15 days. And I dont wear pink trousers, so it isnt its colour.. We saw the same with the OnePlus 9R, so I thought you all should know So its in hand feel is ok.

. If you compare its performance with the Nord youll see theres a huge difference., The Nord had a Qualcomm SD765G. This has Dimensity 1200 SoC clubbed with UFS 3.1., And the Nord 2 in terms of performance is fun to use.. You can play high end games too. We played Apex Legends for a long time with VPN, still it didnt drop in performance.. We played it for about 1 1.5 hours. It heated up to 40 45 degrees in temperature, which is ok.. If you use it with a case, then you wouldnt notice it.. Having a glass back, it does get a little warm., But nothing much to worry about.. But this phone costs Rs 29999. And its base variant is never available, which I think is a marketing gimmick., Meaning they launched the 6 128GB cheaper variant just to attract with its starting price., Which is disappointing as theres no remaining stock to buy from.. And another thing is that at this priceRs 30K, a 120Hz fast refresh rate is expected.. It does have a 90Hz refresh rate, but if youre spending that much amount today Id expect a 120Hz panel., It has 90Hz. But if you shift from 120Hz to 90Hz youll know the little snappy difference between the 2.. Secondly, before the Nord 2s launch, I was curious about its UI, as its code base is integrated with ColorOS.. I might exaggerate a little, but I think theyve applied OxygenUI. On top of ColorOS base thats the experience I feel.

, The camera app is from ColorOS rest. All other things are from OxygenUI., But when we set the phone up, the experience we get from realmeOPPO phones like privacy policies etc. are all present in this.. So the clean UI experience we used to talk about has been compromised a little as OnePlus phones. Biggest factor is its OxygenUI. That is where I think its being compromised. Its. Not that ColorOS is bad its improved. I dont mind it, but OxygenUI is a big deal when buying a OnePlus. Device. Id also say that you get more ColorOS personalization features in OxygenUI. I think itll grow. Well. ColorOS is known for customizations. I think the OxygenUI is going that way. Slowly. You might get more customizations in AOD, which I think shouldve been here by now., But, like I said something like OxygenUI on the ColorOS is happening its going to increase. To talk about the OS theres. Still the June update, which shouldve updated to July as OnePlus, is known for updates., So Im expecting something good in terms of updates, Because Pete Lau said that the integration is to bring fast, better updates to customers. I hope that its true it happens. Im pleasantly surprised about the 4500mAh battery, which is nearly 400mAh more than the Nord., And the 65W fast charging has also doubled, so it charges up 100, very quickly., And the battery will last you the whole day without a problem. As it has, 90Hz 120Hz wouldve been a problem.

, But with moderate usage at the end of the day, theres still 30 35 battery remaining meaning it can be carried the next day. Too. You get all the sensors like face, unlock in display fingerprint sensor.. The face unlock is so fast that it sometimes triggers accidentally. And the in display fingerprint sensor is also fast. Ill. Tell you some interesting things about the camera app later, but the Nord 2 cameras have exceeded my expectations. Im actually impressed The 50MP primary sensor comes with OIS.. When you click low light photos, you can see the OIS working as the photos are not blurred.. Ive used. All OnePlus phones, since the first the camera most of the time felt lacking., But in this camera I liked its dynamic range.. You get the dynamic range like in OPPO, realme phones., The high contrast, cloudy pictures get blown out, But not with this one. You get all the details because of good dynamic range.. The 50MP primary sensor is sharp color shift from primary to the 8MP secondary sensor is less.. The ultrawide photos are a little soft, its expected, but still the 120 degree field of view. Photos are good wide dynamic.. The rear camera is sharp, colourful with no grains, so I found the rear camera to be good. Talking about the 32MP selfie sensor, its good. The pictures look a little soft, but most of the time the selfies turned out good. So, on the camera front, the OnePlus Nord 2 has exceeded my expectations.

. You might have got that from looking at the photos., But the cameras dont support 4K60FPS. The OnePlus Nord had 4K60FPS on both front and back., But it isnt present on the Nord 2.. It shouldve been there.. We also had a poll in our Tech News where I asked whats. The most used resolution for video recording majority of people said 4K60FPS., So its an important feature in the cameras which you dont get in the OnePlus Nord 2, which is a disappointment. Talking about cameras. There are a lot of features on the ColorOS camera app, which are now available on the Nord 2. Theres AI Highlight video mode, which is called the AI, Highlight Enhancement mode by OnePlus.. You also get the Bokeh Flare Portrait, Video Mode, which was advertised by ColorOS.. They havent mentioned, but its available in the camera app., So many good features are available in the camera. App. Multimedia You get a 6.43 Super AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh rate. And the colours look great. The screen is quite bright, with good viewing angles.. So the overall video viewing experience is good.. You get stereo speakers which are quite loud with good quality, but you dont get a 3.5mm jack.. There are 2 features like AI Color Boost AI Resolution Boost, meaning you can have punchy colours while watching a 480p video as itll upscale, the video for better quality., So video experience features are good. And the audio with stereo speakers is good, too.

Overall, its a thumbs Up on the multimedia experience on the Nord 2 And another one for its connectivity, you get all modes like Bluetooth, 5.2, WiFi, 6, dual 4G, VoLTE, WiFi, calling etc. It all works. Well, we have our sim card in it, so there were no call drops.. The earphones, sound, good, clear and therell be no problems with calling connectivity Theres still confusion with bands at some places. It says. 7. 4 bands, 6. 3 bands., But I will tell more soon, as we cant really say, without any 5G network., But it does support multiple bandsminimum 7 bands.. It does support LHDC, LDAC codex, which wont support on cheap earphones, but youll notice. The difference on the expensive, ones. And theres no IP rating, but you get rubber gaskets, so Id say its water resistant.. So whats my verdict about the OnePlus Nord 2. There are 2 3 things missing and Im really glad that it has the Alert Slider. But theres. No 3.5mm jack nor a 120Hz panel which are expected should have been there.. You dont get the base variant, which is a big negative, So the price starts from Rs 29999, not Rs 27999, And the clean OxygenUI experience is getting compromised somewhere too.. These are the 2 3 things I didnt like, but I did like its camera. The rear camera setup clicks good photos. The display is good. The in hand feel is ok., So, overall, its a mixed bag. Had it been around Rs 27 28K.

With the base variant available, then Id highly recommend it. I still do recommend it, but not that highly And thats my verdict on the OnePlus Nord 2..