There are quite a few interesting things about this smartphone for starters, its the first oneplus phone with a mediatek chip inside its also the first oneplus phone with oxygen os, which is based on color os. It supposedly has an excellent primary camera. The battery capacity has also gone up since the last time around and oh the charger long story short on paper. The nord 2 has a lot going for it. So whats the deal lets take a close look Im ash youre watching c4etech and welcome to my full review of the oneplus nord 2 5G, And that is what we are gon na start with. 5G oneplus has been criticized a lot for providing only a couple of 5G bands with their 5G smartphones in India. They do avoid that criticism here with the nord 2 by going for 6 bands thats a welcome change. Apart from that, we have carrier aggregation. So data speeds have been stable and cellular reception has also been fine. The earpiece btw its pretty loud and clear and also happens to double. As a second speaker, the speaker output, i wouldnt call it the best, but it is still above average, especially in the loudness department, While on the topic of audio via the headphone jack. Well, thats non existent since oneplus have removed it talking about changes at first glance. The nord 2 resembles its predecessor a lot and thats because in a lot of ways, its pretty similar to the first gen nord, the dimensions are close to identical the display too.

Its still 6.4ish inches full hd plus fluid amoled with a 90hz refresh. The blue here makes it pleasantly nord. The major changes looks wise. They are mainly with the optics. The selfie camera now thats a single shooter instead of the dual setup from last time, so just a 32mp f2.5 wide same primary as from the nord 1, its nothing to write home about theres enough detail. The skin tones come across fine, but the dynamic range id say it leaves something to be desired and its pretty noticeable, especially when you are outdoors on a very sunny day like this one, just see how blown out the background is. Next, the rear camera setup. The primary here is a 50mp sony imx766, its a 11.56 inch sensor with an f1.9 lens that happens to be optically stabilized. As you can see, the sensor size and the aperture make for nice, bokeh theres ample detail. The colors are pretty natural too, in fact id say they are a tad better than what we usually get with oneplus thats a lot because of the new software processing under the hood.. Well get to that in a bit. I also liked the dynamic range here now in UAE. I cant go around showing you blue skies bcoz. We dont have blue skies its generally very greyish. So lets take this image as an example the suns directly in the picture, but its still not blown out thats. A nice example of how good the range is on this one under low light again, the large sensor comes into play and also Optical Stabilization.

This results in pretty detailed and nice looking images while on the topic of stabilization, video tops out at 4k30, and it is quite stable, not just the primary. Even the ultrawide video is serviceable despite being fhd … and the ultrawide. It seems to be the same hardware from last time around 8mp f2.3, the stills …. They are okayish., Nothing too good, nothing too bad to say here … Now We did lose a sensor from the og nord, but cry me a river.. I highly doubt anyones gon na shed a tear over it. Last time we had 2 useless sensors. This time we have 1 in fact Id even go so far as to call it an effective use of space. Cuz. U know what theyve done with the extra space. The battery capacity, its gone up from 4115mah to 4500mah and as we already saw, the dimensions, have not increased the weight too its gone up, yes, but by a mere 5 grams. So the nord 2 remains just as wieldable as its predecessor. We still get gorilla glass. 5 to the front and back with a plastic frame holding it all together Now some might say: gorilla glass victus is the only one thats gon na save your phone. If it falls all other gorilla, glasses will break news. Flash all glass breaks. U can see people dropping phones from 20 feet and having it survive or dropping it from 3.5 feet and have the glass shatter.

It depends on the angle of impact and, more importantly, luck. Gorilla glass, 5 on a phone in this segment is pretty decent imho. Unless you dislike the brand or something lets not go there Now, while the added battery capacity seems great in theory, oneplus have also switched to a mediatek chip inside. So I couldnt help but be vary about it. Help but think was this increase in battery capacity, an upgrade that oneplus was offering, or was it a more of a necessity bcoz of the chip inside? Thankfully, it was the former the dimensity 1200 chip here, mediateks flagship 6nm chip, it sips battery. I was easily able to get a full day of use outta this, even when I was pushing the nord 2 with gaming tests, shooting camera samples and more add to this theres, a 65w warp charger included in the box, and it can get this phone from 0. 100 in 30 minutes thats nuts. Now the next question with mediatek is: how does it fare with real use? Whats the performance in relation to something qualcomm Id say: the 1200 here is comparable in performance to a snapdragon 860, sometimes its a little better, so Id slot. It in between the 860 and 870, which is not a bad deal at all, Ive, read some complaints about this one providing 10000 points less with antutu, or something and thats. Just something super stupid to crib about benchmarks are just numbers. Actual use is on point even with the performance mode on the phone doesnt get HOT HOT.

I have a youtube short with an hour of gaming, at the end of which just one point on the phone hit 47 degrees ish. The rest is at 42, which is pretty acceptable… Other specs include 6, 8 or 12 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs Or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage. Now here I have a bone to pick with oneplus 2 extra gigs of RAM does jack. So if u wan na pick a 12 256 thats cool, no micro, sd and the storage will help. But 8128 is a waste of money. Its all the more annoying when 6128 is listed, but not available, seems like they announced the 6.128 so that they can have news articles like this. Hey the nord 2 launched at 28k, but no it doesnt. It feels like a very underhanded marketing move Id rather brands. Go the early bird pricing route first x units we sell at this, then it goes up so buy early. If u wan na better deal, helps the fans get a better deal, helps the brand get a boost instead of making the actual fans chumps for wanting to buy early, paying more for 2 gigs of RAM thats, not gon na make a difference. Ok! End of rant! U remember how I mentioned changed under the hood with software. Well, the software has changed a LOT while at first glance this might seem to be the oxygen os that weve all come to adore it isnt its just a skin on top of color os.

Now thats a result of onepluss merge with oppo. Personally, I prefer oxygen os. I felt it was snappier, but with color os based oxygen, Oneplus promises faster and more stable updates, and here in the case of the nord 2 2 years of android updates and 3 years of security patches, color OS also has more functionality built in now. If this means oneplus can avoid some of the snafus weve been seeing in recent times, Id be willing to give it a chance …, but still even for someone quite used to oxygen and color os the interface here right from the settings menu to the first party. Apps, they felt just weird – I guess its gon na take some time for me to get used to it, but for a lotta people, you arent gon na notice, much difference and form a performance and stability. Point color os has come a long way from its stuttery beginnings and it is a pretty snappy and stable interface. These days, Btw. There are some concerns on permissions and sht, which, frankly speaking, have been blown way. Outta proportion theres, nothing oneplus. Does that weve not seen on a oppo or realme before and when influencers have had no issues with that in the past and suddenly seem to have issues with all changes on oneplus its just funny and sad, Ok, conclusion time with the switch to color os theres, Not much differentiating oneplus from realme, with the realme x7 max and even the poco f3 gt being priced 3 to 3500 rupees lower.

The extra you pay is basically just for the better camera and that extra comes with its own compromises. Both the realme and the poco offer higher refreshes and the poco also has a higher capacity battery. So that means the nord 2 gets a recommend only if rear cameras high priority for you. Now. If the 6gb variant were available, thats priced at 28k, and especially with the HDFC discount, bringing it down to 27, the nord 2 becomes a must buy the 30hz difference. In screen isnt a big deal, the battery is strong, as is so Id be happy recommending it, but till that that variant happens at the current price, the 8128 Id say go for it only if cameras high priority now in other markets, especially ones where realme and Poco dont have a presence. The nord 2 is already a killer, so there you go thats my take on the nord 2.